CWA TV 11/7/1987

Written by: Bob Colling

Date: 11/7/1987
From: Memphis, TN

Lance Russell and Dave Brown welcome everyone to the program and they are excited about the show this week. They rundown who will be seen on the program. There will be an eight-man tag team expiration of time match in the main event. Dave Brown notes the “new” Nasty Boys are involved in the match.

Eddie Marlin comes out to be interviewed by Lance Russell. Marlin says that he got a call from Lawler at midnight. Lawler and Dundee were robbed of the World Tag Team Championships when they lost to the Midnight Express, who are being managed by Paul Dangerously. The match is under protest and they don’t know how it will play out. Marlin says he already had the cards lined up and he’s working on something now with the news of the title change. Marlin came up with the War Of The Worlds battle royal. This battle royal will feature wrestlers from all the major promotions and there will be a $5,000 purse. There will be twenty one wrestlers involved in the battle royal.

The new AWA Southern Tag Team Champions the Midnight Rockers come out for an interview. Michaels says that he knows the RPMs are going to come back to come after the titles. Michaels claims they would be happy to give them a shot. However, they want to repay the people of the Mid-South people. Michaels says that if the RPMs don’t beat them then they have to pay the fans $1,000 at ringside. They don’t want the AWA to forget about them and they are confident they will win the money.

Opening Contest: AWA Southern Tag Team Champions Midnight Rockers vs. Keith Erich & Keith Roberson: Michaels gets worked over a little bit until Roberson accidentally hits Erich in the corner. Michaels leaps off of Jannetty’s shoulders to hit an elbow drop for the win.

They aired a Badd Company promo hyping up an Evansville show talking about coming after the Commission. They are still part of the group. So, something must happen in the main event. This kind ruins that angle a little bit.

Rock & Roll RPMs make their way out to be interviewed by Lance Russell. They know what the Rocker are trying to do and that’s by the fans stuff to make them look and smell better. They have a bag full of the cash. They have the guts to put the money up because they were robbed. They are also going to be in the War Of The Worlds battle royal. They are going to finish the Rockers and win $5,000.

Second Contest: Rock & Roll RPMs vs. John Paul & Freezer Thompson: RPMs hit a middle rope Hart Attack pin Thompson in short order.

Jimmy Jack Funk comes out to be interviewed by Lance Russell. He says that there isn’t anyone nearly as tough as him. He claims that he’s beaten everyone up including JYD, Hogan and Steamboat. He’s also getting a shot at the Mid American Champion, Jeff Jarrett. Funk is confident that he’s going to kick Jarrett’s ass, too. We hear pre-tape comments from Jarrett who says that he’s heard the Funk name before and knows they are great wrestlers and great fighters. Jarrett isn’t selling Funk short just because he’s a younger Funk. Jarrett has worked hard and he’s not going to give up the championship easily. Jarrett will also be in the battle royal featuring talent from all the promotions. He’s going to fight real hard and show they have the toughest wrestlers. Funk is going to teach Jarrett a lesson and he’s the toughest Funk that there is. Funk whacks himself with the cowbell a few times before walking off.

AWA Southern Champion Bobby Jaggers is interviewed by Lance Russell and says that he went through the NWA roster no problem with Dutch Mantel. Jaggers says he has a buddy with him this week and introduces his buddy, Manny Fernandez. Fernandez wants more than $5,000 involved if he’s going to be in action. He’s one half of the NWA World Tag Team Champions. Fernandez. Manny says he’s in town and the guys here should get ready for him. He’s mean, mad and nasty after his long international tour.

Third Contest: AWA Southern Heavyweight Champion Bobby Jaggers vs. Ed Mattox: Jaggers wins the match following a slingshot suplex and a weak looking clothesline. Manny Fernandez was on commentary putting down the competition. Jaggers rings the bell and Fernandez goes to the ring to beat on Mattox. Fernandez hits a much better clothesline and Jaggers counts the pin for the unofficial match.

Jaggers continues saying that the Memphis crowd can’t read or write so they have to show them what they can do. Fernandez will be wrestling the AWA International Champion, Billy Travis this week. Travis is excited to be the champion since it’s his first championship he’s won. Travis is going to work hard and Fernandez isn’t going to take it. Fernandez promises that Travis is going to get an education of his life when they step into the ring. Fernandez says that Travis is beat before he even gets in the ring with him. He’s going to show everyone that he’s the greatest.

Hector Guerrero and Dr. Diablo come out for an interview with Lance Russell. Guerrero has his hair removal cream that was nearly used against him last week by Jerry Lawler. Guerrero wants $30 and promises that the annoying hair will be gone. He wants cash for the product. Guerrero says he’s a winner just like Fernandez and Jaggers. Guerrero is going to show everyone what they can do in the ring this week.

Fourth Contest: Hector Guerrero & Dr. Diablo vs. Memphis Vice (Jerry Bryant & Lou Winston): Bryant and Diablo kickoff the match with Diablo controlling Bryant in the corner followed by a scoop slam. Guerrero nails Bryant with a forearm and a scoop slam to maintain control of the contest. Guerrero continues with strike and a back suplex. Diablo returns to the match and continues to beat on Bryant with overhand strikes. Bryant fights free and tags in Winston. Diablo cuts off Winston with a strike and a backdrop. Guerrero hits a vertical suplex on Winston. Winston fights back, but all four men are in the ring brawling at this point. Guerrero uppercuts Bryant and Winston is tied up in the ropes. Guerrero has grabbed his hair removal bottle and looks to use it on Bryant, but Bill Dundee runs in and makes the save to attack Guerrero. After the match, Guerrero decks Dundee from behind and looks to use the hair removal on Dundee, but misses and tosses the removal cream into Diablo’s face!

Bill Dundee cuts a promo on Hector Guerrero saying that anyone getting hurt is awful. Dundee knows that Guerrero was looking to toss the cream into his eyes and doesn’t like Guerrero or what he stands for. Dundee considers Hector to be nuts. Dundee has been around Guerrero and claims that he’s nuts. Dundee promises to kill Guerrero if he tries anything like that again.

Eddie Marlin comes out and says that Dr. Diablo is dealing with a serious injury to his eyes.

Steve Keirn sent another interview into the show and says that Jerry Lawler found another way to get out of a match with him. Keirn believes that Lawler is dodging him. Keirn is going to find a way to get Lawler in the ring one way or another. Keirn believes that he’s Lawler’s destiny and he’s going to take Lawler out. Keirn tells Lawler there’s nowhere to hide and he’s going to get him.

The Nasty Boys make their way out to be interviewed by Lance Russell and they are sporting a new look. They have spray painted their black shirts and are wearing ridiculous looking face paint. Knobbs says that no company wants them because they are too mean and nasty. Knobbs thinks that Keirn needs an attitude adjustment and they are going to give it to him.

The Commission comes out to be interviewed. Brickhouse knows that everyone thought the group was dead and he doesn’t appreciate that. Brown is upset that everyone is getting title shots but not Don Bass or Carl Fergie. Brown recalls the cage match that they laid Lawler out.

Main Event: Jerry Lawler, Bill Dundee & Nasty Boys vs. Pat Tanaka, Paul Diamond, Carl Fergie & Don Bass: There’s not much time left in the show for this star studded main event. Lawler and Diamond kickoff the main event as there’s five minutes left in the show. Lawler is backed into the corner and Diamond delivers a right hand to gain control. Lawler decks Diamond and Diamond goes to the corner, but Fergie drops off the apron to talk to Brickhouse instead of taking a tag. Diamond shoulder rams Lawler in the corner and tosses Lawler into the corner. Lawler sends Diamond into the corner followed by a right hand. Don Bass and Fergie both refuse a tag out from Diamond. Tanaka tags in instead. Tanaka trades right hands with Lawler, with Lawler getting the advantage. The match quickly loses control and everyone brawls. Fergie has a chain and comes off the ropes hitting Tanaka allowing Lawler to pin Tanaka. (NR. Clearly an angle to setup a split.) After the match, Brickhouse shoves Tanaka and is not happy about the loss. Diamond gets shoved, too. Tanaka and Diamond shove Brickhouse leading to a brawl with Fergie and Bass. Diamond and Tanaka are beaten down by their former friends. However, Diamond and Tanaka are able to send them to the floor and stand tall.

Eddie Marlin announces that Diamond and Tanaka will get a tag match against Bass and Fergie.

Final Thoughts:
Quite a bit going on here this week. I’m kind of digging Jimmy Jack Funk as he clearly fits with the area and I can see him getting a little push. Nasty Boys new look was much needed to standout, but the face paint has got to go. Hector Guerrero’s hair gel gimmick is ridiculous and I’m not sure if it’s getting over with the crowd. They are popping for it, but I’m not sure it will draw money. Badd Company turning face is a little bizarre since they seem to be quite heavy on the face tag team side of things. Overall, with so much stuff going on, I thought this was a fun show.

Thanks for reading.

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