Rebooking The WWF: Week 40, 1994

WWF RAW 10/3/1994
1. Tom Prichard defeated Mo in 4:59 following a top rope knee drop. After the match, Tom tied Mo to the ropes and continued to beat on him until Mabel ran down and cleared the Heavenly Bodies from the ring. As the Heavenly Bodies walked backstage they were yelling about not being in the tag title poll.
2. John Bradshaw defeated IRS in 6:10 following a lariat. During the match, Jerry Lawler cut a pre-tape promo saying his loss on Superstars was a fluke and that the “dumb Texas” John Bradshaw isn’t on the same level as royalty like himself.
3. Bret Hart Interview: Vince McMahon conducted an interview with Bret Hart regarding his desire to be the WWF World Champion once again. Hart knows that King Yokozuna is a great wrestler with Jim Cornette and Mr. Fuji by his side. Hart hasn’t been the champion since the summer of 1993 and has been thinking of the championship for the longest time now. Bret asks the fans to give him a chance to get in the squared circle with King Yokozuna so that the fans can have a champion they are proud of. Bret finishes off saying he is the best there is, the best there was and the best there eve will be.
4. Duke Droese Vignette: Another vignette promoting Duke Droese debut is aired. Droese is tossing trash bins into the back of the dumpster saying that he is coming to get rid of the trash like Jerry Lawler, the Heavenly Bodies and Rick Martel when he comes to the company.
5. Razor Ramon defeated Doink The Clown by disqualification in 7:14 after Hughie The Clown attacked Ramon and hit an impressive top rope moonsault. WWF World Tag Team Champions the Smoking Gunns ran down to save Ramon from a further beating.
6. The Dynasty Interview: Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, Jeff Jarrett and Scott Norton come out for an interview with their topics including Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage and the Undertaker. Flair says that they aren’t done with Hogan and Savage and they are thinking of a match for Survivor Series. Flair tells us that the big man Scott Norton made a statement last week on RAW when he took out the Undertaker. Flair puts over Norton as the strongest athlete in the business today and doesn’t believe the Undertaker will want a piece of Norton again. Jim Ross, who was conducting the interview, tell us that if the Undertaker doesn’t win the poll for the WWF World Championship, he is scheduled to wrestle Scott Norton on October 30th. Flair tells Ross that Taker better hope he wins because Taker might actually be able to survive his rematch with Yokozuna while Scott Norton is set on making an impact and his impact would be taking out the Deadman once and for all. Flair finishes off the segment by officially issuing a challenge for Survivor Series for a five on five elimination match with Hogan and Savage needing to find three more partners while Flair is confident they will find the last one for their team.
7. Mr. Perfect defeated Mark Starr in 3:04 following the Perfect Plex. After the match, Hunter Hearst Helmsley ran into the ring and attacked Perfect hitting the Pedigree. Hunter got into Perfect’s face on the canvas and said “Your time is over with, Perfect.”
8. Marty Jannetty Interview: Vince McMahon conducted an interview with Marty Jannetty about the new group of Ron Simmons and Tatanka going by the name The Movement. Jannetty doesn’t understand the feelings those two men have as the guys in the back always supported them and he heard the fans cheer loudly for both men. Marty has been turned on before and isn’t going to let Simmons get away with his actions. Jannetty tells Simmons that when they meet in the ring, he will use the fans support to overcome Ron’s power advantage.
9. Crush defeated Paul Jones in 3:13 with the Kona Vice.
10. Shawn Michaels Interview: Jim Ross interviewed Shawn Michaels about last week and the confrontation Diesel and with Luger. Michaels tells Ross that Diesel is not someone to mess with and Luger being over confident cost him last week. Shawn tells Ross that he is returning to action next week and looks to resume his singles success he had prior to teaming with Diesel.
11. WWF World Champion Yokozuna defeated Virgil in 1:33 following the Bonzai Drop. After the match, Jim Cornette cut a promo saying that no matter the challenger, Yokozuna isn’t losing the championship on October 30th.
12. The British Bulldog defeated Rick Martel in 10:06 following a running power slam. After the match, Bulldog signals that he wants the WWF World Championship. Will he get a shot on October 30th?

WWF Superstars 10/8/1994
1. Chris Benoit defeated Samu in 4:58 following a diving head butt.
2. Lex Luger Interview: Vince McMahon interviewed Lex Luger about what happened on RAW last week. Luger tells McMahon that Diesel isn’t anything compared to him and last week Diesel took of advantage of a time when Lex wasn’t anticipating a cheap shot. Luger puts himself over as a former WWF World Champion and asks what Diesel has done without his boy toy by his side? The answer to that is nothing. Lex says that if Diesel wants him then he will have a match with him at In Your House. Luger isn’t afraid of Diesel as Luger says he will out wrestle and make Diesel run out of gas before pinning Diesel right in the middle of the ring. Lex poses to end the segment.
3. Carlos Vega defeated Jim Neidhart in 5:06 following a spinning heel kick.
4. Rick Steiner Update: Jim Ross provides an update on Rick Steiner saying that he will be returning to action the night after In Your House on October 30th!
5. WWF Intercontinental Champion Scott Steiner defeated AJ Fatal in 2:33 following a Frankensteiner. Prior to the match, AJ Fatal proclaimed that he was the real champion despite having never won a match and had a replica championship.
6. The Kamikaze Kid defeated Tatanka by disqualification in 4:05 when Tatanka hit a Samoan Drop on a chair. After the match, Marty Jannetty and Ron Simmons came down to the ring to have a brief brawl to close the program.

WWF Wrestling Challenge 10/9/1994
1. WWF World Tag Team Champions The Smoking Gunns defeated Mike Williams & Mike Sharpe in 3:15 when Bart pinned Sharpe.
2. The Headshrinkers defeated Joe Cage & Tim Snyder in 3:04 when Fatu pinned Cage following a top rope splash
3. Arn Anderson defeated Owen Hart in 7:44 following a spine buster.

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