WCW Pro 9/28/1997

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Pro
Date: 9/28/1997
From: Orlando, FL

1.) Scott Norton defeated Rick Fuller
2.) The Renegade defeated Greg Valentine
3.) Lizmark Jr. & Super Calo defeated La Parka & Ciclope
4.) Scotty Riggs defeated Vincent
5.) Glacier & Ernest Miller defeated Mortis & Wrath

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Parka and Lizmark kickoff the tag match. Lizmark drops Parka with a shoulder block followed by an arm drag. They trade a couple of arm drags. Parka shoves Lizmark and they go to the apron where Parka slips and falls flat on his face. Ciclope nails Calo with a savant kick and gets legally tagged in. Calo catapults Ciclope into the ropes followed by a hurricanrana and a tilt a whirl backbreaker for a two count. Sonny Ono kicks Lizmark from the apron. Lizmark avoids Parka and Parka hits Ciclope. Calo hits a top rope crossbody and sends Ciclope into Parka. Lizmark hits a double dropkick. Lizmark and Calo take out their opponents with stereo suicide dives. Calo forearms Ciclope and goes to the top hitting a missile dropkick. Calo locks in a modified surfboard and wins the match by submission. (*1/2. That has to be a little bit of an upset since Parka is really the only guy of the four to have any form of momentum. Calo is a lot of fun to watch and is a really underrated Cruiserweight.)

2.) Vincent backs Riggs into the corner, but Riggs back elbows Vincent a few times. Riggs hip tosses Vincent followed by a clothesline and a dropkick to send Vincent bailing to the floor. Riggs keeps wrist control on Vincent followed by right hands. Riggs hammers away on Vincent and gets dropped throat first over the top rope. Vincent continues his attack with a forearm strike. Vincent leaps off the middle rope to deliver a fist drop. Vincent chokes Riggs over the middle rope and splashes onto Riggs over the middle rope. Riggs fights back with strikes but Vincent stops Riggs with a neckbreaker. Vincent chokes Riggs over the middle rope. Vincent drops Riggs throat first over the top rope from the apron. Vincent plants Riggs with a swinging neckbreaker. Riggs fights back with right hands and misses a dropkick as Vincent holds the ropes. Vincent stomps on Riggs and takes Riggs over with a suplex. Riggs nearly wins with an inside cradle and gets decked by Vincent. Riggs ducks a right hand and almost wins with a backslide. Vincent drops Riggs with a clothesline. Vincent goes for the cobra clutch, but Riggs breaks free with a jawbreaker and drops Vincent with a leaping forearm smash to win the match! (*1/4. I was getting worried for Riggs that he was going to lose to Vincent of all people. Luckily, Riggs played the role well of getting beaten up by Vincent for most of the match and bumped around fairly well for him, too.)

3.) Glacier and Mortis start off the tag match with Mortis taking Glacier down to the mat with a snapmare but doesn’t followup. Glacier arm drags Mortis and delivers a somersault elbow strike. Glacier drops Mortis with a tilt a whirl slam and delivers a kick for a two count. All four men are in the ring as Wrath nails Glacier with a kick. Wrath is choking Glacier on the floor. Miller connects with a kick and a leaping spin kick off the top to pin Mortis in short order. After the match, Wrath beats on Miller with strikes in the corner. Glacier has the stick and scares the heels from the ring. (1/2*. The finish my Miller is impressive, but this was incredibly quick and honestly surprising that Mortis and Wrath lost cleanly so quickly.)

Final Thoughts:
Nothing really going on here for entertainment. I was hoping the tag match main event would be a lot more enjoyable, but instead it was one of the quickest tag matches I’ve ever seen. This was a skippable show.

Thanks for reading.