Inside The Magazine Volume #2: WWF Magazine November ’92


It’s quite a loaded magazine this time around for the WWF Magazine with many top angles being addressed. Just on the cover you’re told there is an article promoting Bret Hart and Papa Shango, which had just started after SummerSlam. The newly debuting Razor Ramon has a feature with Randy Savage, and much more. Let’s see what’s fully inside, shall we?

BRAINSTORMS – by: Mr. Perfect

Perfect writes about the real WWF World Champion, Ric Flair and puts over how Flair can and has defeated every WWF Superstar. Perfect believes that Bret Hart has signed his death warrant in his upcoming battles with Papa Shango. Perfect credits Papa Shango’s curse on Hart for causing Bret to lose the WWF Intercontinental Championship at SummerSlam to Davey Boy Smith. Perfect puts over Razor Ramon for having more machismo and more wrestling ability than Randy Savage. Basically, Perfect commented on most of the major happenings taking place in the WWF and what is highlighted in the magazine this month.



After being attacked by Ric Flair and Mr. Perfect at SummerSlam, Savage suffered a knee injury and it wasn’t healed in time for a rematch with Flair during a WWF Superstars TV taping on September 1st in Hershey, PA. The match would be aired on September 14th on Primetime Wrestling. Flair focused his attack on the injured leg, and with help from both Mr. Perfect and Razor Ramon, Flair was able to put the figure four on Savage and regain the WWF World Championship by pin fall when Savage passed out due to the pain.



The focus of the article is on Mr. Perfect, which highlights his career and accomplishments. However, it is noted that fans shouldn’t count Perfect out of in-ring wrestling in the near future. According to Perfect, he had taken the time to learn new holds and can still hold his own in the ring.


The magazine “interviewed” Jim Duggan, Ric Flair, Rick Martel and Sgt. Slaughter to discuss the Survivor Series concept. It’s hilarious because they write these guys as if they are all in character as nobody would normally talk in such a manner. Duggan pokes fun at Flair’s nose and then Flair and Martel argue over who is the best looking captain in Survivor Series history.



Legion of Doom had a lengthy feud with the Beverly Brothers on WWF television during the second half of ’92 with the Beverly Brothers routinely calling LOD the LOS, which stood for the Legion of Sissies, yeah, that was overly creative. Nonetheless, it was successful in generating heat for the feud. The match took place in Glens Falls, NY and took place on June 29th, 1992. The match is actually included on the Rampage 1992 Coliseum Video release, as well. Legion of Doom and Paul Ellering won the six man tag match over the Beverly Brothers and the Genius in just over ten minutes of action.



Papa Shango may have made Bret Hart lose his focus a little bit during his match with Davey Boy Smith at SummerSlam, causing Bret to lose the WWF Intercontinental Championship. But, why would Shango target the Hitman? Well, apparently because Hart has the genes, ability, heritage and no nonsense attitude. Plus, because Bret has the support of millions of fans, including attractive women. Shango wants to dominate the WWF and takeover, and believes dominating Bret Hart will be the first step to achieve his goal. Shango believes that Hart is someone he can control and help him dominate the WWF. Bret shared his thoughts on it saying that when they meet in the ring, Hart will prove that skill overcomes any kind of size difference.



Randy Savage is currently facing a tough challenge not only physically but also psychologically. For nearly a decade (to this point), Savage proclaimed to the Macho Man and he often showcased that in his battles. But, with newcomer Razor Ramon entering the WWF and claiming to be the man who oozed machismo, mind games developed between the two with Ramon claiming Savage was washed up. According to comments from Savage, he claimed that Ramon hadn’t been around in the WWF long enough to see what macho was all about. Savage is going to cut Ramon down to size when they meet in the squared circle. Ramon is going to prove that he is the real man and make money doing so.



The big man from Hawaii discussed how he has enjoyed crushing things his entire life and named guys like Kamala, Berzerker and Repo Man as guys he’d like to crush with his hands. He also mentioned his desire to be number one contender and wanting to challenge WWF Intercontinental Champion the British Bulldog.

A heavy focus on the issues between WWF World Champion Ric Flair, Randy Savage and Razor Ramon. I liked the focus on the new wrestler Razor Ramon. The dialogue that these guys come up with for these characters are little too cartoony and don’t come across as being all that realistic, but they try their best to captivate the characters given the circumstance.

The reasoning for Papa Shango going after Bret Hart gives that feud some actual substance that I wasn’t aware of prior. For instance, I didn’t really know that Shango’s goal was to essentially use Bret Hart as a way to control the WWF. He came nowhere near that goal, but I didn’t even know that was his endgame.

Plus, the feud between the Beverly Brothers and Legion of Doom getting some conclusion was good to see. I actually enjoyed the TV angle they had going, even if it was kind of silly with the Legion of Sissies direction. Not a shock at all that the Beverly Brothers would end up on the losing side of the feud.

What are your memories of the magazine or what was going on in the WWF at the time?

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