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CWA TV 2/28/1987

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Memphis, TN

Lance Russell and Dave Brown welcome everyone to the program and promote what will be seen on the program.

Downtown Bruno and Boy Tony come out to cut a promo. Bruno wants a piece of Jerry Lawler and has the camera zoom in on a hat where he is called a weasel. Bruno says when he finds out who made the hat, they will get sued. Bruno says that Tony is the man and Lawler has to try and beat him. Tony thinks he has more talent in one finger than Lawler does in his entire body.

Opening Contest: Jerry Lawler vs. Boy Tony:
Early on, Tony holds onto the ropes to avoid a right hand attempt by Lawler. Tony misses a splash in the corner and rolls to the floor again. Tony avoids Lawler in the corner, but Lawler decks Tony with a right hand. The crowd is chanting “faggot” towards Tony. Dave Brown plays it off as if they were saying “fatty”. Lawler fires back with a right hand to stagger Tony. Tony decks Lawler with a closed fist and Bruno chokes Lawler while the referee is distracted. Tony continues to hammer away on Lawler with strikes. Lawler beats on Tony with several strikes but gets tripped by Bruno from the floor. Tony misses a leg drop and Lawler goes to the floor to deck Bruno. Lawler ducks a right hand and sunset flips Tony to get the win. After the match, Lawler avoids Bubba and Goliath managing to bail to the floor. (*1/2. An enjoyable segment between these two. Boy Tony continues to be one of my favorite characters. The finish gives Lawler a win, and is kind of lucky to a point where Tony doesn’t look like a jobber. Which, a year ago he was doing exactly that.)

Downtown Bruno is livid about what just happened and goes to the commentary table. After yelling for a bit, Bruno and his crew leave.

In a segment promoting the Evansville show, Downtown Bruno is putting his hair on the line against Jeff Jarrett and Billy Travis so his men can get a tag title shot. We also hear from AWA Heavyweight Champion Nick Bockwinkel, who will be wrestling Soul Train Jones. Bockwinekl suggests that Jones bring all his muscles.

Austin Idol and Tommy Rich will be teaming up to face Jerry Lawler and Bam-Bam Bigelow. Idol told Lawler that he couldn’t trust Bockwinkel and Lawler has no friends. Idol believes that Lawler can’t trust Bigelow either. Idol hates Lawler’s guts and the biggest surprise of Lawler’s career awaits him.

Second Contest: Don Bass & The Hunter vs. Jerry Garmen & Alan West:
Pat Tanaka was supposed to be the original partner for West, but isn’t there. Hunter works over West with a few strikes in the corner. West takes Hunter down to the mat quickly to get arm control. West slams Bass to the mat and the fans are behind West. Hunter works over Garmen before tagging in Bass to keep control of the match. Hunter dropkicks Garmen for another two count. West gets the hot tag and takes Hunter down with an elbow strike. Bambi gets involved and Hunter attacks West to prevent Bambi from getting hurt. (1/2*. Felt like a filler of a match. They continue to protect Alan West on television.)

Alan West talks with Lance Russell and wants to know why his opponents couldn’t be kept in place. West says a woman can’t be in the ring with him. She better be prepared to wrestle like a man. He promises to knock Bambi’s teeth out if she gets involved again.

Lou Winston says that Jerry Bryant is sick and thus he has gotten a new partner for the match tonight. It is Soul Train Jones.

Third Contest: Lou Winston & Soul Train Jones vs. The Medics:
Jones dropkicks both masked wrestlers and continues with scoop slams. Winston almost wins with a powerslam. Winston and Jones keep control of the match for several moments. Jones gets the win following a side slam.

Fourth Contest: Big Bubba & Goliath vs. Robert & Ryan Bryant:
Bubba and Goliath dominate the entire match, as expected. Goliath gets the win following a middle rope splash.

AWA Southern Tag Team Champions Jeff Jarrett and Billy Travis briefly cut a promo about Bruno losing his hair in Evansville. Soul Train Jones cuts a promo about how Nick Bockwinkel showed his true colors last week and he won’t be champion for long. Jerry Lawler comes in and says that everyone is asking if there is anyone that he can trust in these tag matches. Lawler promises that he’ll get revenge on Nick. Lawler is looking for people who can issue out pain. The hurting will start in Evansville.

Main Event: AWA International Champion Soul Train Jones & Ed Mattox vs. Tarzan Goto & Shima:
Jones hammers away on Goto followed by a dropkick. Shima slams Jones and keeps control with several strikes. Jones dropkicks Shima for a two count. Mattox gets tagged in and is worked over by the heels for several moments. Shima drives Mattox down with a piledriver onto the floor and the referee gets knocked down to cause a disqualification. After the match, Alan West, Jerry Garmen and Lou Winston save Jones from getting his leg broken.

Final Thoughts:

An enjoyable week for Memphis this time around. The angle of Lawler not being able to trust anyone is interesting and has been invested in what could happen. Aside from that, there wasn’t much going on here for development.

Thanks for reading.

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