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CWA TV 7/4/1987

Written by: Bob Colling

Date: 7/4/1987
From: Memphis, TN

Lance Russell is hosting the show by himself his week as Dave Brown is not at the studio. Russell promotes what we’ll see on the program. It looks like all the major stars will be on the show!

Opening Contest: Bill Dundee & Rocky Johnson vs. Keith Roberson & Rooster Cogburn: As expected, Dundee and Johnson have very little issue taking on these enhancement guys. Dundee gets the win following a top rope fist drop.

Lance Russell talks about Don Bass and his new career as a singer. Russell wanted Bass to sing a song last week, but that was declined. Bass has produced a video for this week to highlight his singing, apparently. Bass is sitting on a couch with a guitar. Bass knows that it’s not the best place to sing, but he’s going to do that right now. This is hilarious. Bass has clearly edited the video for him lip synching “Drop Kick Me Jesus” by Bobby Bare to the point where he’s not singing at all and isn’t even playing the guitar.

Don Bass comes out and has his guitar. Bass is mad at Lance Russell saying that the video doesn’t sound like Bobby Bare. Bass takes credit for writing the song and singing it! Russell admits maybe he’s wrong about the song. Russell wants Bass to sing the song right now, but Bass again declines because he has a concert tonight.

Second Contest: Moondog Spot vs. Ed Mattox: Spot doesn’t even wait for the bell before going after Mattox. Spot delivers a shoulder breaker to win the match.

Third Contest: The Clones #327 & #328 vs. Freezer Thompson & Jim Jamison: The Clones are managed by Downtown Bruno and they apparently don’t have names.. They are both bald and look nearly identical. They win the match following a half Boston Crab in Jamison.

Fourth Contest: Jeff Jarrett & Alan West vs. Rough & Rooster Cogburn: Rooster is pulling double duty tonight and they just means he’s going to lose twice today. Jarrett gets the pin following a great looking dropkick. There was no reason for this to go nearly six minutes.

Fifth Contest: CWA International Tag Team Champions Paul Diamond & Pat Tanaka vs. John Paul & Randy Bryant: Tanaka drops Bryant with a back suplex that saw Bryant land on his neck. Tanaka delivers a nice savant kick as well. Tanaka wins the match following an elbow drop.

Randy Hales comes out to talk to Bruno, Diamond and Tanaka. Hales tells Bruno that Bill Dundee won the battle royal and they stole his $3,200. Hales tells Diamond that he wants the money or they will take it out of Diamond’s check. They don’t think Hales can do that. Bill Dundee comes out and says he wants his money back right now. Dundee tells them they aren’t stealing his money. Pat Tanaka leaves the scene and goes to get the money. Tanaka has a briefcase but takes out a sock of quarters and decks Dundee over the head. Dundee is beaten up by Diamond and Tanaka. Dundee has been busted wide open. Rocky Johnson comes out and is beaten up by Tanaka as well. Tanaka whacked Johnson with the sock of quarters. Dundee has bled quite a bit on the floor. Johnson is tossed onto the announcers table. Randy Hales runs off since the heels dominated the segment.

Sixth Contest: Jerry Lawler vs. Keith Erich: Lawler easily wins the match following a middle rope fist drop.

Brickhouse Brown comes over to the announcers table and asks Keith Erich what his problem is. Brown slaps Erich for losing to the hillbilly hick that is Jerry Lawler. Brown shames Erich on the loss and beats on Erich on the podium. Jerry Lawler comes back out to save Erich from a serious injury.

Main Event: Brickhouse Brown vs. John Paul: Brown misses a splash in the corner and Paul gets several strikes in on Brown in the corner. Brown stops Paul with a rollup and wins the match. After the match, Brown was going to attack Paul, but Lawler runs down to the ring as well to stop that.

Bill Dundee and Rocky Johnson come out with dry blood on their faces. Dundee says that Downtown Bruno isn’t going to takeover the area. George Barnes will be making his way to the area to help fight off Bruno and his men. Dundee promises to bust them up and make them broke. Johnson chimes in and says that when Dundee hurts that he’s hurt too. They didn’t win the battle and they will do whatever it takes to beat them. Johnson knows they will catch Diamond and Tanaka for the tag titles soon.

Final Thoughts:
The Don Bass angle is actually rather humorous to me. Dundee’s segment with Tanaka and Diamond was effective to promote the main tag title feud. They had a lot of matches this week and cutdown on promos which is a nice change of pace.

Thanks for reading.

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