ECW Hardcore TV 7/17/1999

Written by: Bob Colling

Extreme Championship Wrestling presents Hardcore TV
Date: 7/17/1999
From: Queens, NY

1.) Lance Storm defeated Jerry Lynn
2.) Tajiri defeated Super Crazy & Little Guido in an elimination match

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) The matches on the show have already been covered on the 7/3/1999 ECW House Show review, which can be found HERE.

1.) Joey Styles is in the ring to start the show with the rabid ECW fans going nuts for the show. We see a video of Paul Heyman revealing to the crowd that ECW will be getting a television show on TNN. That’s some big news and will help the company out greatly…. Or lead to their demise.

2.) Footage of a match between Skull Von Krush taking on Angel is shown. Krush won the match with a DDT. However, Krush is apparently going by Vito LoGrasso now. The Dudley Boys entered the ring and hit the 3D on Vito to lay him out.

3.) The Dudley Boys remained in the ring and started to cut a promo on the fans in the front row. Naturally, a good portion of what Bubba said was censored. Bubba went after the fan in the crowd and D-Von pulled the fan over. The camera didn’t cut away and that’s making me believe this was a worked situation. What the hell, Spike Dudley leaps off the balcony to dive onto Bubba and D-Von at ringside. Dudley’s come back with a 3D to stop Spike. Balls Mahoney makes his way out with a chair and smashes D-Von over the head. Bubba ducks but ends up with a chair shot. Mahoney has left the tag champions laying leading into their PPV showdown at Heatwave.

5.) We see footage from the ECW Arena where Chris Chetti teamed with Nova against Danny Doring and Roadkill. Chetti didn’t go for the cover after a double springboard and instead grabbed a microphone. Chetti proceeds to dance to some Ricky Martin music. The crowd doesn’t seem to know how to react to this. Doring’s girlfriend entered the ring and started to dance with Chetti. Nova confronts Chetti wondering what’s going on. Nova got slapped by Doring’s girlfriend. Nova hits the Kryptonite Krunch. Doring clotheslines both men allowing Roadkill to hit a splash off the top and pinned Nova.

6.) ECW World Champion Taz makes his way down to the ring and is greeted with a bunch of cheers. Tajiri remains in the ring. They will be wrestling at Heatwave on July 18th. Taz puts over the match that they just had and says he respects Tajiri’s ability. Taz says it would be his pleasure to give Tajiri a shot at the title. Taz gets cut off by Steve Corino. Corino has Jack Victory and Rhino with him. Corino thinks that Taz is afraid of him and knows that Corino would choke him out. Taz says that Corino is choking Victory’s limp dick. Taz is tired of Corino and says he’s going to kill Corino. Taz isn’t in the mood to play and Corino wonders if he’s supposed to be afraid of Taz. Corino considers Taz to be nothing and thinks he can out shoot and out wrestle Taz everyday. Corino is confident that he’ll be the next ECW World Champion. Taz suggests that he teams with Tajiri to take on Corino, Rhino and Victory. Victory sits up from his wheelchair and Tajiri hits Taz with several kicks! Tajiri dropkicks a kneeling Taz and Corino is happy to see all of this. Victory hands over some money to Tajiri and Corino is laughing at Taz. Corino hands Tajiri a mask and Tajiri stands over a laid out Taz. Corino asks “who is the stupid son of a bitch now?”

7.) Steven Prazak is with Little Guido and Big Sal. Guido dismisses that he’s going to have his hands full with Super Crazy. Guido reveals that he has a hit on Crazy for the PPV. Guido proclaims that he’s a better wrestler and crazier than Super Crazy.

8.) Nova and Chris Chetti cut a promo saying they’ve earned their spot on PPV for the first time of the year. Chetti is obsessed with himself as Nova walks off.

9.) Cyrus is with Jason talking about the woman that isn’t named. Jason says that she doesn’t matter to him and she enters the scene to attack Jason.

10.) Jerry Lynn confronts Rob Van Dam and RVD says it was a mistake. Lynn doesn’t care because he helped RVD in Chicago. Lynn says that RVD owes him one. Lynn wants RVD to tag with him at Heatwave against the Impact Players. Bill Alfonso says that RVD isn’t going to team with Lynn. RVD teams with Sabu because he wants to not because he has to. Lynn thinks that RVD is a hypocrite. RVD notes that Sabu teamed with Lynn recently so why is he mad. RVD agrees to team with Jerry Lynn at the PPV. RVD is doing this because he was told he couldn’t, really.

11.) The Impact Players cut a promo saying they are the future of ECW and they are going to take over the company and sport. Storm says their team goes back to Calgary. Credible provides his catchphrase to end the segment.

12.) Paul Heyman does a rundown for the Heatwave pay per view. Oddly enough, most of the matches weren’t even revealed until this episode.

13.) ECW World Champion Taz cuts a promo on Steve Corino to finish the show. Taz says that Corino has gotten his attention with Tajiri. Taz says he’s going to beat the living hell out of Tajiri. Taz talks about having a reputation in Japan and he’s bringing that to Dayton. Taz is bringing the Taz that people didn’t want to do business with. Taz tells Tajiri that his foot up his ass will be real. Taz promises to hook and beat Tajiri at the PPV. Taz is probably going to get ECW thrown off PPV. Taz is going make sure that Tajiri is down in pain begging for mercy. Taz will just beat Tajiri up even more as his begs for mercy. Taz promises that Tajiri has messed with the wrong guy. Taz is going to hook his submission move on Tajiri and put it on Tajiri “sideways so his people can see it.” Jeesh.

14.) Apparently, the 7/24 Hardcore TV is largely just a recap of the Heatwave PPV and promos from backstage. Thus, I’m not going to be covering it since there’s no original content that is worthwhile.

Final Thoughts:
Simply put, this was a strong go-home episode for Heatwave as we got two good matches and they finished up the card with some last minute hype for the PPV. They could’ve planned better and not made the final show a last ditch effort to get heat for the PPV, but I enjoyed it.

Thanks for reading.

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