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Columns By Austin Skinner:

Savage Stories #1: Reliving A Story In Place Of A Yoga Brochure Austin meets Diamond Dallas Page at a 2CW show and asks about Randy Savage.
10 Wrestling Stars Who Should Have Won The WWF Championship Ten men who should have won the WWF World Championship, but never did reach the pinnacle.
Unshielding Dean Ambrose Austin believes in Dean Ambrose, and so should you.
1995 Super J Cup Tournament- A Breakdown And Review An in-depth look at the 1995 NJPW Super J Cup.
An Evening With Mick Foley (Bang! Bang!) Austin attends Mick Foley’s standup showcase in Syracuse.

Inside The Magazine

Before The Camera Rolls
Volume #1
Volume #2
Volume #3
Volume #4
Volume #5
Volume #6
Volume #7

WWF Metal 2000 The Forgotten Show
Volume #1
Volume #2
Volume #3
Volume #4

WCW Worldwide 2000 The Forgotten Show
Volume #1
Volume #2
Volume #3
Volume #4
Volume #5
Volume #6
Volume #7
Volume #8
Volume #9

WWF Shotgun Saturday Night The Forgotten Show
Volume #1

Career Retrospective
Bret Hart In WWF 1991
AJ Styles In 2002

Would You Go To This Show?

Volume #1: WCW March 12th, 1995 A WCW house show from March ’95 that doesn’t have Hulk Hogan involved. Vader vs. Jim Duggan, would you go?
Volume #2: WWF June 30th, 1995 ’95 was a rough year, but can a steel cage between Diesel and Psycho Sid be enough to want to see a show?
Volume #3: WCW August 20th, 1999 WCW sure was free falling in the ratings, but a dream match between Bret Hart and Hulk Hogan at the Cow Palace might draw a crowd. Would you go?
Volume #4: ECW December 23rd, 2000 The final ECW Arena show ever for ECW. Is that enough to go, or does the card have to be strong?
Volume #5: WCW September 22nd, 2000 Can the nostalgia of the Great Muta vs. Sting in the year 2000 entice fans to attend this WCW house show in Texas? How about Terry Funk? You decide.
Volume #6: WWF January 10th, 1998 The Attitude Era is upon us. A six man tag team steel cage match highlights the show. Would you go?
Volume #7: WCW March 22nd, 1998 A WCW house show during their peak of popularity is headlined with Kevin Nash vs. Lex Luger. Is that enough to attend?
Volume #8: WWE May 28th, 2006 The brand split has been going on for four years. John Cena battled Edge in a steel cage with Ricky Steamboat as the special referee. Would you go?
Volume #9: WCW March 4th, 2001 It’s the last ever WCW house show to ever take place. What did they send out there for the crowd in Tennessee? Is it enough for you to go?
Volume #10: WCW April 13th, 1993 In April ’93 WCW held a show with four main event caliber matches all on one show. You’d HAVE to go to that, right?
Volume #11: WWE January 9th, 2006 WWE Smackdown holds a live event without their top champion. Is it doomed to fail? Would you go?
Volume #12: WCW March 7th, 1999 WCW brought the action to Rochester, NY with a double main event of Sting/Bret Hart and Bigelow/Goldberg. Would you go?
Volume #13: WWF September 7th, 1991 A six man tag match with Sid teaming with LOD against The Undertaker and the Nasty Boys. Is that strong enough to get you into the arena?
Volume #14: WCW January 3rd, 1997 WCW sends out a lot of their top names including a Sting/Giant main event despite Sting not wrestling for nearly four months. Would you go to see Sting in action?
Volume #15: WWF September 14th, 1996 Shawn Michaels battles Vader, Sid takes on Goldust, what else would you need?
Volume #16: WWF July 23rd, 1994 The feud between Diesel and Razor Ramon is taken to the next level inside a steel cage. Would you go?

Volume #17: WWE August 29th, 2003

Kane and Rob Van Dam battle it out in the main event to settle their summer long feud. Would you go?

Volume #18: USA Pro May 14th, 2004 

A lot of future stars on the show including Low Ki, Samoa Joe, Jay Lethal and Christopher Daniels. Would you go?

List Of Ten:
Ten Underrated Wrestlers
Ten Wrestlers Who Would’ve Made It In ECW
Ten Guys Misused By WCW
Ten Memorable Moments In TNA
Ten Memorable WCW Nitro Moments
Ten Memorable Moments: Raven’s Career
Ten Memroable Moments: Scott Hall’s Career
Top Ten Wrestlers In WWF 1992
Top Ten Wrestlers In WCW 2000
Ten Wrestlers Who Should Challenge For NWA World Championship 2017

Reliving A Title Run:
Volume #1: CM Punk as ROH World Champion in ’05
Volume #2: Goldberg as WCW World Heavyweight Champion in ’98
Volume #3: Scott Steiner as WCW World Heavyweight Champion in ’00 – ’01
Volume #4: Goldust as WWF Intercontinental Champion in ’96

Volume #5: JBL As WWE Champion In ’04 – ’05
Volume #6: Vader as WCW World Heavyweight Champion In ’93
Volume #7: Yokozuna As WWF World Champion ’93 – ’94
Volume #8: Money Inc. As WWF World Tag Team Champions ’92 – ’93

Volume #9: Shawn Michaels As WWF Intercontinental Champion ’92 – ’93
Volume #10: Samoa Joe As TNA World Heavyweight Champion ’08
Volume #11: Jerry Lynn As ROH World Champion In ’09
Volume #12: Diesel As WWF World Champion In ’94 – ’95
Volume #13: Tyler Black As ROH World Champion ’10
Volume #14: Rick Steiner As WCW Television Champion WCW ’99
Volume #15: Ron Simmons As WCW World Champion In WCW ’92
Volume #16: Bobby Roode As TNA World Champion In TNA ’11 – ’12
Volume #17: Chris Jericho As WWE Undisputed Champion In WWE ’01 – ’02

Reliving A Feud:
Volume #1: The Undertaker vs. Mankind In WWF ’96 – ’98
Volume #2: Jerry Lawler vs. Bret Hart In The WWF ’93 – ’95
Volume #3:The Ultimate Warrior vs. Papa Shango In The WWF ’92
Volume #4: Sting vs. Vampiro In WCW ’00
Volume #5: Steve Corino vs. Homicide in ROH ’02 – ’06
Volume #6: Steve Austin vs. Kurt Angle In The WWF ’01
Volume #7: Booker T vs. Jeff Jarrett In WCW ’00
Volume #8: Tommy Dreamer vs. CW Anderson In ECW ’00 – 01
Volume #9: Hulk Hogan vs. Vader In WCW ’94 – ’95
Volume #10: Randy Savage vs. Ric Flair in WCW & WWF ’92 – ’99
Volume #11: Bret Hart vs. Owen Hart In WWF ’93 – ’96
Volume #12: CM Punk vs. Raven in ROH ’03
Volume #13: Bam Bam Bigelow Vs. Lawrence Taylor In WWF ’95
Volume #14: Sid Vicious Vs. Goldberg In WCW ’99
Volume #15: Lex Luger vs. Yokozuna In WWF ’93 – ’94
Volume #16: Curt Hennig Vs. Ric Flair In WWF & WCW ’92 – ’97
Volume #17: Kevin Nash Vs. Randy Savage In WCW ’99
Volume #18: Randy Savage vs. Hulk Hogan In WWF & WCW ’89 – ’99
Volume #19: AJ Styles vs. Jimmy Rave In ROH ’05
Volume #20: The Rock Vs. Chris Benoit In WWF ’00
Volume #21: Dean Malenko Vs. Chris Jericho In WCW ’98
Volume #22: Dustin Rhodes vs. The Stud Stable In WCW ’94 – ’95 
Volume #23: Batista vs. Triple H In WWE ‘05
Volume #24: Bret Hart vs. Goldberg In WCW ’99
Volume #25: Tatanka vs. Lex Luger In WWF ’94 – ’95
Volume #26: Randy Savage vs. Diamond Dallas Page In WCW ’97
Volume #27: Jeff Jarrett Vs. Chyna In WWF ’99
Volume #28: Shawn Michaels vs. Davey Boy Smith In WWF ’92 – ’97
Volume #29: Big Bossman Vs. Nails In WWF ’92
Volume #30: Tracy Smothers Vs. Dirty White Boy In SMW ’93
Volume #31: Christian Cage Vs. Abyss In TNA ’06
Volume #32: Shane McMahon Vs. Kane In WWE ’03
Volume #33: Triple H Vs. The Rock In WWE ’97 – ’00

Are You Tough Enough?
Season 1, Episode 1
Season 1, Episode 2
Season 1, Episode 3
Season 1, Episode 4
Season 1, Episode 5
Season 1, Episode 6

Developmentally Speaking:
Volume One

Legends Of Extreme:
Season One, Episode One

Take The Book:
First Edition: King Of The Ring 1995
Second Edition: WCW Fall Brawl 1999
Third Edition: WCW Starrcade 1993

Monday Night War
September 1995
October 1995
November 1995
December 1995
January 1996
February 1996
March 1996
April 1996
May 1996
June 1996
July 1996
August 1996
September 1996
October 1996
November 1996
December 1996
January 1997
February 1997

What If:
Volume #1: Sid Vicious Didn’t Fail The Evil Drug Test In ’92?
Volume #2: What If Ted DiBiase Won The WWF World Championship In ’88?
Volume #3: What If Lex Luger Won The WWF World Championship In ’94?
Volume #4: What If Crush Won The WWF World Champion In ’92?

Look Back At
1990 Pro Wrestling Illustrated Awards
1991 Pro Wrestling Illustrated 500 Rankings
1991 Pro Wrestling Illustrated Awards
1992 Pro Wrestling Illustrated 500 Rankings
1992 Pro Wrestling Illustrated Awards
1993 Pro Wrestling Illustrated 500 Rankings
1993 Pro Wrestling Illustrated Awards
1994 Pro Wrestling Illustrated 500 Rankings
1994 Pro Wrestling Illustrated Awards
1995 Pro Wrestling Illustrated 500 Rankings
1995 Pro Wrestling Illustrated Awards
1996 Pro Wrestling Illustrated 500 Rankings
1996 Pro Wrestling Illustrated Awards
1997 Pro Wrestling Illustrated 500 Rankings
1997 Pro Wrestling Illustrated Awards
1998 Pro Wrestling Illustrated 500 Rankings
1998 Pro Wrestling Illustrated Awards

The Good & The Bad:
WCW 2000: Part One
WCW 2000: Part Two
WWF 1992: Part One

Kayfabe Articles:
Earthquake Ends Hulkamania?!
Jeff Jarrett Leads New Era For WCW
Crush… Is Crushed By Macho Man’s Betrayal
Sting Gets Bitten By The Snake
Money Inc. Bankrupts Beefcake’s Face!
Hulkamania Is Back!

The Match:
Volume #1: Sting vs. Goldberg WCW Nitro September 1998
Volume #2: Bret Hart vs. Ric Flair WWF October 1992
Volume #3: Sean Carr vs. Devon Storm ECWA September 2016
Volume #4: Dean Ambrose vs. Cody Hawk HWA 2006
Volume #5: Konnan vs. Jake Roberts AAA 1994
Volume #6: AJ Styles vs. Amazing Red HOG 2014
Volume #7: Bryan Danielson vs. AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe IWA-MS 2004</strong>
Volume #8: Al Snow vs. Sabu in 1994
Volume #9: Money Inc. vs. Natural Disasters WWF 1992
Volume #10: Psycho Sid vs. Jinder Mahl GNW 2008
Volume #11: Austin Idol vs. Jerry Lawler Memphis 1987
Volume #12: The Sandman vs. Chris Candido Legacy Wrestling 2002
Volume #13: Terry Funk’s Return Match To BTW 2017
Volume #14: Steve Corino vs. Abyss 1PW 2006
Volume #15: Tim Storm vs. Nick Aldis NWA 2017
Volume #16: Jeff Jarrett vs. Matt Hardy 2015

Volume #17: Fred Yehi vs. Brian Cage FIP 2017
Volume #18: Abyss vs. Mick Foley TNA 2009

Misc Columns:
Billy Kidman: The Push That Should Have Never Happened
A Failed Heel Turn: Turning Da Man Into A Bad Guy
Bryan Clark: A Mishandled Talent
King Mabel Push: Was It That Awful?
Are You Ready For A Revolution? WCW Wasn’t
This Is The End?
It’s Only A Dream
Joey Matthews: A Prospect Turned Stooge
Alright… I Did It
Alex Wright: His Failed Rise To The Top In WCW
Lenny Lane: The Forgotten WCW Cruiserweight Champion
No Laughing Matter
Clownin’ Around In The WWF
The Gangstas In SMW ’94
Why Did Hak Fizzle In WCW?
Age Of Fall Part One
The Higher Power
The Clap Come To ECW
Don’t Hate The Playa Hate The Game
7 Levels Of Hate: Cabana vs. Pearce
The Rise And Fall Of Chris Harris
The Lone Wolf In WCW
When The WWF Got Nastisized
Being The Marty Jannetty Of A Tag Team
Being The Marty Jannetty Of A Tag Team Part Two
You Should Know The Name… Colin Delaney
You Should Know The Name… Dalton Castle
Naturally Bizarre
You Should Know The Name… Sean Carr
Love Me Or Hate Me… You’ll Never Forget Me
The Rise & Fall OF Ahmed Johnson
Daddy’s Boy Turned Psycho
The Fallen Angel Ascends To The Top
Welcome To The Serengeti
Jimmy Rave: The Crown Jewel
The Hardest Part… Is Breaking Up
You Don’t Know Joe
The XWF Part One
The XWF Part Two
The XWF Part Three
You Should Know The Name… MJF
Kevin Thorn: What Could Have Been
Ain’t No Stoppin’ Me
The Power of Love
Philly Indy Wars Revisited
Cut The F’n Music
The Perfect Plan
Buff Bagwell: Did He Have The Stuff To Be A Top Guy?
Cabana’s Curse In Chicago Part One
Cabana’s Curse In Chicago Part Two
Who Better Than Kanyon?
The Renegade: If You Can’t Get The Original, Create A Ripoff

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