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WWF Heat 10/8/2000

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Heat
Date: 10/8/2000
From: Baltimore, MD

1.) X-Pac defeated Test by disqualification
2.) WWF Tag Team Champions Hardy Boyz defeated Mean Street Posse to retain the titles
3.) Triple H defeated Perry Saturn

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Earlier today, Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley was interviewed by Rebecca in a limo. Stephanie is coy about whether or not she’ll manage Kurt Angle and leaves the limo to wave to her fans before the show begins.

2.) The theme music for Heat has changed. I believe this is the music they’d use for at least the next three years that I can remember.

3.) Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley makes her way out to the stage in WWF New York. Stephanie brags a little bit about MTV asking her to special guest host Heat and nobody could match Steve Austin from last week, aside from herself. Stephanie promotes a live Q&A segment and she promises to answer anything and everything. Stephanie notes that Triple H is in action tonight and we’ll see how good he is without her in his corner.

4.) Test uses his strength advantage to toss Pac to the mat early on. Pac fires back with right hands a headlock. Test shoulder blocks Pac to gain control of the contest followed by a right hand. Pac boots Test in the corner, but runs into a big boot. Test tries for the pump handle slam, but Pac counters. Test tosses Pac into the corner and hammers away on Pac, but Pac delivers a low blow. Trish Stratus trips Pac in the corner and rams Pac groin first into the corner. Billy Gunn runs into the ring and plants Pac with the Fame-Asser! Well, that disqualifies Test. (NR. I was digging what they were doing here, but the cheap finish to advance Gunn/Pac was a bit of a bummer.)

5.) Backstage, the Hardy Boyz are talking on a stairwell. Matt Hardy lists the challengers they have, but the Mean Street Posse enter and challenge the Hardy Boyz to a tag title match. Rodney and Pete Gas haven’t won a match, but they accept the challenge anyway.

6.) Rebecca promotes an unexpected guest at MTV and that man was Pat Patterson. Patterson believes he’s the MTV generation. Patterson takes credit for Behind The Music. Patterson wasn’t allowed into the building.

7.) DJ Skribble is talking about the show, but Pat Patterson comes over and says that he’s going to blow the place up with his music.

8.) Backstage, Mean Street Posse meet up with Edge and Christian to let them know that the Hardy Boyz fell for it. Edge says they are going to help the Posse win and they will get the first title shot tomorrow night on RAW.

9.) Rebecca brings out Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley for the Q&A segment for the show. Rebecca says that Stephanie is twice her size, and that’s the first thing Stephanie notes and doesn’t agree with. Eddie asks Stephanie if she’d pose in Playboy. Stephanie asks the fans if they’d like to see her in Playboy, but Stephanie dismisses that saying that she could never get to Chyna’s level. Stephanie notes that she does get naked for Triple H. Another fan asks Stephanie where she was at for when Steve Austin got ran over. Stephanie assures us she has nothing to do with Austin getting ran over. Bill asks if Stephanie slept with Kurt Angle. Stephanie answers by saying “sleep? No, I’ve never slept with Kurt.” Charlie asks when she’s going to forget Triple H and Kurt Angle and marry him instead. Stephanie can’t do that. A female fan wants Stephanie to dump Triple H. Stephanie loves Triple H.

10.) Backstage, Rodney is wondering if they need to workout and why doesn’t Edge and Christian just use a steel chair. Pete Gas wonders how they can be at ringside for the match. They got their manager license and Rodney doesn’t believe it.

11.) Gas and Jeff kickoff the title match with Jeff dropkicking Gas. Jeff hits another sloppy dropkick coming off the ropes. Gas knee lifts Jeff followed by a clubbing blow. Matt enters to work over Rodney briefly. Rodney misses a clothesline and Matt decks Rodney with a right hand to the mat. Matt scoop slams Rodney before tagging in Jeff. Hardy’s hit a middle rope leg drop combo on Rodney. Gas enters and is taken over with a snap suplex. Jeff hammers away on Rodney, but Rodney sidesteps Jeff to toss him to the floor. Gas stomps on Jeff and rams Jeff into the ring steps face first. Posse hit a double backbreaker on Jeff for a two count. Rodney chokes Jeff over the middle rope and Gas continues. Lita comes over and forearms Gas. Rodney takes Jeff over with a double under hook suplex. Rodney taunts the crowd and misses a top rope moonsault. Matt gets tagged in and cleans house with right hands and a neckbreaker. Matt plants Gas with a back suplex. Jeff hits Poetry in Motion in the corner on the Posse. Matt hits the Twist of Fate on Rodney. Jeff dives off the top to takeout Edge. Matt gets stopped by Christian with the Un-Prettier! Rodney has the cover, but Matt counters with a crucifix to win the match. (*1/2. Call me crazy, but I would have put the straps on the Posse just to get them back onto Edge and Christian the following night. Or, have the Hardy’s do a similar angle on RAW as both teams try to get an easy title win on the Posse. That could have been interesting. Posse is still a little rough around the edges, but they for sure have a skill set to work with.)

12.) DJ Skribble is promoting what we just saw, but Pat Patterson cuts him off and he’s going to sing for the crowd. Patterson is clearly lip synching. Skribble insults Patterson and is tackled as a result.

13.) Earlier in the day, Skribble interviewed a few fans who they think ran over Austin. Debra, the Rock, Big Show, Vince McMahon, and Shawn Michales are mentioned as some options.

14.) Jim Ross sat down with Mick Foley about the situation regarding who ran over Steve Austin. Ross says that Foley made a drastic decision to suspend Austin. Foley doesn’t like being met with a stunner. Foley says that Austin should pursue criminal charges because someone should be behind bars. Foley thinks that Austin going around hitting the stunner on people makes it less enjoyable. Foley has warned and asked nicely that Austin not get involved with WWF action. Foley is a little insulted that Ross would say he speaks as if he’s in politics. Foley says if Austin trusted him then they’d find the culprit. Foley promises to announce the person who ran over Austin on RAW tomorrow night.

15.) Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley joins Michael Cole and Tazz to chat about Triple H’s upcoming match. Tazz notes that Stephanie’s wedding ring isn’t on her finger.

16.) Saturn doesn’t get an entrance. They lockup and neither man gets the advantage. HHH back elbows Saturn to the mat and taunts Saturn. Saturn knee lifts HHH a few times against the ropes. HHH boots Saturn and comes off the ropes with a clothesline. HHH stomps away on Saturn in the corner. HHH takes Saturn over with a vertical suplex. HHH comes out of the corner to knee drop Saturn for a two count. Saturn drop toe holds HHH over the middle rope. Saturn plants HHH with a flapjack. Saturn tosses HHH with an exploder suplex for a near fall. Saturn dumps HHH through the ropes to the floor. Saturn takes HHH out with a suicide dive. Saturn heads to the top rope hitting a missile dropkick for a near fall. HHH stops Saturn with right hands in the corner. Saturn knee lifts HHH, but HHH delivers a face buster. HHH ducks a clothesline to hit a neckbreaker. HHH connects with a high knee lift for a near fall. HHH tosses Saturn over the top to the floor. HHH drops Saturn chest first over the railing. Saturn boots HHH in the corner and tries for a double axe handle. However, HHH counters with a boot in midair and plants Saturn with the Pedigree to win the match. After the match, Stephanie slapped Tazz two times since they were talking smack to each other on commentary. (*1/2. Considering they have a similar background with being trained by Killer Kowalski, I’m sure that played a part in the match even taking place. The action was okay, but I was hoping that Saturn would get more of a shine.)

Final Thoughts:
Despite the action not really delivering quality matches, the episode flew by rather quickly. I’d consider it an average episode this week, though I had bigger expectations.

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