NEW Cross Rhodes 4/15/2017

Northeast Wrestling presents Cross Rhodes
From: Bethany, CT

Opening Contest: Adrenaline Rush (Evans & Youngblood) vs. NOW (Collins & Dalishus): Vik and Evans kickoff the match with Vik slapping the back of Evans head after a takedown. Vik controls Evans with a hammerlock, but Evans counters and takes Vik down to the mat. Youngblood tags into the match and Vik is met with a double back elbow. Vik keeps Youngblood on the mat and slaps the back of his head. Evans enters the match and Vik is tossed over with an arm drag. Evans elbow drops Vik for a two count. Vik throat thrusts Evans and tags in Collins. Evans hip tosses Collins across the ring and Youngblood hits a splash in the corner. Evans big boots Collins leads to a near fall for Youngblood. Evans returns to the match and clubs Collins over the back. Collins clotheslines Evans over the top to the floor. Vik leaps off the apron to deliver an elbow drop. Collins decks Youngblood off the apron. Collins elbow drops Evans for a near fall. Vik works over Evans with a stomp in the corner and knocks Evans down in the corner. Collins chops Evans from the apron and elbow drops Evans over Vik’s knees. Collins keeps a headlock on Evans, but doesn’t get a submission. Evans ducks a clothesline and is caught on a crossbody. Collins plants Evans with a suplex. Collins scoop slams Evans and tags in Vik. Collins assists Vik on a standing moonsault for a two count.

Vik stomps on Evans and Youngblood tries to get involved, but is stopped by the referee. Vik chops Evans to the mat and delivers a scoop slam to the mat. Collins tags back into the match and goes to the top rope missing an elbow drop. Vik misses a strike in the corner and Youngblood enters hitting a couple of discus strikes and a dropkick to knock Vik down. Youngblood elbows Collins in the corner and Vik collides in the corner. Youngblood superkicks Vik leading to a near fall. Evans drops Collins with a strike. Evans holds Vik allowing for Youngblood to hit a crossbody from the top and wins the match. (**. A solid enough tag match to begin the show. The finish was a little flat, but the fans enjoyed it. This was a mostly standard match, but it didn’t overstay its welcome, so that’s a plus.)

Second Contest: MJF vs. Christian Casanova: MJF backs Casanova into a corner and shoves Casanova. Casanova responds with a shove to send MJF retreating to a corner. MJF kicks Casanova and puts a headlock on him. MJF shoulder blocks Casanova and they have a standoff after running the ropes. Casanova ducks a cheap shot and dropkicks MJF to the floor. Casanova hits a somersault dive over the top to the floor! Casanova gets back in the ring and spikes MJF with a Michinoku driver! MJF eye rakes Casanova in the corner and taunts the fans. MJF stomps on Casanova’s hand and puts a top wrist lock on, but doesn’t get a submission. MJF argues with the referee and tries to send Casanova across the ring. Casanova elbows MJF and nearly wins with a rollup. MJF hits a hammerlock back suplecx for a two count. MJF argues with the referee again on the cover. MJF elbows Casanova on the arm. MJF looks for a suplex off the top, but Casanova manages to hit a crossbody off the top. Casanova kicks MJF, but misses a kick only to hit a bulldog out of a tilt a whirl. MJF gets a wrist lock on Casanova, but MJF hits a modified pump handle suplex. MJF locks in an arm bar and forces a submission to win the match. (**1/2. I think this is just before Casanova really breaks out on the Indies and absolutely before MJF became a mega heel act on the indies. It was pretty cool to see these two breakout stars compete against each other before they became stars down the line. Casanova had a few fun big spots to pop the crowd and MJF showed early on his ability to annoy a crowd very well. A fun undercard match.)

Third Contest: Dexter Loux vs. Rex Lawless: Lawless clotheslines Loux to start the match and tosses Loux out of the corner. Lawless splashes Loux in the corner followed by a big boot. Lawless delivers a backbreaker out of a full nelson. Lawless big boots Buff Dad off the apron. Lawless plants Loux with a sit out powerbomb for the easy win. (NR. Give me more Lawless to showcase his power. I like him.)

Prior to the next match, Maria cut a promo about being the East Coast Barbie and being part of a great tag team. Manic says she and Leon want to prove they are hard working women and not just pretty faces. Manic says whomever they are facing tonight they’re in for some trouble. Manic wants to show Leon how much she cares. Manic wants to show Leon who she really is and proceeds to turn on Leon, her tag partner.

Fourth Contest: Mandy Leon vs. Maria Manic: This is before Manic drastically changed her look and had “man eater” tattooed on her stomach. Manic stomps on Leon and gets a headlock early on. Manic shoulder blocks Leon to the mat and taunts the fans before missing a leg drop. Leon hits a rolling neck snap for a two count. Leon splashes Manic in the corner followed by a running knee strike. Manic knee lifts Leon and delivers a DDT to the mat. Manic chops Leon on the floor against the apron. Manic chops Leon again and sends Leon into the ring. Manic drives Leon down to the mat with a backbreaker for a two count. Manic rams Leon into the corner a few times. Manic kicks Leon over the back and keeps a sleeper on Leon. Leon elbows Manic a few times and ducks a clothesline. They collide on clothesline attempts and dropkicks causing them to both go down to the mat. They begin to trade strikes from their knees and chops. Leon chops Manic and Manic responds with a chop. Leon clotheslines Manic in the corner a few times. Manic avoids a third attempt and gets a rollup with a handful of tights. After the match, Manic steals Leon’s match, which likely means this is happening again. (1/2*. The pre-match angle to setup the match was not done all that well and the action here was just boring. They told a story of them knowing each other well, but it just didn’t connect with me.)

Fifth Contest: Ron Zombie vs. Wrecking Ball Legursky: Zombie storms the ring, but Legursky hammers away on Zombie. Zombie battles back with a few right hands. Zombie continues with forearm strikes. Legursky continues with a headbutt and left hands. Legursky elbows Zombie in the corner followed by a kick to the midsection. Legursky shoulder rams Zombie into the corner a few times. Legursky continues to beat on Zombie in the corner. Legursky sends Zombie into the corner and hits a splash. Legursky delivers another splash in the corner to stagger Zombie. Zombie elbows Legursky in the corner and delivers a big boot. Zombie goes for a clothesline and staggers Legursky. Zombie big boots Legursky, but Rex Lawless comes back out and hits a crossbody on Zombie! Lawless and Wrecking Ball hit a double chokeslam on the referee. The bell has sounded, but that doesn’t matter as Zombie is driven down with a double chokeslam, as well. Lawless has joined the McNeil family. (NR. I approve of the team of Lawless and Wrecking Ball. I like them as a power duo.)

Sixth Contest: Chuck O’Neil vs. Vinny Marseglia: They get into each others face in the corner before locking up. Vinny has a waist lock on O’Neil, but O’Neil breaks free attempting a kick, but misses. Vinny goes back with a waist lock, but O’Neil fights back with a hip toss and misses a splash in the corner. Vinny hip tosses O’Neil and hits a seated dropkick. Vinny hits a head scissors to send O’Neil to the floor. Vinny takes O’Neil out with a slingshot crossbody to the floor. O’Neil uppercuts Vinny on the top rope, but Vinny hits a top rope crossbody for a two count. O’Neil misses a kick to the head and Vinny kicks O’Neil on the knee. O’Neil drops Vinny arm first over the top rope. O’Neil drags Vinny to the floor and slams his hand on a chair in the crowd. O’Neil knee drops Vinny’s arm on the floor. O’Neil slams Vinny on the floor. O’Neil knee strikes Vinny off the apron. O’Neil sends Vinny into the ring steps. Vinny gets a two count with an inside cradle. O’Neil dropkicks Vinny leading to a near fall. Chuck kicks Vinny’s leg over the middle rope. Chuck misses a kick in the corner to give Vinny an opening. Vinny uppercuts Chuck into a corner. Vinny forearms Chuck in the corner, but misses a running strike and Chuck hits a German suplex for a two count.

Chuck goes for a cross arm bar, but Vinny holds his hands together. Vinny is able to break free and blocks a German suplex attempt. Vinny elbows Chuck in the corner trying to break free. Vinny knee strikes O’Neil in the corner. Vinny nails Chuck with a few running forearms and a back suplex. Vinny stops O’Neil with a jawbreaker, and a side Russian leg sweep for a two count. Vinny tries for a double under hook, but gets dropped over the top rope. Chuck hits a springboard dropkick to knock Vinny to the floor. Vinny almost wins with a cradle and nails Chuck with a pump kick for a two count. O’Neil almost wins with a Michinoku Driver. Vinny battles out of an arm bar, but O’Neil rolls through to keep the hold locked in. O’Neil has to let go on a pin attempt and Vinny delivers a kick to cause both men to go down to the mat. O’Neil forearms Vinny in the corner a few times. Vinny shoulder rams Chuck several times in the corner followed by an uppercut. Vinny knocks O’Neil off the ropes and hits a Swanton Bomb to win the match. (*1/2. The action felt flat throughout the match and I didn’t enjoy it. There was a lot of arm work and it felt like it never really got going. This ended Chuck’s undefeated streak, by the way.)

Seventh Contest: Brad Hollister vs. Mike Gamble: Hollister hammers away on Gamble in the corner. Hollister decks Gamble with a clothesline and pummels Gamble with several strikes on the mat. Hollister tosses Gamble with a German suplex and kips up. Hollister tosses Gamble with a German suplex again. Hollister stomps on Gamble and plays to the crowd. Hollister slides into the corner and strikes Gamble followed by another strike off the ropes to win the match. (NR. Well, that was a squash. I enjoyed Hollister’s offense and he has some good charisma, too. A standout segment for Hollister for me.)

Eighth Contest: King Of Bethany Champion Flip Gordon vs. Donovan Dijak: Gordon delivers a few kicks and a dropkick to send Dijak to the floor in the opening moments. Gordon baseball slides Dijak through the ropes and kicks Dijak from the apron. Gordon hits a moonsault off the middle rope to the floor! Gordon runs around ringside and leaps off the apron, but is caught by Dijak and press slammed back into the ring. Gordon kicks Dijak on the floor and Dijak crawls up the ramp. Gordon follows and they are on the stage. Dijak has Gordon on his shoulders, but Gordon breaks free and hits a rolling fireman’s carry on the ramp! Gordon goes up the ramp and gets a running start, but is lifted to the apron. Dijak blocks a kick and has Gordon over his shoulders to deliver a knee strike to the face. Dijak rolls into the ring and wants a count-out. Dijak tries for a cover, but only manages a two count. Dijak tosses Gordon across the ring with a suplex for a two count. They trade forearm strikes with Dijak getting control with a visious knee strike and then casually tosses Gordon to the mat. Gordon kicks Dijak a few times and delivers another kick to the head. Gordon hits a springboard crossbody. Gordon connects with a standing moonsault for a two count. Dijak stops Gordon on the top rope and gets Gordon on his shoulders, but Gordon counters a knee with a rollup and a kick to the face. Dijak no sells it and hits a chokebreaker. Dijak follows up with a top rope moonsault for a two count!

Dijak has Gordon on his shoulders and goes to the middle rope. Gordon tries for a move, but Dijak tosses Gordon to the mat and folded Gordon. Dijak misses a corkscrew dive attempt. Gordon goes to the top rope hitting a 450 splash, but Dijak kicks out at two! Gordon rolls Dijak into the ring and Dijak comes back with a twisting dive over the top to take Gordon out on the floor. Dijak goes to the top rope, but Gordon delivers a springboard kick. Gordon hits a 450 splash and pins Dijak. (***1/2. That was a really good match. Dijak displayed some great power and insane aerial moves for a guy his size. Easily match of the night to this point in the show. Dijak is misused horribly in WWE (as of this review) and I strongly suggest watching his indie work to really see just how good he can be. Gordon had a good showing as well and the crowd was responding to this far better than anything else on the undercard.)

Ninth Contest: NEW Tag Team Champions The Battle Brothers (Anthony & Chris) vs. Cam Zagami & Robbie E: Robbie and Cam hump the tag belts prior to the match starting. Robbie and Cam fail to move the Battle’s on a go-behind. Cam is on Robbie’s shoulders for a chicken fight. Anthony gets Chris on his shoulders ad they lockup on a chicken fight. Cam and Robbie are made to look foolish as they almost pinned each other. Robbie is sent into the ring post shoulder first. Cam is sent into Robbie, as well. Cam is sent into Robbie’s backside a few times. Chris atomic drops Cam a few times and Anthony enters to deliver a running hip check. Cam is sent into the corner. Anthony hits a somersault splash onto Camp leading to a near fall for Chris. Cam nails Chris with a missile dropkick after Robbie caused a distraction. Robbie and Cam pull apart the legs of Chris to keep control on the mat. Robbie goes for a cover managing a two count. Zagami delivers a neckbreaker for a two count on Chris. Chris is sent into the ropes and met with a double clothesline. Robbie chokes Chris and tags in Zagami. Robbie and Cam are sent into each other allowing Chris to hit a double clothesline. Anthony gets tagged in and cleans house with clotheslines. Anthony hits a crossbody on Zagami. Anthony tries for a slam on Robbie, but Robbie sends Anthony into the corner. Anthony hits a side slam for a two count as Cam made the save. Anthony sends Cam to the floor and tags in Chris. Cam has a tag belt and leaps off the top, but is stopped. Robbie tries to use the belt, but Chris hits a spear and pins Robbie for the win. (*1/2. A mostly standard tag match. I enjoy Robbie and Cam as a team as they work well together showing good charisma and they worked a good match. This was likely a cool down match before the main event after a great match prior to them. They were in a tough spot being sandwiched between two big matches.)

Main Event: Northeast Heavyweight Champion Cody Rhodes vs. Bobby Fish: Fish gets a waist lock on Rhodes, but Rhodes comes off the ropes to shoulder block Fish. Rhodes backs Fish into a corner, but backs off after they shove each other. Fish ducks a clothesline and gets a sleeper on Cody before hitting a running elbow strike for a two count. Fish elbows Cody on the back of the head. Cody drops down to punch Fish followed by a kick to the head. Fish kicks Cody a few times and goes for a cross arm bar, but Fish locks in an ankle lock. Cody breaks free and bails to the floor to regroup. Fish avoids an elbow drop and kicks Rhodes on the apron to cause Rhodes to land back first onto the apron. Fish hits a slingshot senton from the apron into the ring for a near fall. Fish continues with a snap suplex, but can’t put Cody away. Fish focuses his attack on Cody’s ankle. Fish drives Cody down to the mat with a back suplex for a two count. Fish locks in a choke, but Cody prevents his arm from dropping three times and sends Fish to the floor with an arm drag. Cody avoids a kick and hits a springboard kick to knock Fish off the apron to the floor.

Cody clotheslines Fish a few times and hits a snap powerslam for a two count. Cody misses a springboard kick and Fish rams Cody into the corner. Fish kicks Cody followed by a knee lift. Fish tosses Rhodes into the corner with a t-bone suplex for a near fall. Fish kicks Cody while Cody is kneeling in the middle of the ring. Fish goes to the top and tries for a crossbody, but Rhodes rolls through and puts a figure four on Fish. Cody adds pressure to the hold, but Fish reaches the ropes. Cody kicks Fish and follows up with a springboard kick for a near fall. Fish nails Rhodes with a kick to the chest after Cody rolled through a top rope attempt. Cody boots Fish in the corner and Fish goes for an ankle lock. Cody crawls to the apron and gets a drink from the floor, which was odd to kind of kill that move. Cody kicks Fish away and spits water in Fish’s eyes. Cody hits the Cross Rhodes, but Fish kicks out at two. The crowd is heavily behind Cody, but Fish takes Cody down to lock in an ankle lock. Fish tries for a heel hook, but Cody bridges backwards and pins Fish for the win. (**1/2. I was enjoying the match, but as soon as Cody took a swig of a drink from the floor while in the ankle lock to essentially discredit the hold, I tuned out. The finish is also kind of silly. I get the creative attempt, but Fish had popped his shoulder up at least two times while in the hold and makes Fish look dumb for not letting go of the hold since he wasn’t restricted at all in getting his shoulders up. Started off well, but it turned into an average match at best.)

Final Thoughts:
The runtime for this show isn’t even 2.5 hours, so it was a breeze to watch in terms of time investment. Dijak/Gordon was the match of the night and there were other solid matches throughout. I thought Rex Lawless and Brad Hollister stood out in their segments, as well. The main event turned out to be disappointing, but I’ll give the show a mild thumbs up regardless.

Thanks for reading.

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