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CWA TV 4/4/1987

Written by: Bob Colling

Date: 4/4/1987
From: Memphis, TN

Lance Russell interviews Paul E. Dangerously who is with Lord Humongous. Dangerously notes that he’s looking good. Dangerously mentions that Bam-Bam Bigelow is suspended for injuring Tommy Rich. Dangerously knows that Jerry Lawler went to the CWA and AWA to blackball people. Dangerously says that Tommy Rich, who is his friend, will be back. Dangerously mentions that Tommy Rich is a former world champion, something that Lawler has never done. Dangerously is confident that 1987 is the year of Lord Humongous.

Opening Contest: Lord Humongous vs. Ron Nations: This is another quick match with Humongous winning the match following a clothesline.

Paul E. Dangerously goes over to the announcers table and focuses on Jerry Lawler and Bam-Bam Bigelow. Dangerously claims that they made a huge mistake taking out Tommy Rich. Paul thinks that half of Rich is better than all of Jerry Lawler, and the ladies know what he’s talking about.

Tommy Rich is laid in bed to share some pre-tape comments. Rich was promised a title match, but Lawler got it instead. Rich doesn’t know how long it will be before he can return. Rich blames Bigelow for being taken out. Rich knows that Bigelow isn’t going to be there all the time and knows that Lawler will pay for what he’s done.

Paul E. Dangerously says that Rich deserves respects. Bigelow isn’t around since he’s suspended and that means Lawler is left all alone for Humongous, Idol and Rich.

AWA Southern Champion Austin Idol cut a promo regarding a match in Evansville. Idol promotes a chain match taking place with Lawler. Idol likes the strap, just like some of the women he’s been with. Idol wants to know who Lawler will pray to knowing that he has nobody to save him.

Jerry Lawler comes out with Eddie Marlin to talk about the Bam-Bam Bigelow situation. Lawler wants to talk about the suspension on Bigelow. Lawler says that Bam-Bam isn’t gone because of what they did to Tommy Rich. Lawler recalls when he got hurt and they were fined $5,000 instead of a suspension. Lawler was told by Marlin that if they hurt Idol or Rich that they’d get fined, too. Lawler was fine with that. Bigelow has refused to pay the fine. Bigelow was interviewed recently.

We see footage of Bam-Bam Bigelow’s interivew where Bigelow is furious about having to pay $5,000. Bigelow is mad about Idol and Rich being able to hurt Lawler. Bigelow refuses to pay the fine and he doesn’t fall the rules. Bigelow didn’t care that the ink on his head could go to his brain and didn’t care about being in prison at a young age. Bigelow avoids saying groin but tells the committee to kiss his ass.

Jerry Lawler reveals that Bigelow has been suspended for thirty days and thinks that Bigelow will return even wilder. Eddie Marlin doesn’t think that Bigelow will be able to return earlier. Marlin believes that Bigelow may be forced to still pay the $5,000.

Second Contest: The Hunter vs. John Paul: Hunter controlled the match with strikes but Paul fights back with a few dropkicks. Hunter wins the match with a powerslam.

Downtown Bruno comes out with Pat Tanaka to cut a promo. Bruno isn’t happy about the BT Express and knows that it is Billy Travis. Bruno has a $5,000 bounty on Billy Travis. Bruno says he doesn’t have flash his money to prove that he has it. Bruno takes out the money to show it off and prove that the money exists. The money is good for anyone, even Billy’s friends. Pat Tanaka warns Jeff Jarrett saying that he’s coming for him and they’ll be going at it one on one.

Third Contest: Jeff Jarrett & BT Express vs. Keith Eric & Thunderbird: There was an awkward moment where it looked like Jarrett was supposed to deliver an elbow to Eric on the mat, but missed and they didn’t know who was supposed to sell the spot or something. BT hit a middle rope sit down splash onto Thunderbird. BT slams Eric before hitting a middle rope elbow and Jarrett enters to hit a dropkick for the win. (1/2*. Man, Billy Travis just feels like a guy that the company is forcing a push on and for the crowd to cheer him.)

Lance Russell interviews BT Express, Jeff Jarrett and Soul Train Jones. Jarrett has a lumberjack match coming up against Pat Tanaka. Jones was standing on the wrong side blocking everyone and Russell had to put him on the right side. Jarrett says that Tanaka was out here running his mouth claiming he was a liar. Jarrett says that Tanaka ran away from him last week and this week the lumberjacks will stop that. BT Express and Soul Train Jones are going for the tag titled against Goliath and Big Bubba. Jones says they have the power and speed to take out the champs. BT says the mask is not coming off no matter what Downtown Bruno says. Jarrett repeats himself saying that Tanaka will regret ever wrestling him.

Fourth Contest: Pat Tanaka vs. David Haskins: I’m not sure if Downtown Bruno was silent at any point during this match. Bruno is honestly driving me nuts. Haskins got a little bit of offense in, but there was never a doubt. Tanaka hit a German suplex for the win.

Lance Russell interviews The Hunter who is pissed that Alan West would kidnap Bambi. Hunter says that their issues aren’t over with and he’s coming after West. Bambi promises that West will regret ever putting his hands on her.

Main Event: Paul Diamond, JT Southern & Soul Train Jones vs. Boy Tony, Big Bubba & Goliath: Bubba and Diamond start the match with Bubba missing a right hand against the ropes. Bubba delivers a sloppy hip toss to send Diamond to the mat. Diamond tries for a crossbody, but is caught and driven down with a backbreaker. Diamond avoids an elbow drop to dropkick Bubba. Jones comes off the middle rope to hit an axe handle on Goliath. Jones hammers away on Goliath before tagging in Southern. Boy Tony tags in and squares off against Southern. Tony misses a clothesline and Southern hits a dropkick followed by an arm drag. Southern is triple teamed in the corner. Southern kicks Tony and Jones tags in, who cleans house. That leads to all six men entering the ring to brawl. Downtown Bruno accidentally tosses powder into Tony’s face and Jones is able to pin Tony for the win. (*. Considering most of the men in this match are very limited, they kept this simple and to the point. I was glad there was an actual finish instead of the massive brawl leading to a disqualification.)

Final Thoughts:
I enjoyed the show. Putting Dangerously in the feud with Lawler, Idol, and Rich is a great move. They finally have another top angle that has my full attention for each week.

Thanks for reading.

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