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CWA TV 7/11/1987

Written by: Bob Colling

Date: 7/11/1987
From: Memphis, TN

Lance Russell and Dave Brown are hosting this week and they rundown what we’ll see on the program.

Downtown Bruno comes out and he’s not happy with Jeff Jarrett because Jarrett stole the CWA Mid-American Championship from Moondog Spot. Jarrett is associated with Big Bubba, apparently. Bruno has a surprise for Jarrett and Bubba. Bruno has a video to show the crowd. Bruno is at parts unknown where Moondog Spot is doing something in a barn. Bruno tosses food at Spot. Bruno reveals it’s Spot’s cousin Spike, actually. Moondog Spike is the one in the barn doing stuff. Bruno enters the barn and slaps Spot and opens the door to reveal Spike. The Moondogs proceed to fight over food. Bruno warns Jarrett and Bubba to be prepared for the Moondogs. We go back to the studio where Bruno says nobody gave him a chance of getting them.

Jeff Jarrett and Big Bubba come down to the announcers table to be interviewed. Jarrett thinks that Bruno has been panicked since he regained the title. Jarrett says they will do whatever it takes to beat up the Moondogs. Bubba notes that Spike has been caged up for ten years. They are going to send them back with their tails between their legs.

Opening Contest: Big Bubba & CWA Mid-American Champion Jeff Jarrett vs. The Thunderbird & Keith Erich: Bubba picks up the win for his team following a leg drop coming off the ropes.

We see footage of the Clones wrestling at the Mid-South Coliseum where they got disqualified for using a piledriver. They also brought a table into the ring and slammed Mark Starr onto the non-gimmicked table. The beatdown on Starr is rather extended and they also beat up John Paul outside the ring. Billy Travis tries to get in the ring and is met with a clothesline from the Clones and beaten down as well. Travis gets tossed over the top to the floor. Jeff Jarrett and Alan West slide into the ring and make the save after quite a bit of time.

Second Contest: The Clones #327 & #328 vs. Ed Mattox & David Johnson: Clearly the Clones are a bizarre duo and are all about violence considering their recent actions. They win the match with a half Boston Crab on Johnson.

Brickhouse Brown makes his way out to be interviewed by Lance Russell. Brown is wearing Lawler’s crown. Brown stole the crown and says that Lawler is dead and he’s the black prince. Brown beat Lawler within an inch of his life. Brown thinks Lawler could have been counted out for several minutes instead of three seconds. Brown insults the fans saying he’s never stolen anything because he’d never have to. Brown took the crown like a man and wants Lawler to come back and take it back like a man. Brown added a stipulation that if he lost then he’d shine Lawler’s shoes. Brown knows that all the hicks would like to see him act like a slave and Lance Russell is disgusted by that.

Third Contest: Brickhouse Brown vs. Ron Nations: Brown easily wins the match following a clothesline.

AWA Southern Heavyweight Champion Jerry Lawler comes out and says that Brickhouse Brown is trying to make this a racial issue. However, Lawler doesn’t care what color Brown is, he just dislikes Brown. Lawler notes all the big names that have come after him for the gold and he fought them all off. Lawler says that the crown means a lot to him because of Sam Bass, who was his manager many years ago. Sam Bass told Lawler that he earned the crown. Lawler is going to take back his crown. There’s going to be more fireworks this week than there were for the fourth of July.

Fourth Contest: AWA Southern Heavyweight Champion Jerry Lawler vs. Keith Roberson: Brickhouse Brown puts the crown in the ring and Lawler tried to grab it, but Brown pulled it out. Roberson hits Lawler with a chain, but Lawler counters with a rollup to win the match.

Bill Dundee, Rocky Johnson and George Barnes make their way out to be interviewed by Lance Russell. Dundee says it has been a long four weeks to get Barnes here. Dundee tells Downtown Bruno that they are going to have Barnes outside the ring to take care of Bruno while they take care of the wrestling inside the ring. Barnes gets in Johnson’s face to tease tension already. Barnes insults Russell’s nose saying it’s big. Barnes promises to catch Bruno and hurt him badly.

Fifth Contest: Bill Dundee, Rocky Johnson & George Barnes vs. Rooster Cogburn, Mike Rose & Bob Owens: As expected, Dundee, Johnson and Barnes control the entire match and have little difficulty with their opponents. Barnes wins the match following a superplex.

Don Bass has his guitar at a lake and talks about what he did last week to show the fans that he can sing. Bass says the tape was cut and got thousands of calls regarding it. Bass wants every bit of his song to be played this week. Bass clearly plays another altered tape where he’s just mouthing words and isn’t even playing his guitar.

Lance Russell doesn’t buy it once again as Don Bass comes out and tries to convince Russell he sang the song. Bass tells Russell that he can’t sing today because his voice is gone and his band isn’t here either. Bass is tired of being called a liar.

Main Event: Billy Travis, Mark Starr & Alan West vs. AWA International Tag Team Champions Paul Diamond, Pat Tanaka & Jack Hart: Travis and Diamond start the match until Starr tags in quickly to take Diamond down to the mat. Tanaka gets tagged in and tries his luck with Starr. Hart holds West against the ropes to allow Tanaka to get a few shots in. West nearly pins Tanaka with a crossbody coming off the ropes. Travis comes off the middle rope to axe handle Hart followed by a side slam for a two count. Travis decks Hart with an uppercut. Starr dropkicks Hart for a near fall. The bell sounds because time has ran out for the match and they just have a standoff to end the segment and show.

Final Thoughts:
Brickhouse Brown showed some really good charisma this week and his match wasn’t too bad to showcase him. However, I’m not enjoying the racial route they are going for the match with Lawler. It just didn’t seem necessary and it also looked like Lawler was quick to distance himself from that. Don Bass continues to shine in his heel role, too.

Thanks for reading.

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