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Wrestling On The Internet Potpourri: Volume One

In this series, I will take a look at a few matches that can be found on the internet. Whether it be on YouTube, Highspots or IWTV. There are a lot of singular matches that I’ve wanted to watch and not watch the entire show that it may be on. So, doing this will allow me to do that. I’ve reviewed a lot of wrestling, but there’s an endless amount that I hope to watch in the future. Feel free to leave suggestions or requests for future installments whether that be in the comments or via email.

VCW Commonwealth Heritage Champion Colby Corino vs. Ken Dixon – 2/3 falls match – VCW 2019
Reason For Reviewing: I’m a fan of Colby Corino and his father Steve Corino. Admittedly, I’ve not seen a lot of Colby’s work, but when I’ve seen him live, I’ve been left impressed. Ken Dixon is a name that I’ve seen in regards to developing talent and being a good worker in the VA/MD area, but again, I haven’t seen much of his work. So, seeing this match on YouTube seemed like an interesting one to review. They’ve had a heated feud for most of 2019 and this is the conclusion of that feud according to the video description, at least.

They start off with some mat wrestling with neither man getting a clear advantage until Corino takes Dixon down to the mat. Corino gets a front face lock, but Dixon counters for a moment. Corino gets a hammerlock on Dixon for a moment. Corino gets an ankle lock, but Dixon quickly reaches the ropes. Corino backs Dixon into the ropes, but backs off. Corino snapmares Dixon and manages a two count. Corino gets another rollup for a two count and Dixon backs off into the corner. Dixon backs Corino into the ropes and tries for a cheap shot, but Corino counters with a wrist lock. Dixon backs off into the corner to cause Corino to backoff. Dixon bails to the floor to taunt a fan in the front row. Corino chases Dixon and ducks a clothesline in the ring to deliver a forearm. Corino nearly gets a three count with an inside cradle. Corino backslides Dixon for a two count. Corino arm drags Dixon a few times, but Dixon counters one only for Corino to hit a hurricanrana to send Dixon to the floor. Corino takes Dixon out with a suicide dive! Dixon drops Corino over the top rope from the apron. Corino arm drags Dixon and rolls through with a crucifix pin to win the first fall. Corino: 1 – Dixon: 0

Corino hammers away on Dixon in the corner and dumps Dixon to the apron. Corino continues with right hands on the apron. Corino dropkicks Dixon off the apron onto a chair on the floor. Corino misses a kick from the apron and Dixon yanks Corino face first down onto the apron. Corino elbows Dixon on the floor, but Dixon clubs Corino over the back and rams Corino face first onto the apron. Corino sends Dixon into the railing and delivers a few chops against the railing. Dixon boots Corino in the midsection and taunts a few kids in the front row. Corino blocks being sent into the ring post and fires back with right hands on Dixon. Dixon sends Corino face first into the ring post on a second attempt. Dixon drops Corino over the apron face first. Corino almost gets a pin with another rollup. Dixon clotheslines Corino against the ropes and keeps control with a headlock. Dixon hammers away on Corino and rams Corino face first down to the mat. Corino fights back with a few chops and right hands to stagger Dixon. Corino clotheslines Dixon a few times. Corino heads to the top rope hitting a crossbody, but Dixon rolls through and drives Corino down to the mat face first out of a Death Valley Driver position to get a three count and tie the match. Corino: 1 – Dixon: 1

Dixon casually waits in the corner as Corino struggles to his feet. Corino gets to his feet before the count of ten. Dixon beats on Corino in the corner with right hands. Dixon works over Corino with more right hands to keep Corino on the mat. Corino fires back with a few chops, but Dixon delivers an atomic drop to stop Corino. Corino stops Dixon with a cutter to counter a suplex attempt. Corino goes after Dixon in the corner and delivers several right hands. Dixon boots Corino in the corner. Dixon takes Corino over with a snap suplex leading to a near fall. Dixon has Corino on his shoulders, but Corino counters with a rollup for a near fall. Corino drops Dixon with a Codebreaker. Corino is tossed away in the corner, but elbows Dixon and hits a Slice Bread for a near fall. Dixon avoids a kick to hit a powerslam for a two count. Corino superkicks Dixon followed by a gut buster. Corino hits a float over abdominal stretch for a pin and gets the three count to retain the title! (***. This felt like an old school style match with a coupe of moments of Corino showcasing some electric offense. Corino shined in the match and Dixon did a fine job in his heel role. Each fall seemed to get an even amount of time. I prefer that approach to 2/3 falls matches. This was a quality match.)

AJ Styles vs. NWA Wildside Heavyweight Champion Rick Michales – NWA Wildside 2001 – Christmas Chaos 2001
Reason For Reviewing: Rick trained Styles and I remember years ago hearing that these two had some classics in the Wildside promotion. There was an AJ Styles DVD that was released featuring his early days in wrestling and there was a match between AJ and Michaels, but when I tried to watch it the DVD would glitch and I just gave up. I’m not sure if this is that match, but regardless this would be the first time I’ve watched their matches. I vaguely recall Michaels getting some hype in the magazines, too. Anyway, Styles tends to be fantastic no matter what so I’m interested to see how this goes.

They have a stare down in the middle of the ring until Michaels backs off to the corner. They lockup and struggle around the ring until they breakaway. They trade full nelson attempts and they roll on the mat for a moment. Styles takes Michaels down with a cross arm bar. Styles kicks Michaels on the knee and Michaels backs off to the corner to regroup. Michaels takes Styles down to the mat and delivers a few kicks to the leg, but Styles comes back with a kick to the head. Styles dropkicks Michaels on the knee to keep control. Michaels regroups in the corner again. Michaels shoves Styles and misses a clothesline. Styles sends Michaels into the ropes to hit an arm drag and a dropkick for a two count. Michaels blocks a kick, but Styles yanks Michaels down to the mat by his arm. Styles locks in an Indian death lock, but doesn’t get a submission. Michaels gets to the ropes, but Styles kicks Michaels on the leg and in the head. Styles stomps on Michaels in the corner. Styles hits a running kick in the corner, but Michaels comes back and knocks Styles to the floor.

Michaels pummels Styles on the floor with right hands and rams Styles back first into the apron. Styles crotches Michaels on the railing and kicks Michaels into the crowd. Styles goes for a suplex on the floor, but Michaels counters and sends Styles into the railing and press slams Styles into the crowd. Michaels leaps off the railing, but is met with a kick by Styles in the crowd. Styles leaps off a table onto a little balcony and dives onto Michaels in the crowd! Styles follows up with a slingshot leg drop over the railing onto Michaels at ringside. Michaels avoids a wheelbarrow and kicks Styles followed by a gorilla press slam for a two count. Michaels delivers an elbow drop for a two count. Michaels delivers a knee drop to Styles groin. Michaels sends Styles over the top to the floor. Michaels tosses a couple of chairs into the ring before rolling Styles back into the ring.

Michaels stomps Styles on the mat and places a chair onto Styles leg. Michaels grabs another chair and smashes Styles leg with it! Michaels rams Styles face first onto a steel chair. Michaels stomps on Styles and goes for a cover managing a two count. Michaels scoop slams Styles and goes to the top rope. Michaels is crotched on the top by Styles and Styles dropkicks Michaels in the corner. Styles tries for a crossbody to the floor, but Michaels avoids Styles and chokes Styles with a camera cord. Styles flips over the railing and superkicks Michaels at ringside! Michaels delivers an elbow strike in the crowd. Michaels jabs Styles and they fight in the crowd. Styles drops Michaels onto a chair. Styles whacks Michaels over the back with a chair shot. Styles clubs Michaels over the back and they stand on the merchandise stand, but Michaels backdrops Styles onto the merchandise table, but it didn’t break. Michaels leaps off the bleachers, but Styles rams Michaels face first onto the table! Michaels low blows Styles and puts Styles onto the table. Michaels delivers an elbow drop. Michaels knee strikes Styles to keep him on the mat. Michaels tosses Styles over the railing back to the ringside area. Michaels tries for a backdrop, but Styles clotheslines Michaels over the top to the floor.

David Young comes out and checks on Michaels at ringside. Styles takes Young out with a shooting star press to the floor! Michaels brings Styles backstage, but there’s no camera to follow. Michaels has a headlock on Styles and they return to the ring. Michaels cover Styles, but it’s Jason Cross in disguise and Bill Behrens catches them red handed! Styles returns and hits Jason Cross with the Styles Clash on the ramp! The match has been restarted. Styles delivers a neckbreaker and gets a two count. Michaels boots Styles in the corner and runs into a boot. Styles tries for a tornado DDT, but Michales counters and sits Styles on the top turnbuckle. David Young gets in the ring and grabs Michaels helping Styles hit a top rope Styles Clash. Styles covers and pins Michaels to win the championship! (***1/2. That was a great match with Styles pulling out some crazy moves to go along well with Michaels power offense. The storyline of Cross trying to pose as Styles to steal the win for Michaels was a nice touch, too. Styles Clash off the top rope was insane and the crowd loved every minute of this match. Well done match.)

Sabu vs. Lightning Kid – April 17th, 1993 – NWA Grandslam ‘93
Reason For Reviewing: I’ve always been a fan of seeing how wrestlers performed prior to their national exposure and this has been a match I’ve wanted to watch for quite sometime. These two had a lot of hype on the independents and I’d have to think this was on some level a dream match amongst diehards.

Sabu tries to take Kid down and eventually succeeds to get leg control until Kid kicks Sabu in the face to break free. Sabu leg sweeps Kid to the mat, but gets up and swings at the referee. Sabu decks Kid to the mat with a few right hands. Sabu leg drops Kid leading to a near fall. Sabu clubs Kid over the back several times. Kid fires back with right hands of his own. Sabu avoids a spin kick and takes Kid down to the mat. Sabu stomps on Kid’s right knee to keep the advantage and jams Kid’s knee onto the mat before locking in a half Boston Crab. Kid ducks a clothesline to nail Sabu with a spin kick to the face and Sabu bails to the floor. Kid takes Sabu down to the mat with a side headlock. Sabu counters with a head scissors on the mat. Sabu goes to the apron and hits a slingshot leg drop for a near fall. Sabu delivers another leg drop for a two count. Sabu keeps a headlock on Kid, but is sent into the ropes and shoulder blocks Kid. Kid responds with a dropkick and a spin kick to knock Sabu to the apron. Kid kicks Sabu off the apron to the floor. Kid sends Sabu into the corner and misses a splash landing on his head. Sabu gets a two count after an elbow drop. Sabu backdrops Kid, but is met with a kick.

Kid misses a spear and falls to the floor. Sabu takes out Kid with a somersault dive to the floor! Sabu sends Kid into the apron gut first and hits a springboard moonsault to the floor! Kid is sent into the post by Oliver Humperdink. Kid has been busted wide open and shoulder rams Sabu, but Sabu hits a sunset flip powerbomb to the floor. Kid is pouring blood from his forehead. Sabu nails Kid with a spinning heel kick. Sabu connects with a moonsault, but doesn’t go for the cover. Sabu goes to the top rope and tries for another moonsault, but Kid got his knees up. Kid hammers away on Sabu in the corner. Kid delivers several kicks in the corner to stagger Sabu. Kid takes Sabu to the mat and goes to the top rope. Kid is stopped on the top rope by Sabu with right hands. Sabu hits a top rope hurricanrana followed by an elbow drop, but again no cover. Sabu sits Kid on the top turnbuckle. Kid blocks a hurricanrana and Sabu lands on his head. Kid hits a couple of quick leg drops, but Sabu gets his boot on the bottom rope. Kid takes Sabu over with a snap suplex and goes to the top rope. Kid misses a somersault dive and crashes to the mat in the middle of the ring. Sabu goes to the top rope, but Kid dropkicks Sabu off the turnbuckle to the floor. Kid fakes a dive, but ends up hitting a springboard crossbody. Kid leaps off the top to hit a twisting dive to the floor onto Sabu.

Kid chops Sabu in the corner and goes for a dropkick, but Sabu pulled the referee in the way and then hit the referee. They trade right hands in the middle of the ring. The referee has called for the bell ending the match in a no contest. After the match, Humperdink and Sabu beat on Kid. Jerry Lynn comes out with a chair to make the save. Sabu takes Lynn out and hits Kid with a chair over the head to end the match. (****. The finish was a cop out, but I thought this was a great high flying match in front of a smaller crowd. It didn’t overstay it’s welcome and they really didn’t hold back at all.)

Kenta Kobashi vs. Vader – February 27th, 2000 – AJPW
Reason For Reviewing: Admittedly, I’ve only ever watched Kobashi when he wrestled in Ring of Honor back in 2005. His match with Samoa Joe was incredible and there’s no real reason as to why I shouldn’t sought out more of his work prior to this. Vader is a guy that I really enjoyed in WCW and have never really watched his Japan stuff either. What makes this more interesting to me is that this match was after his subpar WWF run. I remember the magazines hyping it up as if Vader was on the rebound of great matches.

Vader backs Kobashi against the ropes, but misses a few strikes and Kobashi delivers a right hand before backing off. Kobashi’s ribs are taped up. Vader counters a takedown attempt and controls Kobashi on the mat. Vader pummels Kobashi with several strikes to the head and body. Vader headbutts Kobashi in the corner. Vader misses a clothesline and Kobashi hits a leaping shoulder block. Kobashi knocks Vader to the apron to keep the advantage and sends Vader into the railing. Kobashi spikes Vader with a DDT on the floor. Kobashi chops Vader several times in the corner. Kobashi delivers a jumping knee in the corner and a running knee strike. Kobashi tries for a slam and connects. Kobashi leg drops Vader over the back of the head. Kobashi keeps a chin lock on Vader, but he’s not going to get a submission. Kobashi continues with stomps and a side Russian leg sweep for a one count. Kobashi chops Vader and comes off the ropes, but Vader decks Kobashi with a clothesline. Vader elbow drops Kobashi on the ribs a few times. Vader continues to work over the ribs with strikes. Vader drops Kobashi with several body strikes and a belly to belly suplex throw. Kobashi rolls to the floor to regroup.

Vader drops Kobashi gut first over the guard railing. Vader stomps on Kobashi and presses Kobashi’s head onto the railing. Vader rolls Kobashi into the ring and locks in a kneeling abdominal stretch. Vader unwraps Kobashi’s taped ribs and presses down on the ribs followed by strikes. Kobashi runs into a body strike by Vader. Vader backs Kobashi into a corner to deliver headbutts and a strike. Kobashi kicks Vader away in the corner and leaps off looking for a shoulder block, but Vader blocks it. Vader slams Kobashi to the mat and goes to the middle rope hitting a splash. Vader delivers another splash off the ropes followed by a third for a two count. Vader nails Kobashi with a short arm clothesline. Vader delivers a short arm clothesline and holds Kobashi’s arm. Kobashi blocks a clothesline and hooks Vader to hit a back suplex. Kobashi kicks Vader through the ropes to the floor. Kobashi heads to the top rope and leaps off to take Vader out with a dive!

Kobashi delivers several chops in the corner, but Vader responds with clubbing strikes and slams Kobashi. Kobashi stops Vader with a powerbomb off the middle rope for a two count. Kobashi nails Vader with a few spinning back fist chops. Kobashi takes Vader over with a German suplex for a near fall. Kobashi delivers a few more chops and comes off the ropes, but Vader ducks a clothesline to hit a German suplex of his own. Vader tosses Kobashi with another German suplex. Vader nails Kobashi with a few strikes to the side and hits another German suplex for a near fall. Vader clubs on Kobashi with strikes in the corner. Vader and Kobashi collide on stereo clothesline attempts. Vader slams Kobashi to the mat for another two count. They trade several strikes with Vader chokeslamming Kobashi for another near fall. Kobashi decks Vader with a lariat for a near fall. Kobashi gets to his feet and goes to the top rope hitting a moonsault for a two count. Kobashi gets to his feet, but collides into Vader and comes off the ropes top hit another lariat for the win! (****1/2. I mean, the emotion and crowd investment here was just fantastic. Hard hitting and some great storytelling with the ribs and struggle for Kobashi to finish off Vader. Vader really must have gotten his confidence once he left WWF.)

That wraps up the first installment of this series. If you have a suggestion or request to be reviewed, feel free to leave a comment or send an email.

Thanks for reading.

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