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CWA TV 10/10/1987

Written by: Bob Colling

Date: 10/10/1987
From: Memphis, TN

The show starts off with brawling taking place backstage. Jerry Lawler and Bill Dundee are fighting Carl Fergie, Brickhouse Brown and Don Bass by catering before the regular opening video plays. I like that approach as it was something different to catch your eye.

Lance Russell and Dave Brown welcome everyone to the program and rundown what we’ll see. Southern Tag Team Championships will be on the line between the RPMs and the Nasty Boys. They hype up the match we saw before the opening video played as being the toughest, most hard hitting match they’ve seen in their careers.

Bobby Jaggers makes his way out to be interviewed by Lance Russell. Jaggers says that he’s been a champion everywhere he’s gone. Jaggers says a lot of people have gotten ran out of the area. Jaggers says that the core guys have been here forever and they can show tape of beating everyone in the world. However, tape does not exist of him getting beaten by the core Tennessee guys. Jaggers claims to live on the toughest street and is the last house on the street. Jaggers says that Russell is the worst announcer of all time and could be replaced by a metal microphone stand. Jaggers forces Brown out of his seat and he’s going to show he’s the best commentator, too.

Opening Contest: Badd Company (Paul Diamond & Pat Tanaka) vs. John Paul & Ed Mattox: Paul gets a few dropkicks in on Tanaka until Tanaka sidesteps one and Badd Company keeps control of the match. Badd Company hits the slingshot DDT combo to finish off Mattox. After the match, Jaggers leaves the commentary table and enters the ring. Jaggers beats on Paul with a clothesline. Mattox gets met with a clothesline, too. Jaggers grabs his bull whip and nails Mattox on the jaw with it.

Jaggers goes back to Russell and says he’s here to stay. His jacket says ‘take no prisoners” and he apparently lives by that motto.

We see footage from Evansville, IN of the brawling between Lawler, Dundee, Fergie, Bass and Brickhouse. Russell says the brawl went on for nearly twenty minutes. They brawled toward the outside of the arena. They fought by the catering area with food flying everywhere, too. Lawler shoved Fergie’s face into a toilet and used a plunger. Randy Hales gets trapped in the middle of it having tried to break it up. Lawler and Dundee toss stuff at the heels causing them to eventually runaway. Hales has been busted wide open as he’s helped by Lawler and Dundee to end the segment.

We hear a pre-tape by The Commission. Brickhouse says that they were attacked from behind backstage. Brickhouse got glass in his eye and knows that Lawler is trying to take him out. Bass chimes in and says they’ll look twice as bad as they look. Fergie calls them cowards for running away before they could get their hands on them. They will come to their house to get their hands on them. Brickhouse declares that he hates Lawler and he’s going to kill Lawler.

Second Contest: Jerry Lawler & Bill Dundee vs. Rough & Ready: Lawler and Dundee win the match very quickly following a double right hand strike. After the match, Boss Winters gets pulled into the ring and is nearly stripped before being pulled out of the ring.

Jeff Jarrett has a new poster available and he’s displaying some modeling skills. He was selected by a group from New Jersey.

Third Contest: AWA Southern Tag Team Champions Rock & Roll RPMs (Mike Davis & Tommy Lane) vs. The Nasty Boys: Knobbs hip tosses Lane to kickoff the match and Davis tags in. Knobbs elbows Davis to the mat and is fired up. Sags tags in and tries his luck with Davis. Sags leg drops Davis on the arm and keeps control on the mat. Sags knee drops Davis arm before tagging in Knobbs. Knobbs fights out of the corner to keep momentum. Lane scoop slams Knobbs but misses a knee drop. Sags enters and forearms Lane, but Lane hair pulls Sags leading to a standoff. Sags keeps arm control on Lane. Lane scoop slams Knobbs and tags in Davis, who misses an elbow drop. Sags returns to the match with a headlock. Davis clotheslines Knobbs from the apron. Davis enters the match and beats on Knobbs for a moment. Lane takes Knobbs over with a snap suplex for a one count. We go to commercial mid-match.

Knobbs continues to get beaten on by Davis with a big boot. Lane controls Knobbs with a sleeper hold on the mat. Knobbs fires back with chops but misses a splash in the corner. Lane keeps Knobbs on the mat with a sleeper hold as the match has gone on for twelve minutes. Davis knee lifts Knobbs and Lane gets a one count. Davis dropkicks Knobbs for a two count. Knobbs elbows Davis and Sags gets the hot tag. Sags cleans house with a scoop slam for a one count. Sags rams the RPMs into each other. All four men are brawling and the referee gets kncoked down. Bobby Jaggers enters with his whip to hit Knobbs. Jeff Jarrett comes out to dropkick Davis. Sags covers Davis and wins the match! (**. I don’t like the involvement of Jaggers and Jarrett playing a role in the finish. I’d imagine that’s going to be a program. The action was decent here and they got plenty of time, which is something I appreciate for a TV match. They are switching the tag titles quite a bite lately, which I don’t know if that’s the best thing to do.)

Main Event: Billy Travis vs. Keith Erich: Travis wins the match in short order following a middle rope elbow drop.

Final Thoughts:
An enjoyable episode this week as they advanced the Lawler/Dundee vs. Commission feud fairly well. The crazy brawls are always enjoyable and add to the show. The feature match was solid enough, too. Hopefully we get a new direction soon, though.

Thanks for reading.

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