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CWA TV 8/29/1987

Written by: Bob Colling

Date: 8/29/1987
From: Memphis, TN

Lance Russell and Dave Brown welcome everyone to the program and promote what we’ll see. Rock & Roll RPM’s will be returning to the area in the main event against Jeff Jarrett & Billy Travis.

Rocky Johnson hype video is shown where it’s mostly Johnson dancing.

The Commission comes out to cut a promo where Superstar Bubba notes that Rocky Johnson has challenged him to a dancing contest. Bubba continues to say that Johnson’s only soul is the sole under his shoes. Brickhouse Brown says Johnson got his brown nose by shoving it up Lawler and Dundee’s ass.

Opening Contest: Superstar Bubba & Goliath vs. Freezer Thompson & Greg Jones: Brickhouse Brown slaps Thompson from the floor at one point in the match. Bubba won the match following a big splash onto Jones.

Backstage, Lance Russell chats with Rocky Johnson. Johnson says he never backs down from a challenge and this is the first time he’s been challenged to a dancing contest and he’ll not back down from it.

Second Contest: Rocky Johnson vs. Rough: Johnson wins the match following a powerslam. Johnson continues to win matches in less than one minute.

AWA International Champion George Barnes comes out and he’s happy. Barnes says that anytime he predicts something that it comes true. Barnes knew that Dundee was going to lose the championship to him and he knew he’d out wrestle him. Barnes will continue to do so, as well. Barnes says Dundee has tried to get a rematch for the championship. Barnes says there is only one way to get a rematch with him. Barnes would rather find the fattest person and defend against them. Barnes wants to embarrass Dundee. Barnes wants all of Dundee’s hair off his head. Barnes wants a hair vs. hair match! Barnes knows that Dundee will never accept the challenge. Barnes is going to give Dundee a lesson on being a man and how to wrestle.

Third Contest: Tracy Smothers vs. Keith Erich: Smothers wins the match following a twisting crossbody off the middle rope.

Lance Russell brings out Bill Dundee for an interview segment. Dundee says he’s not going to wrestle George Barnes in a hair to hair match. Dundee doesn’t want to lose his hair again and walks off. Well, Superstar Bubba comes out to confront Dundee. Bubba doesn’t like that Dundee is using Superstar. Bubba calls Dundee a coward for rejecting the hair vs. hair match. Bubba challenges Dundee to a match where the winner can be named Superstar. Bubba will call himself the fallen star instead. However, if Dundee loses then he’ll never use Superstar again. Eddie Marlin comes out to seemingly sign on the match. Marlin has contracts lined up already and the match will take place. Bubba signs the contract and Dundee signs the contract. Dundee reads the contract, which Bubba didn’t do. Dundee adds the Superstar stipulation which wasn’t on there, apparently. Dundee tells Bubba they have to have rules if they are gonna fight. Dundee asks Bubba if they will have rules, and Bubba laughs at that. Dundee kicks Bubba in the groin and Bubba is held back by the Commission.

Fourth Contest: Don Bass vs. Ed Mattox: Bass wins the match quickly with a flapjack. Bass warns us that the same thing will happen to Lawler.

Jerry Lawler comes out with boxing gloves and a hickory stick. Lawler apparently has a few weapons with him. Lawler had an army to go against the Commission. Lawler can’t help that someone punched Bass in the face. Lawler will wrestle Don Bass in a no disqualification match. Lawler promises to be here for a long time. Lawler says you have to be the AWA Southern Heavyweight Champion to get a shot at the World Championship. Lawler is going to have his army armed for action. Lawler brings out Rocky Johnson to have the boxing gloves. Tracy Smothers comes out and Lawler gives Smothers a cattle prod. The Nasty Boys, who get a good pop, come out and are given belts. Billy Travis and is given a switch. Jeff Jarrett comes out and is given a kendo stick. Bill Dundee comes back out and is given a chain.

Lance Russell tries to interview the Rock & Roll RPMs, but they don’t want to talk and rather want to show why they are back to the area.

Main Event: Rock & Roll RPM’s (Mike Davis & Tommy Lane) vs. Jeff Jarrett & Billy Travis: This is an expiration of time match and since there is ten minutes there is a decent amount of time left in the show. Jarrett and Lane kickoff the main event. Jarrett hip tosses Lane and scoop slams Davis for the early advantage. Lane backs away to regroup. Davis tags into the match to try his luck against Jarrett. Travis tags in and works over Davis with strikes. Travis shoulder blocks Davis and plays to the crowd. Travis hip tosses Davis coming off the ropes and Davis backs off into the corner. Lane returns to the match, but Travis breaks free from Davis. Travis drops Lane with a right hand. Lane rams Travis head first into the top turnbuckle and pins Travis for the first fall! Lane and Davis beat on Jarrett and Travis on the floor. Jarrett fights back on Davis with right hands. Jarrett and Travis get back into the ring to stand tall.

After a commercial, all four men are brawling until Jarrett gets knocked down. Lane takes Jarrett over with a snap suplex. Davis scoop slams Jarrett but pulls Jarrett up on the cover attempt. Davis nails Jarrett with a big boot and Lane returns to the match. Jarrett gets an inside cradle on Lane and gets a three count! (*1/2. Not bad of a main event. The RPMs winning their fall cleanly was a pleasant surprise and should show us to be a sign for them to get a push in the area. They are a good heel team and its good to see them back in the area.)

Final Thoughts:
The build for Lawler/Bass has been going fairly well, I’d say. Considering the recent build of the matches, I’d find myself intrigued in going to next Monday’s Coliseum show. An enjoyable week of TV this week.

Thanks for reading.

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