WWF Heat 9/3/2000

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Heat
Date: 9/3/2000
From: Fayetteville, NC

1.) The Goodfather defeated Grandmaster Sexay
2.) WWF Hardcore Champion Steve Blackman defeated Gangrel to retain the title
3.) Crash Holly defeated Big Bossman
4.) Test & Albert defeated The Acolytes

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Goodfather tosses Sexay across the ring and keeps control with strikes in the corner. Sexay avoids a splash by getting a boot up. Sexay dropkicks Goodfather chest first into the corner for a near fall. Sexay taunts Goodfather and hits a hip toss. Goodfather stops Sexay with a powerbomb. Goodfather shoulder blocks Sexay to keep control of the match. Goodfather continues to beat on Sexay with strikes. Goodfather drives Sexay to the mat with a back suplex for a two count. Sexay fights back with right hands, but an eye rake stops his momentum. Sexay boots Goodfather followed by more right hands and strikes. Goodfather stops Sexay with a big boot. Goodfather sends Sexay into the corner and hits the running splash. Hotty pulls the top rope down to drop Goodfather to the floor. Goodfather decks Hotty with a right hand and Sexay dropkicks Goodfather into the railing. Sexay sends Goodfather into the ring steps face first. Sexay heads to the top rope and hits a missile dropkick for a two count. Sexay drops Goodfather with a kick to the head. Sexay dropkicks Buchanan. Richards trips Sexay from the floor, and Sexay enters to drive Goodfather down to the mat face first. Hotty tries for the Worm, but the referee stops that. Buchanan nails Sexay with a scissors kick. Goodfather hits a leg drop to pin Sexay. (*1/2. Was the interference really needed here? The action was actually decent, but they overdid it with the interference for my liking. This probably should have just been a tag team match.)

2.) Backstage, Just Joe talks to Steve Blackman about Gangrel who has been saying some nasty things about Blackman. Blackman isn’r surprised by this since they are wrestling. Blackman doesn’t care and tells Joe he can either take the pain and like it or leave. Joe decides he’ll just leave.

3.) Backstage, Crash Holly is talking to two women and is talking about how many times he’s been WWF Hardcore Champion. The girls think that Holly is cute, but Big Bossman enters the scene and ruins Crash’s game by saying that Crash has never kissed a girl. Bossman hits Crash with his nightstick and leaves the scene a the girls check on Crash.

4.) Blackman works over Gangrel with several chops to kickoff the match. Gangrel knee lifts Blackman but Blackman takes Gangrel over with a suplex. Blackman beats on Gangrel with trash can lid shots. Mideon enters the ring and runs out of the ring after taunting Blackman. Gangrel uses a fire extinguisher on Blackman and whacks Blackman with a trash can lid shot. Gangrel slams Blackman followed by an elbow drop with a trash can lid. Gangrel hits a DDT, but Blackman kicks out hitting Gangrel with a trash can lid shot. Blackman ducks a chair shot and kicks Gangrel. Blackman tosses Gangrel to the floor. Blackman hits Gangrel with a trash can on the floor. Blackman hits a running knee strike on the floor and gets a three count. (*. They went with a fast pace, but there wasn’t anything really standing out here. It was just senseless hardcore stuff that was rather minor anyway.)

5.) Backstage, Crash Holly is pissed about Big Bossman and promises that Bossman is going to get his butt kicked tonight.

6.) Kane makes his way down to the ring to cut a promo. Kane says that everyone stared and pointed at him when he was a kid. Kane says that he hated them all for laughing at him. Kane hated himself and what he was. Kane has tried to hide it with his mask so that he wouldn’t hear the laughs and screams or pity. Kane believes we all wear masks, but some aren’t as obvious. Some masks are a pretty face with a raised eyebrow. Kane is talking about the WWF World Champion, the Rock. Kane knows that he had Rock beat on RAW but the Undertaker screwed him over. Kane says that Rock knows that he is the next WWF World Champion.

7.) Crash punches Bossman a few times, but Bossman sends Crash chest first into the corner followed by right hands. Crash gets out of a slam and hammers away on Bossman. Bossman stops Crash with a kick to the midsection. Crash dropkicks Bossman, but Bossman bounces off the ropes and clotheslines Crash. Bossman and Crash trade right hands but Bossman drives Crash with a backbreaker. Dean Malenko tosses the nightstick to Holly and Holly decks Bossman to win the match. After the match, Malenko pulls Holly out and they walk backstage. (1/2*. It’s a good win for Holly, but the involvement by Malenko is rather bizarre to me.)

8.) Albert and Faarooq kickoff the match with Faarooq beat on Albert. Albert shoulder blocks Faarooq followed by a scoop slam and stomps. Albert misses a big splash coming off the ropes. Faarooq rams Albert into Bradshaw’s boot. Bradshaw gets a two count after an elbow drop. Albert stops Bradshaw with a shoulder block. Test enters the match and beats on Bradshaw with right hands. Bradshaw plants Test with a DDT. Faarooq enters the match and gets distracted by Trish. Test big boots Faarooq to the floor and Albert stomps away on Faarooq. Test beats on Faarooq with stomps and right hands in the corner. Faarooq drives Test face first into the canvas. Test continues to work over Faarooq with right hands. Faarooq stops Test with a spinebuster. Bradshaw gets the tag and big boots Christian. Bradshaw back elbows Christian followed by a big boot. Albert drops Bradshaw with a big boot. Faarooq sends Albert into the ring steps. Bradshaw clotheslines Test, but the Dudley Boys come out and hit the 3D on Bradshaw allowing Test to get the cover and wins the match. (*1/2. The action was okay, but nothing memorable. Clearly the focus here is to advance the Dudley/APA feud more so than this being a meaningful win for T&A.)

Final Thoughts:
A mostly skippable episode of Heat as there wasn’t anything really strong on the program.

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