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CWA TV 10/24/1987

Written by: Bob Colling

Date: 10/24/1987
From: Memphis, TN

The show starts off with footage of Jerry Lawler and Bill Dundee winning the AWA World Tag Team Championships from Soldat Ustinov & Doug Sommers in a music video format. RPM’s are going to be pissed about that.

Lance Russell and Dave Brown welcome everyone to the program. Russell notes that for the first time Dundee and Lawler won a world championship by winning the tag titles.

Lance Russell brings out the AWA World Tag Team Champions Jerry Lawler and Bill Dundee. The crowd greets them with a heroes welcome. They are dressed alike, too. Eddie Marlin is out there along with Randy Hales to shake their hands. Dundee says they have to give up their titles. Dundee will give up the International Championship and Lawler is giving up the Southern Championship. Russell asks if this means that Lawler and Dundee won’t be around much now. Lawler notes they will likely have to travel all over the world to defend the titles. Lawler finds it to be miserable to live out of a suitcase. Lawler will accept challenges to their area. So, they are going to keep the titles in the South for a while. Lawler and Dundee officially handover their tag titles. Dundee notes that the only Dr. D that he knows of is the one that slapped a guy on TV. He’s not sure if they are the same person. They’ll be defending against Dr. D and Hector Guerrero. Lawler doesn’t know who Dr. D is either. They could lose the titles the first time and they want to hold onto the titles.

Eddie Marlin says he’s been on the phone night and day since the title win. Marlin says the fans here are great and they wanted the first title defense to take place at home.

Hector Guerrero and Dr. D come out for an interview. Dr. D is a masked man and is not Shultz. Guerrero says they are going to take the championships and says that Dr. D will take care of anything he needs to be taken care of. Guerrero says they aren’t going to backdown from anyone.

Backstage, Jeff Jarrett and Billy Travis are interviewed. They put over Lawler and Dundee for winning the tag titles. They will be wrestling the RPMs for the Southern Tag Team Championships. Travis blames himself for losing the titles. Travis promised to hold his end of the deal this week to win the titles. Jarrett says this week they are prepared for a fight.

Opening Contest: Jeff Jarrett & Billy Travis vs. Keith Roberson & Super Destroyer: Jarrett wins the match following a dropkick on Roberson.

Eddie Marlin comes back out and wants to show a video of the Midnight Rockers, who will be coming back to the area. Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty are coming in.

Lance Russell interviews the Southern Tag Team Champion the Rock & Roll RPMs. They still believe they should be the World Tag Team Champions. They invite the Midnight Rockers to the area because they will send them right back out. Davis calls Jarrett a punk and Travis is a stooge. Davis promises to leave them in a puddle of blood once again.

Second Contest. Southern Tag Team Champions Rock & Roll RPMs vs. Freezer Thompson & Ed Mattox: As expected, RPMs have very little issue with the enhancement guys this week. They win the match following a double suplex.

Lance Russell and Dave Brown talk about the six man steel cage match that took place at the Coliseum. It featured Don Bass, Carl Fergie and Brickhouse Brown taking on Bill Dundee, Jerry Lawler and Steve Keirn. We see footage from the match. Keirn and Lawler decked Keirn with a double right hand. Lawler accidentally tossed fire into Keirn’s chest and face. Keirn wasted no time attacking Lawler for doing so. Keirn pummels Lawler several times while Lawler’s partners are beaten down. Keirn sends a bloodied Lawler into the cage. Keirn sends Lawler into the ring post face first followed by a right hand. Keirn spikes Lawler with a piledriver and nails Dundee with a right hand for trying to help Lawler. Keirn leaves the ring with both Lawler and Dundee laid out.

Backstage, Lance Russell talked to Steve Keirn. Keirn says he’s been in the business for fifteen years and nothing like this has happened to him. Keirn notes that Lawler called him in Florida and asked him to be their partner. Keirn didn’t think they were serious about wrestling in the cage as they were talking about the World Tag Championships. Keirn asked Russell if he’d deck a guy who tossed fire into his face. Keirn believes they are jealous of the Fabulous Ones. Keirn says he doesn’t need Lawler or the fans. Keirn suggests Russell talk to Lawler. Keirn blames Lawler for this saying that this wouldn’t have happened had Lawler not tossed fire at him.

Steve Keirn shared some pre-tape comments again. Keirn is back home and relaxed. Keirn had a reason for what he did. He believes that Jerry Lawler is jealous of him. Keirn says that wrestling is full of big egos. Keirn recalls being with Stan Lane for five years and Lane never once touched him in any way. Keirn asks if Lawler could have stopped that fire or his jealously escaped him. Keirn suggests we look at the film. He knows what he does when someone burns him. Keirn was burnt by Lawler and he jumped on him. Keirn gets in a fight to finish the fight. Keirn address the fans and says he doesn’t need fair weathered fans or friends. Keirn says he’s not afraid of Lawler. Keirn tells Lawler that if he wants him he just has to call him.

Third Contest: Bobby Jaggers vs. Greg Jones: Jaggers nails Jones with two short arm clotheslines to win the match in 22-seconds.

Main Event: Nasty Boys, Tracy Smothers & John Paul vs. Badd Company (Diamond & Tanaka) Don Bass & Carl Fergie: There’s not much time left in the program. Smothers and Tanaka kickoff the match with Smothers taking Tanaka down with an arm drag. Smothers hip tosses Tanaka causing Diamond to tag into the match. Paul tags in and keeps arm control on Diamond. Diamond works over Paul in the corner with strikes. Everyone enters the ring and leads to a massive brawl, as expected. As a result, everyone has been counted out.

Final Thoughts:
I’m far more interested in a Keirn/Lawler feud than I was with Brickhouse/Lawler. The funny part about the angle is that Keirn made all valid points. How can you boo a guy who is correct in his reasoning? I’m excited to see the Midnight Rockers make their way into the area, too. This was a worthwhile episode with some new developments taking place.

Thanks for reading.

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