NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #88 3/31/2004

National Wrestling Alliance/Total Non-Stop Action presents Weekly PPV #88
From: Nashville, TN

A video package promoting what we’ll see taking place on the show this week is shown. The tag title tournament continues. Plus, Monty Brown competes against Sabu. Also, there is a four way match to determine who will wrestle Chris Harris next week. Raven, Abyss, AJ Styles and Ron Killings will compete in that match. Sting will be the special enforcer for the match.

Opening Contest: The Naturals vs. Low Ki & Christopher Daniels in a tag title tournament match: Douglas and Daniels kickoff the tag match with Daniels controlling Douglas with a side headlock. Daniels is met with a shoulder block and arm drag. They trade a couple of arm drags and have a shoving exchange. Stevens decks Daniels from behind and Douglas tosses Ki into the ring. Naturals are backdropped and Douglas is clotheslined to the floor. Stevens is met with a double hip toss. Stevens strikes Daniels and Douglas enters only to be hip tossed and dropkicked. Daniels and Ki beat on Douglas in the corner with boot scrapes. Ki nails Douglas with an elbow strike and several more to the back of the head. Stevens is chopped off the apron whole Douglas delivers a high knee lift. Douglas headbutts Ki several times on the lower back. Stevens takes Ki over with a snap suplex for a two count. Douglas chokes Ki while the referee is distracted. Stevens sends Ki into Douglas’ boot in the corner. Douglas taunts the fans and is met with chops by Ki. Douglas knee lifts Ki for a two count. Douglas hits a double under hook suplex for a near fall. Douglas elbows Daniels on the apron and Stevens returns to the match. Stevens connects with a dropkick for a two count.

Stevens keeps Ki on the mat with an abdominal stretch on the mat. Stevens decks Ki to the mat and heads to the top rope. Stevens hits a double axe handle for a two count. Douglas tags in and misses a double axe handle as Ki delivered a strike to the midsection. Stevens knocks Daniels off the apron to prevent Ki from tagging out. Stevens dropkicks Ki, but Ki fights back with chops in the corner. Stevens clotheslines Ki in the corner. Ki nails Stevens with a somersault kick. Douglas pulls Daniels off the apron, but Daniels decks Douglas. Daniels gets the tag and hits a missile dropkick on Stevens. Daniels clotheslines both Stevens and Douglas. Daniels hits a springboard moonsault onto both men. Stevens plants Stevens with sit out powerbomb for a two count. Naturals hits a double flapjack on Daniels for a two count. Daniels holds Douglas to allow Ki to hit a springboard kick. Daniels hits the BME for a two count as Stevens broke the cover. Naturals drive Daniels down to the mat gut first. Ki knees Naturals away and locks in a cross arm bar on Douglas. Stevens slams Daniels to the mat and saves Douglas. Douglas opens up his bag of powder in the corner. Stevens has grabbed a chair. Ki kicks the powder into Douglas’ face and they hit the double team powerbomb/neckbreaker combo for the win on Stevens. (**1/2. The crowd is absolutely invested in the Daniels/Ki team and I think they’ve been working really well together. I’m glad they have reached the finals and I wouldn’t mind seeing them win the titles.) After the match, Ki turns Daniels around and they shake hands essentially putting their differences behind officially.

Backstage, Scott Hudson is with Kid Kash and Dallas. Kash tells Hudson that he doesn’t ask him anything. Kash told Johnny Swinger to stay home and find a new partner. Kash found himself a new partner in his family member. Kash officially names his partner this week. Kash is confident that they’ll win the tag titles. Dallas just stares at Hudson and doesn’t answer the question.

Second Contest: Slash & Sinn vs. Kid Kash & Dallas in a tag title tournament match: Slash and Kash kickoff the match with Kash taking Slash down to the mat to start with some mat wrestling. Kash ends up jumping into Dallas’ arms to get away from Slash. Dallas is yanked off the apron by the New Church. Kash is worked over by Sinn and Dallas with strikes. They hit a double Shock Treatment slam. Kash tries to kick Slash away, but can’t reach Dallas for the tag. Kash tries to tag in Dallas, but Sinn stops him again. Sinn catapults Kash into the bottom turnbuckle face first. Slash drives Kash down with a vertical suplex for a two count. Kash dropkicks Slash, but can’t tag in Dallas again. Slash drives Kash into the corner, but is dumped to the apron. Slash decks Kash on the apron and is met with a big boot from Dallas. Dallas rolls Slash back into the ring and Kash hits a leaping clothesline off the top for a two count. Dallas gets tagged in elbows Slash to the mat for a near fall. Dallas chokes Slash in the corner and tags in Kash. Kash almost wins with a sunset flip. Slash hammers away on Kash, but an eye rake stops him. Kash tries for a tornado DDT, but Slash counters with a slam. Dallas and Sinn are tagged into the match.

Sinn delivers several strikes to Dallas followed by chops. Dallas grabs both New Church members, but they fight off and try for a suplex. Kash chop blocks Sinn and Dallas elbows Slash in the corner several times. Kash nails Sinn with a spinning kick. Sinn crawls to the corner and Kash hit a somersault dropkick across the ring. Slash has Kash over the shoulder and hits a whirly bird slam. Dallas boots Slash to the floor. Sinn kicks Dallas a few times and hits a leg lariat for a two count. Kash hits Sinn with a pipe from the floor and Dallas hits a reverse Razor’s Edge with a sit out slam for the win. (**. Slash and Sinn are trying to get the crowd behind them but it’s just not connecting. Kash and Dallas work well together and this makes for an interesting final. I like the teams they chose to determine new tag champions.)

We see footage of NWA World Champion Jeff Jarrett competing in Mexico against Latin Lover. Jarrett cuts a promo from the gym regarding the four way match tonight. He’s surprised that Russo is trying so hard to get the title off of him. Jarrett lists the strength and weaknesses of the four men. Jarrett doesn’t think that Harris has what it takes to be champion.

Mike Tenay is standing in the ring and promotes two men that are two of the most valuable men in the company. Tenay brings out Chris Harris and James Storm, America’s Most Wanted. Jeff Jarrett attacks Storm from behind with a guitar! Harris goes after Jarrett and they trade strikes in the ring. Harris nails Jarrett with a leaping clothesline and more left hands in the corner. Jarrett stops Harris with a few knee lifts and tries for the Stroke, but Harris counters to hit the Catatonic! Harris grabs the guitar, but Raven comes out and plants Harris with a DDT. Raven confronts Jarrett and they shove each other. AJ Styles comes out and clotheslines both men with a clothesline from the top rope. Raven bails to the floor and brawls with Styles towards the backstage area. Jarrett has the guitar and smashes Harris over the head with it. I liked that a lot more than an interview segment.

Backstage, Scott Hudson is with Monty Brown. Brown says the ring is his hunting ground and tells Hudson to shut up and learn something. Brown says it’s open season and he’s hunting humans. Brown says it’s not about competition but rather the alpha male. Brown says that when Sabu is feeding and thinking he’s heard something it’s too late because he’s already been stalking him.

Third Contest: Monty Brown vs. Sabu: Sabu goes right after Brown with strikes, but an elbow stops him. Brown decks Sabu a few times with right hands. Sabu ducks the Pounce and dropkicks Brown on the mat. Sabu hits a springboard clothesline for a near fall. Sabu hits a somersault leg drop from the apron for a two count. Sabu locks in a camel clutch, but Brown doesn’t give in. Brown has Sabu on his shoulders managing to hit an electric chair slam for a two count. Brown nails Sabu with a right hand and keeps control in the corner. Brown hammers away on Sabu in the corner. Sabu avoids Brown in the corner, but Brown counters a springboard with a slam. Brown drives Sabu down with a neckbreaker for a two count. Brown chokes Sabu over the top rope and continues with right hands. Brown misses a crossbody over the top to the floor. Sabu hits a slingshot hurricanra on Brown outside the ring. Sabu smashes Brown with a chair and tosses the chair into the ring. Sabu goes under the ring to get a table. Sabu punches Brown onto the table, but Brown quickly rolls off and slams Sabu face first onto the table. Brown runs over Sabu with an awkward clothesline as Sabu was trying to duck it.

Brown hammers away on Sabu and lays him onto the table. Brown is on the announcers table, but Sabu shoves Brown off over the guard railing chest first. Sabu lays Brown onto the table, but it collapses. Sabu lays Brown on the table and hits a triple jump leg drop onto Brown through the table. Sabu tries for a cover, but Brown kicks out. Brown has Sabu over the shoulder and tries for a slam, but Sabu hits a reverse DDT for a near fall. Sabu tries for a springboard and is knocked to the floor. Brown sends Sabu chest first into the guard railing. Brown sends Sabu over the railing into the crowd and they proceed to brawl. They make their way towards the balcony. Sabu whacks Brown with a chair shot over the head as they are on the second level. Brown delivers a few strikes to Sabu as they work towards the stage. Sabu leaps out of the TNA dancers cage to axe handle Brown. The referee has thrown the match out as they continue to brawl in the crowd. (**. It’s a fine brawl and this is likely setting up a no disqualification match or something along those lines. They were a sloppy, but that’s to be expected. A wild brawl between these two could get a good reaction from the crowd.)

Backstage, Scott Hudson is with David Young and Glen Gilbertti. Hudson has some research and says that Young has been 0-17 since October 17th. Young doesn’t think that’s right. Young can’t remember the last time he’s won a match. Gilbertti says that Young needs to make this right or it will be Young’s last chance. Shane Douglas, Michael Shane and Traci enter the scene for a promo. Douglas dismisses the idea that there’s issues between them. Shane chimes in and says that nothing or anyone will stand in his way for what he wants. Douglas says they set the precedent and not follow it.

Well, it’s revealed that El Leon was Apollo and he removes his mask during his entrance.

Fourth Contest: D’Lo Brown & Apollo vs. Glen Gilbertti & David Young vs. Simon Diamond & Sonny Siaki vs. Shane Douglas & Michael Shane in a number one contenders match: Douglas and Brown start the match with Douglas controlling Brown with a top wrist lock. Brown knee lifts Douglas followed by right hands and chops. Douglas rolls over Brown’s back, but Brown hits a heel kick. Apollo tags into the match and helps Brown hip toss Douglas. They hit a splash/leg drop combo for a two count. Apollo controls Douglas’ arm, but Douglas shoulder rams Apollo against the ropes a few times. Douglas hooks Apollo to hit a front suplex and tries a rolling neck snap, but Apollo avoids it. Apollo slams Douglas to the mat and tags in Shane. Shane jabs Apollo a few times followed by back elbows. Apollo tries for a press slam, but Shane wiggles free. Apollo nails Shane with a spear, but Diamond tagged himself in managing a two count. Shane nails Diamond with a dropkick followed by right hands. Diamond fires back with right hands to stop Shane. Diamond plants Shane with a powerslam to counter a leapfrog for a two count.

Siaki tags into the match and hits a swinging neckbreaker for a two count on Shane. Siaki decks Douglas off the apron with a right hand. Siaki misses a spear and hits the ring post shoulder first. Douglas drives Siaki back first into the railing and Shane keeps control with an arm breaker for a two count. Shane continues to work over the left arm of Siaki. Siaki plants Shane with a Samoan Drop out of a press slam. Gilbertti hammers away on Siaki, but Siaki stops Gilbertti with a heel kick. Gilbertti eye rakes Siaki and tags in Young. Siaki nails Young with a superkick. Young kicks Siaki and hits a standing hurricanrana. Young tags in D’Lo for some reason and Brown nails Young with a few strikes. D’Lo plants Shane with a sit out powerbomb, but Douglas makes the save. Shane and Douglas collide sending Douglas to the floor. Douglas pulls Shane to the floor and they shove each other. Traci tries to keep them apart but Michael Shane decides to walk out on the match. They confront each other on the aisle again.

Brown kicks Young and hits a swinging side slam, but doesn’t go for the cover. Gilbertti knocked Apollo off the apron. Young hammers away on D’Lo with right hands. Young plants D’Lo with a spinebuster. Diamond enters and hammers away on Young. Diamond backdrops Young followed by a series of snap suplexs. Diamond hits a front suplex on Young and superkicks Gilbertti into the corner. Johnny Swinger entered the ring and whacks Diamond with a chair. The referee completely ignored that. Apollo hits a TKO on Young and that’s good enough for the three count. (*1/2. Young losing was quite obvious since the promo backstage made note of his long losing streak. Apollo and D’Lo winning is okay, I guess. I’m not really invested in any of the teams involved in this match to begin with. This would have made more sense if we actually had tag champions to build towards, but we don’t.)

Backstage, Scott Hudson is looking for Abyss in the boiler room. A mystery woman, but I think it’s Goldylocks in a black wig tells Hudson that Abyss is preparing for his match. Hudson asks if he knows her and she says “do you know me, Mr. Hudson?”

NWA-TNA X-Division Champion Chris Sabin comes out and vacates the title due to a knee injury. Sabin will be at ringside to watch the match to crown a new champion.

Fifth Contest: Frankie Kazarian vs. Amazing Red for the vacant NWA-TNA X-Division Championship: Kazarian hammers away on Red in the corner with right hands and stomps in the corner. Kazarian chokes Red over the ropes to keep the advantage. Red head scissors Kazarian followed by a backdrop and arm drag. Red dropkicks Kazarian to the floor. Kazarian stops Red with a big boot to the face. Kazarian scoop slams Red followed by a slingshot leg drop from the apron for a two count. Kazarian leg sweeps Red followed by a springboard leg drop. Kazarian has Red in a torture rack and hits a neckbreaker for a two count. Red ducks a few strikes and plants Kazarian with a DDT. Kazarian plants Red with another neckbreaker. Kazarian chokes Red on the mat before sending Red hard into the corner. Kazarian dropkicks Red in the corner and taunts the crowd. Kazarian sends Red into the corner, but Red gets a boot up and hits a clothesline off the middle rope. Red ducks a clothesline and chops Kazarian. Red elbows Kazarian in the corner and drop toe holds Kazarian into the middle turnbuckle. Red nails Kazarian with a dropkick in the corner. Red takes Kazarian out with a somersault dive to the floor. Red chops Kazarian on the floor and is sent into the railing back first. Kazarian takes a crutch away from Sabin. Sabin prevents Kazarian from using it.

Red leaps off the steps to plant Kazarian with a swinging flatliner on the floor. Red tries a cover, but Kazarian kicks out at two. Red forearms Kazarian followed by a spinning kick for a near fall. Red gets on Kazarian’s shoulders, but counters the Back To The Future. Kazarian plants Red to the mat face first and almost wins the match. Red dumps Kazarian to the apron. Kazarian plants Red with a slingshot DDT from the apron into the ring for a near fall. Kazarian chops Red against the ropes. Red hits the Code Red for a near fall! Red kicks Kazarian and misses the Red Star Press. Kazarian manages to get an inside cradle and pins Red. (**1/2. Well, it’s a decent enough match but that was a weak finish. I would have preferred Kazarian to his his finishing move to really cement his victory. Kazarian winning will just add to his heel persona. I’m thinking the big match is against Lynn.) After the match, Kazarian celebrates and slaps Sabin. Sonjay Dutt comes out and attacks Kazarian with right hands. Jerry Lynn is on the apron as is Elix Skipper to prevent Kazarian from leaving. Sabin decks Kazarian, but Kazarian escapes with the championship to end the segment.

Backstage, Scott Hudson interviews Ron Killings who says of course he’s ready because he wanted the match. Konnan chimes in and says that they have Killings back tonight. Konnan has a message for Vince Russo and they want their opportunity. BG James wonders if Russo’s word isn’t good anymore. BG basically repeats Konnan’s words of support.

Dave Taylor comes out as the leader of Team UK. Taylor says they will be bringing the X-Cup back to Great Britain next week and they demand respect.

Backstage, Sting cuts off Scott Hudson to tell us it’s showtime.

Vince Russo has come down to the announcers table to watch the match and has a white towel with him.

Main Event: AJ Styles vs. Ron Killings vs. Raven vs. Abyss in a no disqualification match: Styles confronts Raven in the corner and all four men begin to brawl. Killings works over Raven as Abyss sends Styles to the floor. Abyss and Raven flapjack Killings to keep control. Raven tries for a DDT on Abyss, but Abyss counters. Killings clotheslines himself and Raven over the top to the floor. Styles kicks Abyss a few times and ducks a right hand. Styles tries for a springboard, but Raven trips Styles. Raven sends Styles into the railing. Sting got a few strikes in on Raven. Killings takes Abyss over with a hurricanrana. Raven punches Killings a few times. Styles tries for a springboard and nails Raven to the floor. Styles chops Abyss in the corner and clotheslines Abyss along with Killings. Abyss comes off the ropes and met with a double dropkick. Raven is met with a double dropkick off the apron, as well. Killings and Styles try for a double suplex, but Abyss blocks it and hits a double back suplex on them. Raven waits in the corner to superkick Abyss. Abyss tries for a chokelsam, but Raven avoids it. Abyss tries for the Shock Treatment, but Raven counters with a bulldog. Styles dropkicks Raven to the floor and Killings comes off the ropes to miss a scissors kick. Styles kicks Killings and tries for the Styles Clash, but Raven prevents that. Abyss big boots Styles to save Raven from the same fate.

Raven tosses Styles through the ropes to the floor. Raven punches Sting, but Sting no sells it. Sting sends Raven into the railing and attacks Abyss. Raven gets a few punches on Sting and rolls Sting into the ring. Abyss and Raven beat on Sting in the ring. Sting fights out of the corner with strikes. Sting clotheslines both men over the top to the floor. Killings and Styles hit stereo somersault dives to the floor! Killings whacks Abyss with a steel chair. Killings nails Styles with a leaping forearm smash. Killings gets hit by Raven with a chair from the floor. Raven clotheslines Styles in the corner and hits a running bulldog/clothesline hitting Killings as well. Styles drop toe holds Raven onto the steel chair, but Killings makes the save. Killings scissors kicks Styles face first onto the steel chair for a near fall as Abyss pulled the referee out. Killings leaps off the chair and is met with a Black Hole Slam by Abyss for a two count as Raven made the save. Raven plants Abyss with a DDT, but Styles hits a swanton bomb off the top rope. Styles misses a splash in the corner, but Styles hits the Styles Clash on Raven! Jeff Jarrett slides into the ring and distracts the referee. Sting grabs Jarrett and hammers away on Jarrett until Sting is sent into the railing. Russo gets in Jarrett’s face telling him to go backstage. Jarrett distracts Styles with the white towel and Styles picks up the towel. Styles thinks that Russo tossed the towel in. Raven low blows Styles and hits the DDT for the win. (**1/4. Why on earth would Russo have a towel with him anyway? When I saw that I knew something was up and it’s just poor planning. The match is okay and Raven is the best choice since he has an issue with Harris and there’s a purpose behind that match.)

Vince Russo is quite disappointed with Raven winning the match. Styles doesn’t know what happened. Russo is shaking his head trying to tell Styles he didn’t throw the towel in as the show ends.

Final Thoughts:
I’m liking the build to the steel cage match showdown with Jarrett, but the rest of the angles don’t really interest me for the most part. I’m interested in the tag titles final and a possible Kazarian/Lynn match for the title. The action this week was okay with nothing being overly horrible. It’s just noticeable that the crowd lacks excitement for a lot of the stuff going on.

Thanks for reading.

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