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WWF Heat 4/21/2002

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Heat
From: Kansas City, MO

1.) Big Show defeated Justin Credible & Steven Richards in a handicap match

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Backlash is an hour away and Heat will be mostly promoting Backlash matches.

2.) Backstage, Jerry Lawler interviewed Trish Stratus regarding her match with WWF Women’s Champion Jazz. Trish says that her breasts have nothing to do with the title match. Stratus says she can be tough and a bitch just like Jazz.

3.) Backstage, Bubba Dudley meets with Rev. D-Von for the first time since the Draft. They laugh and embrace. D-Von is proud of Bubba for being the WWF Hardcore Champion. Bubba wishes he could say he’s proud of D-Von. D-Von tells Bubba that he’s seen the light and Vince McMahon has showed him that light. D-Von sees sinners in every city and believes Bubba is going that way, too. D-Von says they can show Bubba the light. D-Von says there is a price attached to it. D-Von needs a donation from Bubba for Bubba to get his help. Bubba gives D-Von some advice in saving himself instead of saving the world.

4.) A limo arrives to the arena and Stacy Keibler exits along with Vince McMahon. McMahon tells Stacy she’ll be in the lounge tonight as they enter the venue.

5.) Richards bails to the floor and Credible gets a big boot to the face by Show to start the match. Show delivers a chop in the corner and sends Richards into Credible. Show splashes both men in the corner. Show tosses Richards across the ring and press slams Credible into Richards causing both men to bail to the floor. Show misses a double clothesline, but hits a double suplex. Show headbutts both men and maintains control before missing a big boot and is superkicked by both men. Show fires up with a double clothesline and more headbutts. Show splashes them in opposite corners. Show chokeslams both men for the win. (*1/2. I don’t know what’s going on here but Show has been getting some really good face reactions on Heat lately. I enjoyed the handicap match, even with Credible and Richards not being successful with any of their offense.)

Final Thoughts:
While there’s not a lot going on here, I think it was a fine enough hype show for the PPV. The video packages were good enough and a shockingly enjoyable handicap match helped the show quite a bit.

Thanks for reading.


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