NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #92 4/28/2004

Written by: Bob Colling

National Wrestling Alliance/Total Non-Stop Action presents Weekly PPV #92
From: Nashville, TN

In the parking lot, NWA World Champion AJ Styles has arrived to the building.

Opening Contest: Hector Garza, Mr. Aguila, Abismo Negro & Heavy Metal vs. Christopher Daniels, Jerry Lynn, Elix Skipper & Chris Sabin: Scott D’Amore is watching the match at the top of the aisle as Lynn and Metal start the match. Lynn head scissors Metal before tagging in Sabin. Metal hits a handspring back elbow on Sabin to gain control. Metal hits a spinning heel kick and tags in Negro. Negro works over Sabin with strikes in the corner. Sabin monkey flips Negro out of the corner. Negro sits Sabin on the top rope, but Sabin hits a springboard spinning heel kick for a two count. Daniels tags into the match and connects with a kick to the head. Daniels holds Negro over the top rope and Sabin hits a splash after jumping over Daniels. Lynn leg drops Negro over the middle rope and Skipper hits a somersault clothesline from the apron for a two count. Skipper gets another two count after a kick to the back, but Garza broke the cover. Daniels climbs to the top as Skipper drops Negro on a botch double team attempt. Negro connects with a tilt a whirl slam on Daniels and a tilt a whirl backbreaker. Garza hits a missile dropkick for a two count on Daniels. Garza clotheslines Daniels in the corner and Aguila enters to deliver a few strikes followed by a spin kick for a near fall.

Aguila drops Daniels with a chop and Metal comes off the ropes to dropkick Daniels. Metal slams Daniels to the mat and tags in Garza. Garza kicks Daniels to avoid a backdrop. Daniels plants Garza with an STO and Garza tags in Metal. Lynn tags in and takes Metal over with a hurricanrana for a two count. Lynn tries for a slam, but Metal breaks free. Lynn hits an over the shoulder neckbreaker for a two count. Negro helps Metal as Metal clotheslines Lynn in the corner. Negro takes Lynn off the top with a hurricanrana and Metal hit a back splash for a two count. Sabin dropkicks a seated Negro. Negro blocks a hip toss by Sabin to hit a slam. Sabin hits the Cradle Shock on Negro for a near fall. Metal dropkicks Sabin into the corner. Metal tries for a cover, but Sabin kicks out a two. Negro hammers away on Lynn against the ropes. Negro dropkicks Lynn to the floor. Metal fakes a dive and backdrops Negro over the top onto Lynn. Sabin takes Negro and Lynn out with a somersault dive to the floor. Metal takes everyone out with a moonsault on the floor. Daniels sends Aguila to the floor and heel kicks Garza. Daniels knee lifts Garza a few times and hits a vertical suplex/crossbody combo with Skipper for a two count on Garza. Aguila kicks Daniels a few times and hits a springboard facebuster with Garza slamming Daniels for a near fall.

Garza works over Skipper with more strikes in the corner. Skipper flips off the top rope, but Garza slips off the ropes. Skipper kicks Garza a few times to maintain control. Skipper keeps a sleeper on Garza. Skipper superkicks Aguila after a failed backdrop. Aguila spin kicks Skipper and Daniels almost pins Aguila with a rollup. Daniels slams Aguila and signals for the BME missing the moonsault. Agula slams Daniels missing a moonsault, but landed on his feet. Daniels avoids a kick and pins Aguila with a cradle to win the match. (***. A little bit of a sloppy match, but Daniels getting the win was an obvious choice since he just joined the team. It looks like Daniels could be a major factor for Team NWA to finally win the X-Cup tournament in a few weeks. I’m looking forward to the conclusion of the X-Cup stuff, honestly.)

Scott D’Amore is trying to shake Jerry Lynn’s hand at the announcers table. D’Amore doesn’t want Lynn to get in his face, but Lynn grabs D’Amore by his collar. D’Amore threatens Lynn to wait for next week.

Mike Tenay is in the ring to hype up what happened last week with AJ Styles winning the NWA World Championship from Jeff Jarrett inside a steel cage. NWA World Champion AJ Styles is introduced for an interview segment. Tenay says that Styles took advantage of an opportunity and is the new champion. Styles wants to thank a few people and thanks the NWA for letting him be the champion. Tenay had to get a new microphone. Styles thanks the fans for being behind him through thick and thin. The new microphone has some static. Styles reveals he’s not wrestling tonight due to injuries from last week. Styles knows that a lot of people want the title, but promises to defend the title next week. Styles will not hide behind the title. Styles says he’ll be defending the title against Raven next week.

3LK make their way out to the ring to confront Styles with BG James handling a microphone. James thinks it’s a little sad to find them in this situation. James says he’s a fan of Styles but thinks Styles is silly to suggest he can represent the NWA as champion. BG says he use to take bigger pills than Styles. Konnan chimes in and thinks that Styles is an example of favoritism. Konnan doesn’t understand how Raven gets a title shot first. Killings knows that Styles doesn’t want to wrestle him. Vince Russo comes out and says they can settle this as friends. Russo says if they want to say something to him they can. BG reminds Russo of saving his life in Vancouver when Billy Gunn was going to kill him. Konnan started a petition in WCW so that Russo wouldn’t get fired. Killings was someone who believed in Russo in TNA. Russo reminds BG of a group named DX and how HHH and HBK didn’t want them in the group. Russo tells Konnan that he gave him and Rey Jr. the tag titles on his first day. Russo reminds Killings who was his biggest fan when Killings wasn’t NWA World Champion. BG wants to test Russo’s loyalty and have Killings get a title shot instead of Raven. Konnan wants to know what Russo has done for them lately. Styles chimes in and says it’s time to end the family reunion. Styles would defend the title against all three men. Styles asks Killings if he wants a match and Styles decides to give Killings a title match tonight. Russo tries to reason to Styles, but AJ says he has to do it. Tonight, it will be Killings vs. Styles for the NWA World Championship.

Second Contest: NWA Tag Team Champions Kid Kash & Dallas vs. D’Lo Brown & Apollo in a nightstick on a pole match: The match starts backstage with the teams brawling. Kash runs to the ring and tries to get the nightstick, but Brown slams Kash off the top to the mat. Dallas enters and clotheslines Brown, but Apollo spears Dallas. Apollo works over Dallas in the corner with chops and a big boot in the corner. The nightstick fell off the pole after Apollo was sent into the corner. Apollo shoulder blocks Kash coming off the ropes. Apollo press slams Kash and Brown hits a cutter on Kash on the way down. Brown tries to slam Kash, but Kash avoids it and chop blocks Brown. Dallas slams Brown and the champs hit a moonsault leg drop combo on Brown. Brown fights back with right hands on Dallas, but runs into a swinging side slam. Kash pummels Brown on the mat with right hands. Kash kicks D’Lo as Dallas held Brown open for a strike to the ribs. Kash eye pokes Brown in the corner and boots Brown to the mat before hitting a moonsault off the top. Kash can’t go for the cover because they have to get the nightstick. Dallas tags in and nails Brown with a big boot. Dallas press slams Kash onto Brown seated in the corner. Dallas stands on the bottom rope and Kash misses a moonsault. Apollo powerbombs Dallas and returns to the apron. Brown tries to climb the pole to get the nightstick. Kash stops Brown on the top rope and Dallas has Kash on his shoulders looking for a superplex. Brown is able to counter and hits a shining wizard off the top to knock Kash off of Dallas’ shoulders. Apollo nails Dallas with a cutter. Apollo touches the top of the pole, and gets the nightstick, but Kash chop blocks Apollo. Kash has the nightstick and Brown his the Sky High. Brown use the nightstick on the champs a few times. Dallas falls to the floor leaving Kash by himself. Apollo backdrops Brown over the top to the floor onto Dallas. Apollo catches Kash with a spinebuster on a springboard attempt. Brown is sent into the railing by Dallas. Dallas hits Apollo with the nightstick and Kash hits a hurricanrana to counter a powerbomb to win the match and retain the titles. (*1/2. It’s just funny that the nightstick continued to fall down and they had to change it up on TV. The fact that something like this has happened on more than one appearance is just a poor look for TNA. The match was nothing special and I’m hopeful for a better team to challenge Kash and Dallas.)

Backstage, Scott Hudson is looking for Abyss. Goldylocks is behind Hudson and is sniffing candles. Goldylocks is offended by Hudson and his comments suggesting that she’s been doing characters. Goldylocks claims she hasn’t been there for a few weeks an thinks Hudson is seeing things. Goldy asks if Hudson thinks she’s crazy. Goldy tells Hudson that the last guy that called her crazy is not in a good spot right now. Goldy has been talking to Abyss, but Hudson claims Abyss doesn’t talk. Goldy tells Hudson that Abyss maybe doesn’t have anything to say to him and that ends the segment.

Third Contest: Abyss vs. Sabu: Abyss avoids a tackle attempt with a few overhand strikes to Sabu’s back to get the early advantage. Abyss works over Sabu in the corner with several strikes and elbow blows. Sabu fights back with a few right hands, but Abyss stops Sabu with another punch against the ropes. Sabu staggers Abyss with a strike. Sabu dumps Abyss over the top to the floor. Sabu hits a slingshot senton to the floor. Sabu continues to punch Abyss around ringside. Abyss sends Sabu into the railing, but misses a splash. Sabu sets a table up on the floor, but Abyss stops Sabu and rolls him back into the ring. Abyss keeps control with strikes and rams Sabu head first into the top turnbuckle followed by a chop to the chest. Abyss splashes Sabu in the corner and takes his time to followup. Sabu kicks Abyss and hits a springboard tornado DDT for a two count. Sabu grabs a chair from the floor and whacks Abyss over the head a few times. Sabu hits Abyss on the knee and springboard heel kicks the chair into Abyss face. Sabu hits a springboard moonsault for a two count. Sabu boots Abyss in the corner and tries for a hurricanrana, but Abyss blocks it and big boots Sabu coming off the ropes. Sabu rolls to the floor and hits the table setup on the floor.

Abyss lays Sabu onto the table and goes to the apron, but Sabu rolls off and yanks Abyss off the apron. Sabu sends Abyss into the railing chest first. Sabu hits a triple jump leg drop onto Abyss crashing through the table on the floor. Goldylocks comes down to ringside and is motivating Abyss to get up. Goldy argues with the referee on the floor to distract him. Sabu hits a springboard moonsault. The referee is trying to make the count for Sabu, but Goldy block the referee and slaps him. Sabu grabs Goldy by her hair and pulls her into the ring. Abyss saves Goldy with a strike, but Sabu avoids the Shock Treatment. Abyss plants Sabu with the Black Hole Slam. Abyss shoves the referee down and the referee hit the chair head first and the referee disqualifies Abyss. After the match, Abyss chokes Sabu with a chain. Goldy wants Abyss to finish Sabu off. Erik Watts comes out with a baseball bat and hits Abyss in the midsection. Goldy runs away and Watts hits Abyss a few more times with the bat. (**. This was a formula Sabu match with Sabu hitting a crazy dive to the floor. The finish was a bit underwhelming, but it looks like the main feud is between Abyss and Watts, anyway. Plus, Sabu is likely feuding with Raven. So, this really just becomes a filler match for senseless brawling.)

Backstage, Scott Hudson is with Simon Diamond, Sonny Siaki and Desire for an interview. Diamond notes that Desire broke her back ten months ago and she had to wonder when she could provide for her family. Siaki had loyalty to Russo and that has gotten him nothing. Diamond has six years of a friendship going down the drain. Diamond says that Swinger tossed their friendship aside. Diamond says that Swinger ripped up his ring jacket that it marked the end of Simon Diamond. Diamond says his real name is Pat Kenney and his 100% Irish and is not Italian. Diamond promises that they will bring the action.

Glen Gilbertti grabs a microphone and says that they are better than crowd because they are from New York. Gilbertti says the only good thing to happen in Tennessee is when Elvis died eating a ham sandwich. Johnny Swinger laughs at Simon Diamond changing his name to Pat Kenney. Trinity says that Desire picked the wrong night to come back from a broken back. Trinity dubs their group the NYC, New York Connection.

Fourth Contest: Glenn Gilbertti, Johnny Swinger & Trinity vs. Pat Kenney, Sonny Siaki & Desire: Kenney and Gilbertti start off the six person tag match. Kenney shoulder blocks Gilbertti, but Gilbertti delivers a forearm strike and right hands in the corner. Kenney clotheslines Gilbertti in the corner a couple of times. Kenney drops Gilbertti with a right hand and a series of snap suplexs. Gilbertti knee lifts Kenney to avoid a front suplex. Gilbertti bails to the floor to regroup with his group. Swinger hammers away on Siaki to control the match and is met with a kick to the chest. Siaki comes off the ropes to deliver a swinging neckbreaker. Swinger is met with a double hip toss as Kenney gets a two count. Kenney sends Swinger back first into the corner a few times and connects with a side Russian leg sweep for a two count. Kenney rams Swinger face first into the corner and delivers a few jabs. Swinger misses a clothesline, but Gilbertti delivers a strike from the apron. Gilbertti enters the match and decks Kenney with a right hand followed by stomps on the mat. Swinger returns to the match and knee lifts Kenney followed by more strikes in the corner. Swinger works over Kenney with strikes in the corner.

Gilbertti distracts the referee allowing Trinity to cheap shot Kenney. Swinger continues to work over Kenney in the corner with strikes. Swinger atomic drops Kenney followed by a clothesline and Gilbertti delivers an elbow drop for a two count. Gilbertti clotheslines Kenney and Trinity slaps Desire on the apron. Kenney is triple teamed behind the referees back. Swinger taunts Kenney, but Kenney fires back with right hands. Kenney backdrops Swinger and hits a sit out powerbomb causing both men to be down. Kenney tags in Siaki and Siaki cleans house with clotheslines and right hands. Siaki delivers a few chops, but Trinity tries for a low bow. Siaki blocks the attempt and is attacked from behind by Gilbertti. Desire tagged in, but Trinity yanked Desire down from the apron and stomps on Desire. Kenney superkicks Swinger to the floor. Trinity jumps on Siaki’s back, but is slammed to the mat. Desire enters the ring and beats on Trinity with right hands. Trinity gets control when the referee pulls Desire off. Desire spears Trinity and continues with strikes. Swinger trips Desire and Trinity has a steel chair. Siaki grabs the chair from the floor and Desire manages to get a rollup on Trinity for the win. (*1/4. It’s a feud that I just don’t care about and this dragged on for quite a bit. I’m not sue if this new persona of Pat Kenney is going to make much of a difference either.)

Backstage, Raven has a cameraman for a promo. Raven is threatening the cameraman and talks about all the names he’s been called throughout his career. He’s never been called a liar. Raven says if he tells Sabu he has his back, then he does. If he tells Chris Harris he’s not going to make the cage, then he won’t. He took Vampiro out of pro wrestling. Raven isn’t going to whine about Russo lying to him about being in the cage match with Jarrett. Russo promises that Russo and everyone else will pay. Raven says that James Storm is first on his list and says that Storm will be taking the beating that Russo deserves to get. Raven says that Russo has a Raven that he can’t control. Raven says that Russo has a bloodbath on his hands.

Backstage, Scott Hudson is with James Storm. Storm promises to do to Raven exactly what happened to Chris Harris. Storm knows that Harris will be back quicker than people think. Storm is a better fighter than wrestler. Kid Kash enters the scene and feels bad for Chris Harris’ injury. Kash tells Storm that he and Dallas are going to go down as the greatest tag team champions ever. Kash wanted to hurt Harris himself and that’s the only reason he’s sorry for Harris being hurt. Storm proceeds to attack Kash with several right hands on the floor to leave Kash laying.

Fifth Contest: James Storm vs. Raven: Storm runs into the ring and is met with stomps by Raven. Raven knee lifts Storm coming off the ropes to maintain control of the contest. Storm kicks Raven and clotheslines them both over the top to the floor. Storm sends Raven into the guard railing a couple of times. Storm delivers a side Russian leg sweep into the railing a few times. Storm crotches Raven over the guard railing and connects with a running clothesline. Storm rams Raven face first onto a chair a few times. Storm sends Raven into the railing again and continues to beat on Raven in the crowd. Storm tries to smash Raven’s arm with a chair, but misses. Raven drop toe holds Storm onto the chair. Raven slams Storm’s arm over the railing and onto the steel steps. Raven wraps Storm’s arm around the ring post and they return to the ring. Raven continues to focus on Storm’s injured left arm. Raven locks in a chicken wing submission. Storm doesn’t drop to the mat and instead rams Raven into the corner a few times to break free. Storm drops Raven with a punch and clothesline. Storm knee lifts Raven coming off the ropes. Dallas comes down to ringside as Storm hits a running bulldog for a near fall.

Storm hammers away on Raven in the corner, but Raven hits a powerbomb out of the corner and almost wins with his feet on the ropes. Raven boots Storm and ducks a leg lariat. Storm almost wins with a rollup and clotheslines Raven to maintain control of the contest. Raven avoids a superkick, but gets kicked in the back of the head. Raven tries for a DDT, but Storm delivers a superkick. Kid Kash hits Storm with a nightstick as the referee is distracted by Dallas and Raven hits a DDT for the win. (*1/2. It’s quite obvious that they are going to be returning AMW to the tag division as the singles run for Harris appears to not be a long-term thing. I’m not a fan of this and feel like Harris and Storm should just venture off into singles roles for a little longer, at least. But, when you fail to build any strong teams, I guess you resort to going back to what works.) After the match, Storm continues to be attacked by Kash and Dallas. The tag champs hit a clothesline/spear combo until D’Lo Brown runs into the ring and makes the save. Brown scares the champs from the ring with the nightstick.

A video of Jeff Jarrett cutting a promo about losing the NWA World Championship to AJ Styles last week. Jarrett gives Russo a warning that he has his rematch clause. Jarrett is teasing when he’ll invoke his rematch clause. Jarrett will do so when Russo and company don’t expect it. Jarrett promises to regain the NWA World Championship.

A video package promoting Michael Shane vs. Shane Douglas is shown.

Backstage, Scott Hudson interviews Erik Watts. Watts says that Goldylocks has cut up her credit cards and got him out of his house. Watts says that Goldy shouldn’t be messing with him personally. Goldy enters the scene and calls Watts a liar. Goldy claims that Watts has other girls and it might have been them. Abyss attacks from behind and beats on Watts tossing Watts outside the venue. Watts and Abyss trade strikes outside. Abyss chokeslams Watts through a table. Goldy repeats “who is crazy now?”

Main Event: NWA World Champion AJ Styles vs. Ron Killings: Styles backs Killings into a corner, but cleanly backs away. Styles controls Killings with a wrist lock and they counter hammerlock attempts. Killings takes Styles down to the mat, but Styles rolls to the floor to regroup. Killings shoulder blocks Styles and is met with a dropkick. Styles forearms Killings a few times knocking Killings to the floor. Styles is dropped chest first over the top rope and Killings delivers a right hand to maintain control. Killings continues with stomps to the ribs and keeps a wrist lock on Styles. Killings kicks Styles in the chest and delivers a few more strikes on the mat. Killings puts a modified dragon sleeper on Styles, but doesn’t get a submission. Styles knees himself free and chops Killings a few times. Killings counters a hip toss with an abdominal stretch. Killings plants Styles with a running powerslam. Killings heads to the top rope, but takes his time and Styles dropkicks Killings off the apron to the floor. Styles hits Killings with a somersault dive and both men appear to hit the railing. They return to the ring and Killings continues to deliver strikes. Styles kicks Killings on the knee and delivers a knee breaker. Styles locks in a leg lock in the middle of the ring. Styles stomps on the leg a few times. Styles connects with a dragon screw leg whip.

They trade a few strikes with Styles getting the advantage with a kick to the chest. Styles forearms Killings a few times. Killings uppercuts Styles a few times. Styles misses a dropkick and the referee is knocked to the floor. Killings decks Styles with a clothesline and checks the referee. Styles has a rollup on Killings, but both men have their shoulders down and another referee comes out leading to a double pin. We’ve seen this way too many times.

Vince Russo comes out and talks with the referees to see what’s going on. Eventually, the match is restarted. Styles bridges out of a rollup and they trade a few pin attempts. Styles counters a rollup and manages to pin Killings for the win. (*1/4. Honestly, that was just a dumb finish and story to go with. The restart was dull and the conclusion was a major disappointment. This was not a good first title defense for Styles to begin his latest title reign.) After the match, Raven attacks Styles on the aisle and they trade strikes. Raven drop toe holds Styles chest first into the railing from the aisle. Raven plants Styles with a DDT on the aisle and hold the NWA World Championship to end the show. It’s Raven vs. Styles next week for the title.

Final Thoughts:
The crowd was mostly dead for the show and there wasn’t a whole lot here to be excited for. The main event was a letdown and the angles they have going on right now just aren’t very interesting. Raven vs. Styles next week should hopefully be solid, but nothing is guaranteed in TNA. I’ve got to give this one a thumbs down.

Thanks for reading.

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