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CWA TV 4/11/1987

Written by: Bob Colling

Date: 4/11/1987
From: Memphis, TN

Lance Russell and Dave Brown welcome everyone to the show with Brown running down what we’ll see on the program.

Downtown Bruno is with Big Bubba and Goliath to cut a promo. Bruno has a wad of cash, which is $5,000. Bruno repeats how he has a bounty out on BT Express for anyone to remove the mask. Bruno knows that it is Billy Travis under the mask. They introduce a match that took place in the Louisville Gardens.

Soul Train Jones nearly had a pin on Goliath, but Downtown Bruno entered to cause the disqualification to end the match and keep the belts on Bubba and Goliath. Rocky Johnson is tied up in the ropes while Soul Train continues to be beat on. Soul Train is worked over with several leg drops and stomps. The attack leaves Jones laid out in the ring. Eventually, Jeff Jarrett and Alan West slide into the ring and make the save.

Downtown Bruno says that they are the best and deserve to be the champions. Bruno says that if Soul Train Jones can’t handle the pain he shouldn’t be in the ring. Big Bubba starts mocking Soul Train and says that nobody can stay in the ring with them. Rocky Johnson and Soul Train Jones storm the scene to attack the champions with pieces of plywood. They enter the ring and continues to beat on the champions. Russell says that Big Bubba had been busted wide open, but I couldn’t see if that was the case. Johnson and Jones stand tall in the ring to finish the segment.

Soul Train Jones and Rocky Johnson are interviewed. Johnson says that he’s back and the things that have been said to Jones should never have been said to him. Johnson doesn’t care where they fight. Johnson says he’s back and there’s not enough room for him and the champs. Jones says the war has only just begun.

Opening Contest: Mr. Helo, Shima & Pat Tanaka vs. Jeff Jarrett, BT Express & Paul Diamond: Jarrett and Tanaka start off trading right hands before the bell sounds. Jarrett drops Tanaka with a right hand coming off the ropes. Tanaka decides to tag out to Shima. Shima takes Jarrett down to the mat for the early advantage before delivering strikes in the corner. Jarrett arm drags Shima and keeps control on the mat. Helo enters and trades shots with Jarrett. Jarrett comes off the ropes with a clothesline. Shima sends Jarrett through the ropes to the floor where Tanaka beats on Jarrett with a chain. BT Express is trying to get in the ring, but the referee is stopping him. Tanaka beats on Jarrett with several shots with the chain. Paul Diamond hasn’t left the apron. Jarrett has been busted wide open. Jarrett is driven face first onto a steel chair several times. Tanaka tags into the match and continues to beat on a bloodied Jarrett. Jarrett continues to get beaten down by the heels in the corner. Tanaka overhand strikes Jarrett.

Shima enters and begins to trade strikes with Jarrett. Jarrett is able to tag in BT Express. BT gets stopped by a few strikes, but BT sends Shima into Tanaka. BT drops Tanaka with a right hand and a scoop slam. BT hits a middle rope elbow drop for a two count. Helo tries for a suplex, but BT counters with a snap suplex. Helo stops BT from tagging in Paul Diamond. Diamond drops down to check on Jarrett, which prevents BT from tagging out. Tanaka beats on BT with a strike to the throat. BT is turned inside out with a clothesline by Shima. Shima almost wins with a splash off the middle rope. BT tries to tag in, but Diamond again checks on Jarrett. Tanaka decks Jarrett off the apron again. Tanaka tries to remove BT’s mask, but BT breaks free. BT tries to tag in Diamond, but Diamond again checks on Jarrett. Jarrett gets knocked off the apron a few times. BT continues to try and tag out, but Diamond avoids the tag for a fourth time. Tanaka decks Jarrett off the apron again with a right hand.

Jarrett finally enters the ring and hammers away on the heels. Diamond has not entered the ring as Jarrett takes on three guts. Diamond finally enters the ring and decks Jarrett before dumping Jarrett over the top to the floor. Diamond beats on BT Express and tries to remove BT’s mask. Alan West enters the ring and gets worked over by the heels. Tanaka and Diamond remove the mask and it’s revealed as being Billy Travis. (**. I think the match went a little too long, but it went that long due to the angle of Paul Diamond turning heel. I liked the idea of the angle, but numerous times avoiding the tag seemed to be a little much for me. Once or twice and then turn officially instead of four times would have been more effective.)

Paul Diamond shoves Downtown Bruno away because he wants the money. Diamond demands the money. Pat Tanaka comes over and they argue over the money. Diamond decks Tanaka and runs off with the money. Jeff Jarrett comes over and he’s pissed at Bruno for causing this. Jarrett is telling Travis he’s not going anywhere.

Eddie Marlin comes out and tells Bruno to shut his mouth. Marlin knew that BT Express was Billy Travis. They are all just yelling at each other. Marlin says that since Travis had his masked removed than he has to leave the area. Travis looks devastated. Downtown Bruno is happy about this news.

Jeff Jarrett calls Paul Diamond an egg sucking coward and wants Diamond to come out and fight him. Jarrett doesn’t care about the format. Paul Diamond comes out and Jarrett tackles Diamond leading to a brawl. Diamond runs away from Jarrett at ringside. Diamond gets in the ring and stomps on Jarrett. Diamond drives Jarrett face first down to the mat. Pat Tanaka slides into the ring and beats on Jarrett. Tanaka goes right after Diamond hammering away on him. Jarrett enters and goes after Tanaka with right hands. Jarrett dumps Tanaka to the floor and hammers away on Diamond. Tanaka wants the money he earned. Jarrett tells Tanaka that he’s not getting the money.

Eddie Marlin comes out again and tells both Tanaka and Jarrett will not be getting a match with Diamond. Marlin announces that Tanaka will wrestle Jarrett. Dave Brown suggests that whomever wins the match takes on Paul Diamond. Marlin signs off on that idea. Jarrett and Tanaka walk off trading words as Marlin tries to make sure nothing else happens.

Tommy Rich has been in bed in Atlanta since the attack and says he’s feeling better. Rich can’t hurt Jerry Lawler right now but he’s met a man in Paul E. Dangerously. Rich has hired Dangerously as his business manager. Rich tells Lawler he’s going to cost Lawler money. Rich tells us that Lawler is going to pay for what he did.

Second Contest: Boy Tony & The Hunter vs. Vic Steamboat & Bucky Siegler: Steamboat controlled the early moments with dropkicks to both Tony and Hunter. Siegler is noticeably not as good as Steamboat. Bambi gets involved while the referee is distracted choking Siegler over the middle rope. Alan West comes out and abducts Bambi, again. Hunter chases after West while Tony is pinned following a double backdrop. (*. That’s an upset. Tony appears to be going down in the card again, but his character is still one of the better ones. Hunter/West feud is keeping my interest, too.)

Hunter blames Lance Russell for Bambi being abducted again. Hunter has gotten Bambi back and is grabbing her face with some force. Hunter tells Russell that he’s holding him responsible. Hunter claims that West took advantage of West and he’s going to kill West as a result.

Third Contest: Lord Humongous vs. Freezer Thompson: Paul E. Dangerously gets a split screen to cut a promo during the entire match. Humongous won the match following a few leg drops. It was a quick match, as expected.

Main Event: Alan West vs. The Thunderbird: Hunter wastes no time entering the ring and attacks West for what West had done earlier. Several guys from the locker room empty to help West. It’s Steamboat, Siegler and Freezer.

Final Thoughts:

I liked the heel turn for Paul Diamond. I don’t think he was effective enough as a face to ever elevate up the card. I’m interested to see where Diamond could go with a new attitude moving forward. The main event scene continues to be strong since the focus has been on Lawler/Idol and Rich.

Thanks for reading.

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