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CWA TV 11/21/1987

Written by: Bob Colling

Date: 11/21/1987
From: Memphis, TN

Lance Russell and Dave Brown welcome everyone to the program and they get cutoff quickly by Hector Guerrero and Manny Fernandez. They are the Mexican Connection. Guerrero says their medical is more advanced and their chili is the best in the world. Guerrero says he has a pepper that cures hangovers and you’ll get up real quick. Guerrero demands the fans stop insulting their Mexican food. Guerrero has some chili and wants Russell to try some. Russell is not interested in trying the food. Guerrero and Fernandez eat the food and they offer some to fans who willingly eat the food.

Opening Contest: Hector Guerrero & AWA International Champion Manny Fernandez vs. Ken Raper & Jim Jamison: Guerrero and Fernandez have zero issue with their opponents this week. Fernandez wins the match following a top rope knee drop. Interesting, Jamison has all his hair after having half of it shaved off due to the pepper incident a few weeks ago. After the match, Russell declines the chili again.

Bill Dundee makes his way out to be interviewed by Lance Russell. Dundee notes that he grew up in Australia and now he’s an American citizen. Dundee is sure that Fernandez and Guerrero have green cards otherwise they’d be gone. Dundee is proud to be a duel citizen. Dundee is telling Guerrero and Fernandez that if they don’t like America then they can go ahead and leave.

Second Contest: Bill Dundee vs. Keith Erich: Dundee wins the match in short order following a clothesline and a knee drop. During the match, Hector Guerrero cut a promo saying that he is home and that America stole from Mexico. Guerrero and Fernandez want Dundee to come over to the announcers table. Guerrero believes that Tennessee is his country. Dundee puts them over as being good wrestlers and he doesn’t care about politics. Dundee stands for any national anthem and is proud of be American. Guerrero tosses his chili into Dundee’s face and that has blinded Dundee. Randy Hales comes out to help Dundee as the heels leave the area. Eddie Marlin come out as well to escort Dundee backstage.

AWA Southern Tag Team Champions the Midnight Rockers are interviewed by Dave Brown. They will be wrestling the RPMs yet again with another stipulation. They have beaten them for the titles, money and a ring. Now, the RPMs are putting their car on the line. Michaels says that they have come through on all their promises and they are going to keep their promise with a fan leaving with the RPMs car.

Outside, Lance Russell is with the RPMs who are standing with their car. They have baseball bats. They say that the Rockers stole their titles, money, and ring. They are confident that the car is coming home with them. They will beat the car up to the point where it wouldn’t be able to be drivable.

Back to the Rockers, Michaels says they have caused a lot of problems in wrestling. They have earned everything they have gotten in professional wrestling. Michaels is going to send the RPMs to jail if they mess with the car after they win it.

Jimmy Jack Funk makes his way out to be interviewed. Funk has the AWA Mid-American Championship, but he stole the belt from Jarrett, who won the belt. Funk assures Russell that Jarrett could never beat him. Funk knows that he’s the toughest guy to ever step foot in the ring.

Third Contest: Jimmy Jack Funk vs. John Paul: Funk wins the match in short order following a quick powerslam.

Eddie Marlin comes out with Jeff Jarrett to be interviewed. Marlin says that Jarrett is the Mid-American Champion and that if Funk doesn’t bring the belt back to Jarrett that he will be suspended. He’s giving Funk one minute to do so. Jarrett recalls being hit with the cowbell and the championship was stolen by Funk. Jimmy Jack Funk makes his way out to confront Eddie Marlin. Funk is denying that he ever lost to Jarrett. Funk decks Marlin with the championship! Funk hit sJarrett with the cowbell and beats on Jarrett in the ring. Funk is trying to toss the rope over the ceiling pillar and manages to do so. Funk puts Jarrett in a tree of woe and pulls on a rope around Jarrett’s throat to choke him! Eddie Marlin tries to get in the ring and is beaten by Funk! The locker room finally empties and runs Funk off! Holy crap that was a nicely done segment for Funk!

Fourth Contest: AWA Southern Heavyweight Champion Bobby Jaggers vs. Freezer Thompson: I think this is the first time Jaggers has had a manger and he’s apparently known as Nate The Rat. Lance Russell left commentary before the match to go check on Jeff Jarrett. Jaggers wins the match quickly following a clothesline.

Main Event: AWA Southern Tag Team Champions Midnight Rockers & Badd Company (Diamond & Tanaka) vs. Keith Roberson, Blue Knight & The Executioners: Nate The Rat is in the corner of the enhancement guys for some reason. Apparently, Bill Dundee can not see in one eye according to Randy Hales on commentary. Jeff Jarrett was taken out of the arena quickly. This has gone on an extended period of time with the Rockers and Badd Company controlling the majority of the match. Roberson is the only guy to get some offense in and it doesn’t last long at all. Michaels slams Jannetty onto Blue Knight to earn the three count. That went ten minutes and it had no reason for being so long, really.

Final Thoughts:
Two major angles taking place with Dundee/Guerrero getting some focus with the blinding angle. The Funk/Jarrett segment was done very well and put Funk over big time. I find myself interested in another Funk/Jarrett showdown with a major stipulation to end the feud to close the year. This was a productive episode to promote their Coliseum show.

Thanks for reading.

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