CWA TV 8/1/1987

Written by: Bob Colling

Date: 8/1/1987
From: Memphis, TN

NOTE: This is not the studio version due to it not being available. This is instead the syndicated version.

Lance Russell and Eddie Marlin are on commentary this week to promote what we’ll see. Eddie Marlin reveals there will be a night of dream matches. Marlin went around to all the wrestlers and got advice on what matches they wanted to have. There will be four tag matches and four dream matches. The wrestlers need to win their first match to have the dream match. There will also be a battle royal inside a steel cage.

Eddie Marlin says that Jeff Jarrett and Billy Travis dream match is against Paul Diamond and Pat Tanaka where they’d get five minutes with Downtown Bruno. We hear from Jarrett and Travis, who are the new Southern Tag Team Champions. Jarrett says they will beat Bruno’s brains out. Travis knows they will beat Diamond and Tanaka. Bruno could have any partner, as well.

We see footage of the match between the teams of Diamond/Tanaka and Jarrett/Travis for the Southern Tag Team Championships. Travis decks Tanaka with a clothesline and tries to make his way to Jarrett. Tanaka stops Travis from making the tag. Diamond keeps Travis on the mat with a sleeper hold. This match is taking place in Jackson, Tennessee, by the way. Jarrett tags in and dropkicks Tanaka. Travis takes out Diamond and the referee is distracted. Jarrett gets tossed over the top to the floor. Tanaka nearly wins with a cover attempt. Diamond and Tanaka hit a backbreaker/elbow drop combo. Tanaka plants Jarrett with a DDT. Diamond drives Jarrett face first into the corner to maintain control. Jarrett sends Diamond into the corner and tries to tag in Travis, but is stopped. Tanaka superkicks Jarrett a few times, but Jarrett no sells it. They begin to trade right hands with Jarrett getting the advantage. Travis prevents Diamond from getting involved again. Tanaka gets powder to the face and Jarrett pins Tanaka to win the titles.

Paul Diamond and Pat Tanaka say they have a dream match and that’s against Jarrett and Travis for the Southern Tag Team Championships. Diamond says it is time for them to get in the ring with them. They will win a non-title match and they want a special referee for their title match. That referee would be Moondog Spot.

Opening Contest: Paul Diamond & Pat Tanaka vs. Alan West & John Paul: West starts the match by dropping Tanaka with a right hand. Tanaka gets control with strikes and chops to stagger West. All four men are in the ring and the referee gets sent to the floor by Tanaka rather quickly. The referee throws the match out quickly as Paul gets tossed to the floor. Diamond slams West and catapults West into Tanaka who hits a DDT. They do the same move to Paul. Diamond hits a middle rope knee drop onto West. Diamond hits a top rope elbow drop, too. (NR. The match wasn’t anything, but Diamond and Tanaka had a nice segment and look really good.)

Lance Russell and Eddie Marlin talk about Rocky Johnson teaming with Bill Dundee to take on George Barnes and his cousin Blooey. Johnson wants a match with Barnes with boxing gloves. Dundee cuts a promo saying they are going to win the tag match. Johnson has a dream and it’s going to come true.

Second Contest: Bill Dundee vs. The Clone: Dundee is dressed like he’s Elvis. George Barnes comes out and cuts a promo saying that Dundee has turned into a yankee. Barnes hates Dundee and claims he’s not Australian. Barnes rings the bell to distract Dundee. Barnes gets on the apron and is slingshotted into the ring where Dundee dropkicks Barnes. Cousin Blooey enters and holds Dundee to allow Barnes to deliver a strike. Dundee is hung over the top rope by a rope and kicks Dundee several times. Billy Travis and Jeff Jarrett make the save along with John Paul and Alan West.

Lance Russell and Eddie Marlin discuss the dream match for George Barnes who wants Cousin Blooey to be the special referee. Barnes says that Rocky Johnson likes to dream about getting him in the ring, but it will not ever happen. Barnes promises that Johnson will never beat him. Barnes reveals that Blooey would be his special referee.

Lance Russell and Eddie Marlin talks about the Moondogs dream match where they would get a handicap match with Big Bubba with George Barnes as the special referee. Bruno shared a pre-tape promo saying that Bubba wants to tar and feather Bruno when he beats one of the Moondogs.

We see footage of a match between the Moondogs and Bubba/Goliath. They are brawling on the floor and having a wild encounter at ringside.

Big Bubba and Goliath cut a promo on Bubba’s dream match. They’ve explained this three times already. Bubba would be happy to tar and feather Bruno.

The Nasty Boys share their dream match against Mark Starr and Alan West. They think they are being held back. I didn’t really understand the promo, but I believe they want to wrestle Eddie Marlin and Randy Hales. Marlin says he’d rather not do it, but he would do it.

We see footage of a tag match between the Nasty Boys and the team of Alan West and George Barnes. This must have been before Barnes turned heel officially. Barnes gets on the microphone and demands that West fight. West got to the corner, but Barnes wasn’t there. Barnes left again and West got there, but no tag was made. West ends up getting pinned by Sage and Barnes quickly goes backstage.

Alan West and Mark Starr have a dream match where if they beat the Nasty Boys they want a AWA Southern Tag Team Championships on the same night. So, watch out Nasty Boys.

Eddie Marlin and Lance Russell promote the whole card that is full of potential dream matches. There will be dream matches and the whole show will have nine matches. There is also a battle royal inside a steel cage on the show. They also promote Super Tour ’87.

Final Thoughts: 
I wish I had a studio version as those ones are far more enjoyable. These types are the ones for syndication and is more of Russell and a partner chatting, it appears. It is good to show some footage from MSC since the studio show doesn’t really focus on that. The dream match angle seems a little repetitive and boring.

Thanks for reading.