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CWA TV 9/5/1987

Written by: Bob Colling

Date: 9/5/1987
From: Memphis, TN

Dave Brown and Big Jackie are hosting this week. Jackie is subbing in for Lance Russell this week.

Opening Contest: Rock & Roll RPMs (Mike Davis & Tommy Lane) vs. Greg Jones & David Wilson: RPMs have very little issue with their opponents this week as they dominate the action. They win the match following a middle rope clothesline. (NR. RPMs looked good in there this week.)

Big Bubba and Brickhouse Brown come out for an interview. Bubba knows that Dave Brown had nothing to do with what happened at the Coliseum. Bubba knows that he’s the better dancer than Rocky Johnson. Bubba believes that they switched the speakers to fans booing at a football game that sounded like 100,000 people booing him. Bubba wants the truth to be exposed. Bubba wants the fans to write in and let it be known that he’s the best dancer. The lights go out and Bubba proceeds to showcase his dancing skills. Shockingly, Bubba isn’t that bad at dancing. The fans are actually clapping and going along with it.

Backstage, Rocky Johnson is interviewed. Johnson puts over Bubba’s dancing ability but he’s not light on his feet. Johnson notes that he’s going to be having a match with Bubba where the winner will wear boxing gloves in an upcoming War Games battle royal.

Second Contest: Rocky Johnson vs. Goliath: Johnson gets a hammerlock on Goliath until there’s a rope break. Goliath gets control with a wrist lock until Johnson kicks Goliath away. Goliath continues with an eye rake and a few strikes. Goliath backdrops Johnson followed by an elbow drop. Goliath continues to hammer away on Johnson to keep control of the contest. Johnson rams Goliath into the corner face first a few times followed by jabs. Johnson puts a sleeper on Goliath, but Brickhouse Brown leaps off the top rope to axe handle Johnson. After the match, Johnson fights back on Brown and Goliath knocking Brown down with a right hand. The rest of the Commission comes down to beat on Johnson in the ring. The locker room empties to save Johnson from the beating. (DUD. They didn’t do much of anything until the brawling segment to end the segment.)

Third Contest: Nasty Boys vs. Keith Erich & Buddy James: Nasty Boys are attacked before the bell, but quickly fight back to send their opponents reeling to the floor. Sags runs the ropes and runs through Erich leading to Knobbs getting the win. After the match, Knobbs says they want Diamond and Tanaka. They had pieces of tape on their forehead with their names on the tape.

Jerry Lawler shills sidings and windows for your home.

Bill Dundee, Billy Travis, Jeff Jarrett, Tracy Smothers and the Nasty Boys come out to be interviewed by Dave Brown. They each have a weapon for their War Games battle royal showdown coming up. Dundee had a chain, Travis and Jarrett have kendo sticks. Smothers has a cattle prod and the Nasty Boys have straps. Each team have people they are focusing on. Nasty Boys hit each other with the straps to show how crazy they are.

The Commission comes out to be interviewed by Dave Brown. They have weapons, too. Brickhouse Brown tells them that his is going to be war. RPMs have a chain and it’s for Bill Dundee. Goliath has a kendo stick and Big Bubba has a pair of boxing gloves. King Carl has a switch and that’s for Billy Travis. Paul Diamond and Pat Tanaka have straps and they are going to pound the Nasty Boys. Brown says he has far more important things to worry about like keeping his women happy. Brown declares that this is war.

Main Event: Billy Travis, Tracy Smothers & Jeff Jarrett vs. “King” Carl Fergie, Pat Tanaka & Paul Diamond: Fergie and Jarrett kick off the main event. Fergie knee lifts Jarrett followed by a few strikes to keep control. Fergie rams Jarrett into the corner, but Jarrett fights back with a hip toss and does the same to Diamond and Tanaka. Fergie gets decked by Travis and the heels bail to the floor. Jarrett controls Fergie with a wrist lock and Travis comes off the middle rope to deliver an elbow strike leading to a two count on Fergie. Tanaka enters the match to try his luck against Travis. Smothers tags in and keeps control on Tanaka’s arm. Tanaka shoulder blocks Smothers followed by a hip toss. Smothers dropkicks Tanaka and goes back to an arm lock. Fergie works over Smothers, but Smothers fires back with right hands. Fergie kicks Smothers and tries for a slam. Smothers counters and is punched by Brickhouse Brown. Fergie pins Smothers to get a pin for the first fall.

Smothers and Diamond start the second fall with Diamond keeping Smothers on the mat with a head scissors. Smothers is able to break free quickly. Diamond yanks Smothers down to the mat by his hair and keeps arm control. Smothers shoulder blocks Diamond and hits a dropkick. Travis enters and controls Diamond for a moment. Travis hip tosses Tanaka and tags in Jarrett. Jarrett gets a sunset flip for a one count on Tanaka. Jarrett shoulder blocks Tanaka and drops Tanaka with a right hand. Fergie tags into the match and tries his luck with Jarrett. Fergie shoulder rams Jarrett in the corner, but Jarrett comes back with a backdrop. Smothers enters the match and Fergie beats on Smothers in the corner. Smothers monkey flips Fergie and hits a head scissors. Smothers dropkicks Fergie to the floor. Travis tags in and gets kneed by Diamond from the apron. Fergie gets control and Brickhouse punched Travis from the floor. Diamond hits a vertical suplex on Travis for a near fall. Tanaka enters the ring and chops Travis to the mat. Tanaka continues to work over Travis with a strike for a near fall.

Diamond forearms Travis on the lower back followed by a backdrop. Travis comes off the ropes to knee lift Diamond. Travis is stopped from tagging out and Fergie delivers an elbow drop. Fergie slams Travis and comes off the middle rope only to be met with knees to the midsection. Travis gets an inside cradle on Fergie for a two count. Tanaka drops Travis with an elbow strike. Tanaka savant kicks Travis for a two count. Smothers gets tagged in and cleans house with right hands. All six men are in the ring brawling. Smothers sunset flips Fergie and Jarrett clotheslines Fergie allowing Smothers to get a three count and win the second fall. (*1/2. It was a fine segment with both teams earning wins. There wasn’t anything fancy, but it was a rather basic match.)

There’s a music video promoting Rocky Johnson.

Final Thoughts:
I can honestly say that I’m not interested in a War Games battle royal largely because the wrestlers all have the same weapons to use. This week felt like a filler week for the most part.

Thanks for reading.

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