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CWA TV 12/5/1987

Written by: Bob Colling

Date: 12/5/1987
From: Memphis, TN

Lance Russell and Dave Brown welcome everyone to the program. Hector Guerrero comes out with a guitar to cut them off. Guerrero has been thinking of a song along with Manny Fernandez. Guerrero has had a song thought of for Bill Dundee. Guerrero takes a paper out that has his lyrics on it. Guerrero begins to sing in Spanish and the fans are not digging that. Guerrero threatens to put a pepper in your eye.

Russell brings out Freezer Thompson for an interview. Russell says that they never get a chance to interview Thompson. Jimmy Jack Funk calls Thompson a fat slob and a sissy. Funk says that Thompson has a body like Lawler and wants to meet Thompson in the ring.

Opening Contest: Jimmy Jack Funk vs. Freezer Thompson: Funk has no issue taking care of business and hits an impressive powerslam on Thompson considering his size.

Jimmy Jack Funk goes over to Lance Russell and calls Jeff Jarrett a sissy for getting help from Jerry Lawler. Funk says that Steve Keirn is going to break them in half. There will not be a referee in their tag match. Funk likes that so that he can use his rope illegally.

Jerry Lawler and Jeff Jarrett come out and are interviewed by Lance Russell. Lawler says that Funk looks stupid and then when he talks there is no doubt about it. Lawler says it’s real easy to stand in front of a camera and talk about how much they are going to beat them up. Lawler suggests that Keirn show up to television instead of sending interviews in. Keirn will not wrestle unless the referee is thrown out. Lawler thinks that Keirn is thinking if the referee isn’t there then he can’t lose. They signed the contract for the match and they are all about dirty fighting. Lawler says that Jarrett has done more than Keirn has done in the year and a half compared to Keirn’s fifteen years. Jarrett says they are watching each others backs and they are fine with that.

Second Contest: Jerry Lawler & Jeff Jarrett vs. Rock & Roll RPMs: Jarrett and Davis kickoff the tag match. Jarrett dropkicks Davis followed by an arm drag to keep the early advantage. Jarrett keeps arm control on the mat. Davis eye rakes Jarrett and hits a scoop slam. Lane misses an elbow drop and Jarrett has a standoff. Lawler enters the match to battle Lane. Lane avoids Lawler in the corner but doesn’t avoid a right hand punch. Davis enters the match to dray his luck. Lawler decks Davis after a leapfrog and Davis goes to his corner trying to recover. Lane backs Lawler into the corner and delivers several strikes. Lawler pops up and decks Lane with a right hand. Jarrett tags into the match and delivers a right hand to the ribs. Lane beats on Jarrett in the corner with a knee lift. Jarrett clotheslines Lane to maintain control of the match. Davis returns to the match. Jarrett puts a headlock on Davis and delivers a shoulder block. Davis rams Jarrett face first into the turnbuckle and delivers a stomp. Lane enters the match and drives Jarrett down with a few backbreakers. Davis keeps Jarrett over his knee, but doesn’t get a submission.

Davis tags in and delivers a fist drop to Jarrett followed by a snap suplex. Davis punches Lawler and Lane enters to choke Jarrett while the referee was distracted. Lane keeps a front face lock on Jarrett and Lawler gets tagged while the referee was out of position. Jarrett remains in the front face lock with Davis keeping control. Jarrett dropkicks Davis to get some momentum. Jarrett tags in Lawler and Lawler cleans house with right hands. Lawler sends them into each other head first. Jarrett hits a missile dropkick on Lane. Here comes Jimmy Jack Funk to attack Jarrett and Lawler and the referee throws out the match. After the match, Funk continues to beat on Lawler and Jarrett. Jarrett backdrops Funk and Lawler is up to clean house and they stand tall. (*1/2. Jarrett worked most of the match and we get a DQ finish to get some heat on Funk for the matches with Jarrett and Lawler coming up. I was glad to see a strong TV match on paper and the action was okay, but a little disappointing.)

Hector Guerrero comes out to talk to Lance Russell. Guerrero says that Russell is his favorite gringo. Guerrero can’t believe that Bill Dundee has stooped so low. Dundee has gotten Billy Travis to be his tag partner against him and Manny Fernandez. Guerrero says that Travis reminds him of a baby chicken skin. Billy Travis makes his way out and confronts Guerrero saying that he’s not afraid of Guerrero or Fernandez. Travis wants Guerrero in the ring and gets in there to wrestle Guerrero. Travis pulls Guerrero into the ring and Travis backdrops Guerrrero. Travis sends Guerrero into the corner and hits a sloppy hip toss. Travis gets backdropped over the top to the floor. Guerrero comes off the apron to deliver a forearm shot. Guerrero tears off Travis shirt. Guerrero whacks Travis over the head with a steel chair! Guerrero proceeds to take Billy’s pants off and walks off when the Nasty Boys come out to save Travis.

Third Contest: AWA Southern Tag Team Champions Midnight Rockers vs. The Executioners: The nameplate for the match incorrectly reads as Midnight Express. As per usual, the Rockers have no difficulty winning their match this week. Nate the Rat is still managing the Executioners. Rockers win the match following a suplex/crossbody off the top.

Lance Russell chats with the Midnight Rockers, who are the AWA Southern Tag Team Champions. Russell is a big fan of their finishing move they just did, which we’ve seen before. Mark Guleen had some comments for the Rockers. Guleen says there are many people who didn’t believe him. Guleen introduces Teijho Khan, who comes sprinting out of water wildly. He’s able to run the forty yard dash in 3.5 seconds and isn’t impressed by football players. Guleen has a surprise and says he’s found a man who would make Kamala pale. He found this man in the darkest part of Africa. Jannetty says they are starting their fourth tour all over the world. Jannetty says they need someone tough and pokes fun at Guleen’s wrestlers. Michaels says they decided a long time ago to not be anyone’s best friend and that they are going to do whatever they want. Michaels says it doesn’t pay to sit around and wait for things to come to them. Michaels says there are people who stand behind them everyday. Michaels says life is too short to just sit around and they live their life to the fullest. Michaels is fine with people not liking him personally, but they are going to be the best tag team whether people like it or not.

Main Event: Nasty Boys vs. Carl Fergie & Bobby Jaggers: Jaggers and Knobbs start off the main event. Knobbs shoves Jaggers down to the mat. Jaggers tries to slam Knobbs, but Knobbs counters with a slam of his own. Fergie tags into the match and tries his luck against Knobbs. Fergie beats on Knobbs against the ropes, but Knobbs comes back with a few slams. Fergie bails to the floor to regroup. Sags enters the match as Fergie returns to the ring. Fergie keeps control Sags with a wrist lock, but Sags gets control with a wrist lock. Jaggers gets tagged in and Sags nearly decks Knobbs on the apron on accident. Jaggers is met with a double clothesline by the Nasty Boys. Fergie knee lifts Sags from the apron and Jaggers beats on Sags with strikes. Fergie continues to beat on Sags while the referee is distracted. Jaggers drops Sags with a back elbow strike. Fergie enters the match and connects with a clothesline. Fergie tries for a cover managing a two count.

Sags comes out of the corner and clotheslines Jaggers. Fergie tags in, but Sags tags in Knobbs. Knobbs hammers away on Fergie. Knobbs backdrops Fergie and decks Jaggers on the apron. Knobbs clotheslines Fergie for a two count and all four men are in the ring. Brickhouse Brown enters and attacks Sags leading to a disqualification. (*. There wasn’t much substance to this match, but the Nasty Boys looked better than they normally do on TV.) After the match, Jaggers beats on Knobbs with Nate the Rat’s cane. Jaggers chokes Knobbs on the floor as the show goes to the final break.

Final Thoughts:
I thought this was a quality episode as we got a couple of feature matches and they put attention on the right angles to keep my interest in the program.

Thanks for reading.

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