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CWA TV 6/20/1987

Written by: Bob Colling

Date: 6/20/1987
From: Memphis, TN

Lance Russell and Dave Brown welcome everyone to the program. Jack Hart will finally get his hands on Jeff Jarrett, who is no longer the AWA Mid-American Champion. We’ll also see Jerry Lawler teaming with Bill Dundee and a huge eight man tag match in the main event.

Lance Russell talks about some recent title developments. Billy Travis and Mark Starr are the new AWA Southern Tag Team Champions. Jerry Lawler is the new AWA Southern Champion. Moondog Spot won the AWA Mid-American Championship. Speaking of Spot, he’s interviewed alongside Downtown Bruno. Bruno doesn’t want to talk about his limp. Bruno brags about making Jarrett look like a fool. Bruno wants to know where Jerry Jarrett and Eddie Marlin are at. Bruno believes they have both left the country. Bruno says there will be a bone on a pole match, which is something Spot has never lost at.

Opening Contest: AWA Mid-American Champion Moondog Spot vs. Bucky Seigler: Spot doesn’t have much of a problem with Seigler as he manages to hit a backbreaker early into the match. Spot wins the match following a powerslam.

Lance Russell interviews Jeff Jarrett, who recently lost the AWA Mid-American Championship. Jarrett owes everything to the wrestling fans. Jarrett is stuttering quite a bit here and notes he has a dry mouth. Jarrett says the fans have asked when he’s going to wrestle Jack Hart. Jarrett notes that Hart has beaten up his family and tonight they are going to find out who is the better man. Jarrett promotes the bone on a pole match. Jarrett says they will find out how tough Spot is when the odds are level.

Second Contest: Jack Hart vs. Jeff Jarrett: Hart goes after Jarrett with several right hands and a boot scrape in the corner. Jarrett shoulder blocks Hart a few times and drops Hart with a right hand. Jarrett knocks Dangerously off the apron with a right hand. Hart gains control by raking Jarrett’s back a few times. Hart delivers a leg drop and a backbreaker. Hart keeps Jarrett on the mat with a sleeper hold. Jarrett fights out of a sleeper and they collide on stereo clotheslines. Jarrett decks Hart with right hands several times. Hart misses a splash in the corner and Jarrett hits a missile dropkick for the three count. After the match, Moondog Spot enters to beat on Jarrett with a bone. I think there was a three count as Spot might have been late on the cover breakup. Russell is acting like it’s a disqualification. Jack Hart decks Jim Jamison, but here comes Billy Travis and Mark Starr to make the save. (*. I was looking forward to this since they have been teasing it for weeks and they haven’t had an arena match. I was quite disappointed that it was used to further the feud between Jarrett and Spot, which is trending towards the direction of just dragging along.)

Footage from the tag team tournament that took place last week at the arena is shown. Lawler and Dundee fought Phil Hickerson and Mr. Shima. It’s noticeable that the referee was not giving any slack to Lawler and Dundee and ended up disqualifying Lawler for using the kendo stick on Shima. Brickhouse Brown was the referee and confronted Lawler afterward. Brown took his shirt off and he’s ready to fight Lawler. Later on in the show, Brickhouse wouldn’t count the fall for Jarrett in another tag match. Brown does a coin toss and awards the match to Shima and Hickerson. Brown was also the referee for Idol vs. Lawler. Brown shoved Lawler to the mat to help Idol get out of a spinning toe hold, I believe. Idol was caught in the ropes and Brown helped Idol break free. Brown decked Lawler with a clothesline. Idol hit a piledriver and several elbow drops. Idol is given a chair and misses a chair shot. Dangerously holds the chair in the corner and Lawler is sent face first into the steel chair. A new referee comes out in his street clothes. Jerry Calhoun is there to officiate the match. Lawler grabs Idol from behind and manages to pin Idol with a rollup to win the title!

Brickhouse Brown comes out to be interviewed by Lance Russell. Russell shows footage of Brown clearly decking Lawler with a clothesline. Brown says that Lawler is not the AWA Southern Champion. Brown claims that he disqualified Lawler for putting his hands on him. Brown told the timekeeper to ring the bell, but he didn’t do that like an idiot. Brown is claiming the match had been stopped well before Idol was pinned. Brown wants to give the belt back tot he rightful owner. Brown recalls having ten straight victories and was told he wasn’t going to be a wrestler anymore. Brown spent a lot of money to move to the Memphis area. Brown knows that people aren’t going to like how he calls things. Brown knows he can’t make everyone happy. Usually the losers aren’t happy with the decisions. Brown assures us that he’ll be a referee for a long time. Russell reveals that Brown will not be an official moving forward in the area. Brown is not happy to learn that. Brown has a contract with the AWA and he’s going to continue to call matches the way he sees it. Randy Hales comes out and tells Brown to forget being a referee. Hales tells Brown that he will not be a referee. Hales tells Brown he’s not a referee. Brown continues to ignore that and claims he’ll continue to be an official.

Jerry Lawler makes his way out to confront Brown. Lawler tells Brown that he is the AWA Southern Heavyweight Champion and he should punch Brown’s lights out right now. Lawler is going to get to the arena at 8pm and whenever Brown gets in the ring he’s going to kick his butt all over the arena. Brown tells Lawler to bring some to get some. Lawler promises he’ll be in the arena.

Third Contest: AWA Southern Heavyweight Champion Jerry Lawler & Bill Dundee vs. Rough & Ready: As per usual, Lawler and Dundee win the match is quick fashion following a middle rope fist drop by both men.

Tojo Yamamoto comes out and announces he’s making a new company. The name is Imperial Japanese Wrestling Corporation and Tojo has hired Mr. Shima and Phil Hickerson. Hickerson is going to be the head of security. Hickerson says Tojo gave him hundreds of women to go with the money. Hickerson says he’s the best at security and nobody is better than him. Hickerson is going to take care of Tony Burton tonight.

Fourth Contest: Phil Hickerson vs. Tony Burton: Burton backs Hickerson against the ropes and cleanly breaks free. Burton hip tosses Hickerson and is ready to fight. Hickerson goes into his tights to get a chain wrapped around his right fist. The referee is distracted as Hickerson chokes Burton with the chain against the ropes. Hickerson manages to pin Burton with a cheap rollup. Tojo had thrown salt into Burton’s eyes, too. After the match, Rocky Johnson enters the ring and beats on both Tojo and Hickerson with the kendo stick several times. Mr. Shima enters and whacks Johnson with a kendo stick. Johnson gets beaten up with the stick as Burton gets beaten down too. Billy Travis and Mark Starr run into the ring to make the save with a kendo stick of their own.

Lance Russell chats with the AWA Southern Tag Team Champions Billy Travis & Mark Starr and with Big Bubba. Travis is happy and proud to be a tag champion as they worked hard to get there. Starr thanks the fans for their support and hopes the fans come out to watch them. Big Bubba chimes in and says he chased Downtown Bruno all around the arena and didn’t catch him. Bubba promises to take care of Pat Tanaka, Paul Diamond and Downtown Bruno. Bubba is going to get his hands on Downtown Bruno.

Main Event: Paul Diamond, Pat Tanaka, Tojo Yamamoto & Mr. Shima vs. Mark Starr, Billy Travis, Rocky Johnson & Big Bubba: Starr and Shima start off the main event. Shima beats on Starr with a few strikes, but Starr connects with a few scoop slams. Tanaka gets tagged in and Starr keeps arm control. Travis enters and keeps Tanaka on the mat with an arm bar. Diamond tags into the match and Travis keeps control with a wrist lock. Travis scoop slams Diamond a few times followed by an elbow drop. Bubba gets tagged in and hits Diamond over the back followed by a clothesline. Bubba drives Diamond down with a backbreaker a few times. Starr tags into the match and dropkicks Diamond. Bubba chases after Downtown Bruno on the floor to the backstage area. Johnson cleans house with strikes and that leads to everyone getting in the ring to brawl. Bruno has locked a door to prevent Bubba from getting in. Shima boots Travis coming off the ropes and Diamond enters to beat on Travis. Bruno sneaks out of the room quickly. Tanaka drops Travis with a headbutt and more strikes. Diamond enters and beats on Travis as the time has expired in the match. (*. They are adding some focus to the Bubba/Bruno feud and I don’t mind it. The action was okay at best and there not being a finish was a little disappointing.)

Final Thoughts:
I enjoyed the show as there was quite a bit going on with new developments. I’m not sure if I can buy into Brickhouse Brown as a challenger to Lawler. The angle seemed to be setup in a decent manner, but Brickhouse doesn’t come across as a star to me. I was really hopeful that the Jack Hart/Jeff Jarrett match would have been a better match and not an angle advancement segment for Jarrett’s feud with Moondog.

Thanks for reading.

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