WWF Heat 11/5/2000

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Heat
Date: 11/5/2000
From: Rochester, NY

1.) WWF European Champion William Regal defeated Road Dogg to retain the title
2.) WWF Tag Team Champion Jeff Hardy defeated Bull Buchanan
3.) WWF Tag Team Champion Matt Hardy defeated Edge

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Tazz and Michael Cole are backstage with Tazz not being happy that he can’t choke Jerry Lawler per the orders of Mick Foley.

2.) Rebecca is hosting the program and introduces Jerry Lawler. Lawler comes out with some art supplies and makes a boner joke to Rebecca telling her it’s markers in his pocket. Lawler explains to the fans that he does artwork and did some for Foley’s new book. The crowd doesn’t seem to care about this segment. Lawler reveals his drawing as Tazz in a cheerleader outfit and promises that’s not the kind of cheerleader you’ll see in the XFL. Obviously, Tazz wasn’t a fan of that.

3.) Earlier today, Rebecca was reading Mick Foley’s new book. Tazz entered the scene and mocked Rebecca for trying to read. Tazz tells Rebecca to leave. Tazz puts his face on the cover and renames it “Tazz’s Christmas Choke Out.’ Tazz realizes that Lawler drew the pictures and didn’t believe it because Lawler can’t draw a dime.

4.) Regal controls Dogg with a wrist lock, but Dogg comes off the ropes with a shoulder block. Regal takes Dogg down to the match for a moment. Dogg quickly gets up and decks Regal with a forearm and a leaping forearm strike. Regal tosses Dogg over the top to the floor. Regal works over Dogg with a kick on the floor. Regal drives Dogg chest first over the apron. Regal stomps on Dogg on the apron followed a left hand strike. Regal continues to beat on Dogg with strikes in the corner. Regal hooks Dogg to hit a snap suplex for a two count. Dogg blocks a backdrop with a kick and jabs Regal several times. Dogg forearms Regal to the mat followed by a knee drop for a two count. Regal stops Dogg with a neckbreaker and wins the match.(*1/4. Well, that was an abrupt finish. Dogg was made to look like a scrub a little bit here. I like that Regal earned a clean win but the finish was just weird timing.)

5.) Backstage, Jerry Lawler talks to Rebecca. Lawler wants to cheer Rebecca up. Lawler got Rebecca a cheerleading outfit and wants her to put it on. Rebecca will put the outfit on if Lawler does something for her. Lawler quickly agrees.

6.) Moments ago, Bull Buchanan told Jeff Hardy he had to talk to him. Buchanan has a pamphlet for Jeff and says it is the truth and Jeff should read it. Buchanan tries to sell Jeff on the RTC and says a lot of fans watch him and he’s not a good example. They want to change that and wants Jeff to believe in their beliefs. Jeff tells Buchanan he will dress and act however he wants. Jeff tells Buchanan that the fans support him for who he is. Jeff will meet Buchanan in the ring tonight.

7.) Jerry Lawler is doing standup comedy on the stage insulting the RTC. Lawler doesn’t like that RTC wants to censor women. Rebecca comes out in her cheerleading outfit and Lawler is loving it.

8.) Tazz draws Jerry Lawler pooping on a toilet, or on his throne, and says he’s “dropping a JR.”

9.) Buchanan works over Jeff with right hands in the corner before Jeff bails to the floor and baseball slides Buchanan. Jeff hits a slingshot crossbody to the floor. Jeff dropkicks Bull upon returning to the ring. Buchanan misses a splash in the corner. Jeff hits a top rope crossbody for a two count. Buchanan dumps Jeff over the top to the floor. Bull sends Jeff face first into the guard railing and they return to the ring. Jeff head scissors Buchanan and continues with strikes. Buchanan stops Jeff with a few strikes in the corner. Buchanan sends Jeff back first into the corner followed by a stomp and chokes Jeff on the canvas. Jeff gets a sunset flip but Buchanan delivers a clothesline. Buchanan works over Jeff with shoulder rams in the corner and a vertical suplex for a two count. Buchanan stops Jeff with a big boot and tries a springboard, but Jeff delivers a strike in midair. Jeff hits a split legged moonsault for the win. (*1/2. The finish didn’t feel like it was supposed to be the real ending. Buchanan is an agile big man and is entertaining with his offense. I was surprised that Jeff went over cleanly. I was even more surprised that nobody from RTC was at ringside.)

10.) Backstage, Jerry Lawler is drawing Rebecca on a couch. Rebecca isn’t comfortable posing with clothing on. She usually models nude, apparently. Lawler begs for her to be naked, of course.

11.) Backstage, Lilian Garcia is with Edge and Christian. They are asked why they attacked Lita on Smackdown and cost her the WWF Women’s Championship. They ask how many times Lita screwed them out of the tag titles. So, they decided that Lita shouldn’t be a champion. Edge says that Matt Hardy has a problem with that “it’s a sad twist of fate.”

12.) Jerry Lawler returns to the stage and is going to take a few questions from the fans. A fan asks how Lawler feels about Debra being a commissioner. Lawler was happy because of puppies. Tazz chimes in and asks how Lawler felt to be choked out at SummerSlam. Lawler taunts Tazz for wearing a toilet lid on Smackdown last week. Another fan asks if Lawler has thought about who Rikishi had as a partner to run over Steve Austin. Lawler fears that it could be the Rock. Another fan asks Lawler how the cheerleader tryouts have been for the XFL. Lawler says its been a difficult job to watch them for six hours a day. Lawler likes George Bush. Lawler credits Road Dogg for saying puppies and he quickly took the wording. Lawler says that Andy Kauffman was a cool guy and not a weirdo like he was made out to be in the movie. Rebecca whispers something in Lawler’s ear and Lawler leaves the stage.

13.) Matt attacks Edge from behind and rams Edge into the corner followed by strikes and stomps in the corner. Matt backdrops Edge and delivers a spinning right hand. Matt chokes Edge in the corner to maintain control. Matt hammers away on Edge, but Edge drops Matt face first over the top turnbuckle. Edge chokes Matt with his t-shirt. Matt tries to fight back but an eye rake stops him. Edge sends Matt back first into the corner. Edge locks in a neck vice, but Matt gets up quickly. Edge dumps Matt through the ropes to the floor. Edge rolls Matt into the ring and heads to the top rope hitting a crossbody, but Matt rolls through for a two count. Edge clotheslines Matt leading to a near fall. Edge tosses Matt to the floor again and distracts the referee to allow Christian to deliver a cheap shot. Matt sends Edge into the ring steps shoulder first. Edge sends Matt chest first into the middle turnbuckle followed by a scoop slam. Edge goes to the middle rope missing a strike. Edge tries for a swinging neckbreaker, but Matt counters with a DDT and a clothesline. Matt nearly wins following a neckbreaker. Matt boots Edge in the corner and leaps off the middle rope to hit a leg drop. Jeff Hardy yanks Christian off the apron. Edge baseball slides Christian on the floor. Edge hits a reverse neckbreaker on Matt, but Jeff distracted the referee. Matt nearly gets a win with a rollup. Matt hits the Twist Of Fate, but Christian pulls Matt out. Jeff and Christian brawl on the floor. Christian hits a reverse DDT on Matt and Edge gets a near fall. Christian slides a chair into the ring. Edge has the chair, but Jeff hits Poetry in Motion to knock the chair into Edge’s face and Matt gets the three count. After the match, Right To Censor storm the ring to attack the Hardy Boys. Buchanan tosses Jeff with a belly to belly suplex. Goodfather hits a shoulder breaker on Jeff, too. Venis hit a spinning sit out powerbomb on Matt. (**. The interference stuff was a bit much and a little annoying, but expected. The action was okay and the aftermath was a good touch for RTC to keep some steam.)

14.) Jerry Lawler confronts Tazz, who tells Lawler he’s lucky. Lawler notes that he can touch Tazz and puts a bag over his head and shoves him down. Rebecca jumps into Lawler’s arms to celebrate.

Final Thoughts:
The Jerry Lawler segments were rather rough and not very good. They kind of hurt the flow of the show, really. Action wise, there’s nothing that stood out as being all that great or needed to be seen. I’d say this was a skippable week of Heat.

Thanks for reading.

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