Rebooking The WWF: Week 18, 1995

WWF RAW 5/1/1995
1. Mabel defeated WWF Tag Team Champion Tatanka in 6:08 following a middle rope splash. After the match, Mabel and Mo sent Tatanka and Carlos Vega to the floor and posed with the tag titles signaling that the belts will be theirs on May 15th.
2. Psycho Sid defeated Mike Bell in 1:03 following a powerbomb. After the match, Sid put Bell through the announcers table with another powerbomb.
3. Kings Court w/ Scott Steiner: Jerry Lawler conducted an interview with WWF Intercontinental Champion Scott Steiner regarding a steel cage match with his brother Rick Steiner at In Your House. Scott tells Lawler that he has been locked in the same room as his brother when they were kids and the idea of being locked in a cage with Rick doesn’t scare him at all. Scott has shown that he’ll do whatever it takes to keep the championship and if he has to toss his brothers thick skull into a cage over and over again in order to walk out as the WWF Intercontinental Champion then so be it. Scott reminds us that Rick turned on him after coming back from injury and he’ll never second guess his actions at In Your House inside a steel cage.
4. Adam Bomb Vignette: A vignette promoting the debut of Adam Bomb. Bomb is coming to the WWF and is looking to explode onto the scene to take out the likes of Yokozuna, Hunter Hearst Helmsley, Jeff Jarrett and many others.
5. Randy Savage defeated IRS in 4:57 following a top rope elbow drop.
6. Ron Simmons Interview: Vince McMahon conducted an interview with Ron Simmons regarding his match with the Undertaker at In Your House. McMahon talks about the Undertaker and how any man who has stepped foot in the ring with the Deadman, has not been the same. Vince knows that Simmons has one goal, to be the WWF World Champion, but this match could change the direction of his career. Simmons gets heated and tells McMahon that he has beaten all the big names that the WWF has to offer. “I beat Hulk Hogan, and he ran away.” Well, Simmons will not runaway. He is not afraid of the dark. He has had one goal since the birth of the Movement, and that is to be the WWF World Champion. Undertaker is just the next obstacle to overcome before achieving his goal. The lights go out and there is a gong sound. The lights reappear and Simmons hasn’t left the ring. He’s standing there ready for a fight, which surprises McMahon. Simmons tells Vince, “I’m not afraid. Undertaker should be.”
7. Chris Benoit defeated Marty Jannetty in 10:44 following a top rope diving headbutt.
8. Razor Ramon Interview: A pre-tape promo by Razor Ramon is shown. Ramon has a chain in his hands and he’s looking forward to having Jeff Jarrett on the other hand and whipping his butt all over the arena at IYH. Ramon says he’s going to cause so much damage to Jarrett that he won’t be able to annoy the fans with his constant reminding of how to spell his name. “Jarrett, your desire to be the leader of a new Dynasty will come to an end, Chico. You’re dynasty will be nothing but a bust!”
9. The Smoking Gunns defeated The Heavenly Bodies in 8:13 when Billy pinned Del Ray following a top rope leg drop/side slam combo.
10. Kama Vignette: A vignette promoting the debut of Kama is shown. Kama was kicking a bag and punching a punching bag saying that he’s going to knockout all the competition.
11. Brian Lee defeated Bob Holly in 6:37 following a big boot.
12. Hunter Hearst Helmsley Interview: Jim Ross conducted an interview with Hunter Hearst Helmsley, who has noted that he hasn’t done much of anything in recent weeks after he retired Mr. Perfect at WrestleMania XI. It’s likely because the WWF officials are fearful that Hunter will send all the big names out to pasture. Helmsley tells Ross that he has climbed the ranks in the WWF in a quick fashion and he should be treated as a big star. He’s got the class, money, and home that a big star should have. Now, it is time for him to have more gold in the WWF. Helmsley reveals he’ll be competing in the 1995 King of the Ring tournament and after he wins the gold crown he’ll be wearing the WWF World Championship, too. r
13. Bret Hart defeated Paul Roma by disqualification in 4:25 when Paul Roma got involved. After the match, Hart was able to fight off both members of Pretty Models.
14. WWF World Champion Diesel defeated Jeff Jarrett in 11:54 to retain the title following a Jackknife powerbomb. During the match, Jarrett collided with Scott Norton on the apron leading to a big boot from Diesel and the powerbomb moments later. After the match, Jarrett scolded Norton for costing him the match, but quickly backed off when Norton got in his face in the corner.

WWF Superstars 5/7/1995
1. Razor Ramon defeated Scott Taylor in 2:10 following the Razors Edge.
2. Shawn Michaels defeated Matt Hardy in 2:37 following a superkick.
3. Scott Norton defeated Reno Riggins in 2:44 following a shoulder breaker.
4. King Yokozuna defeated Duke Droese in 4:55 following the Bonzai Drop.

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