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CWA TV 9/26/1987

Written by: Bob Colling

Date: 9/26/1987
From: Memphis, TN

Lance Russell and Dave Brown are hosting this week. They rundown the show and who we’ll see in action. We’ll be seeing the RPMs taking on Nasty Boys this week!

Tracy Smothers is interviewed backstage regarding what happened last week. Smothers was minding his own business and was attacked by Tanaka and Diamond. He’s been out of action for a week and doesn’t know what kind of shape he’s in but he’s gonna give it a go.

Opening Contest: Tracy Smothers vs. Keith Erich: Smothers doesn’t seem to have any issues from last weeks attack. Smothers gets attacked by Diamond and Tanaka leading to a DQ. After the match, Steve Armstrong enters the ring and cleans house to help Smothers. They brawl on the floor where Diamond sends Smothers into the ring post shoulder first. Armstrong and Smothers hit leaping forearms in the ring and they continue to brawl in the ring. Jeff Jarrett and Billy Travis come out to chase off the heels. (It’s cool to see Steve Armstrong in CWA and teaming with Smothers is a good addition to the tag division.)

Lance Russell interviews Tracy Smothers and Steve Armstrong. Smothers knows that Diamond and Tanaka can’t do anything unless its 2 on 1. Smothers puts over Armstrong saying that the family is second to none. Smothers has a rhyme for the Commission telling them that they better get out of town. They are the Wild Eyed Southern Boys.

Lance Russell talks about a battle royal where Don Bass was eliminated, but the referees didn’t see it and eliminated Jerry Lawler. CWA officials reviewed the footage and it’s announced that Bass will have to give up the 10k prize money back to Jerry Lawler. That will be happening later today on television.

Second Contest: Billy Travis & Jeff Jarrett vs. Rough & Ready: As per usual, Travis and Jarrett dominate the tag match. Jarrett wins the match following a dropkick.

Third Contest: Rocky Johnson vs. Keith Erich: Johnson wins the match easily and in short order with a sunset flip.

Don Bass comes out with his mother, who is in a wheelchair. Bass is interviewed by Lance Russell and says that his mother sacrificed a lot for his career. Bass told his mother that he’d buy her house if he ever won a lot of money. Bass proclaims he won 10k fair and square that he used the money to put a payment down on a house. Bass got a call from the AWA saying he had to return the money and now his mother doesn’t have a house. His mother is crying. Jerry Lawler makes his way out and he’s not buying this at all, apparently. Lawler takes Bass’s mothers wig off, and it was Carl Fergie! Lawler is beaten down by Bass, Fergie and Brickhouse! Fergie nails Lawler in the midsection with a steel chair. Bill Dundee runs out and chases the heels off with a chair. (I liked that segment. Don Bass is an enjoyable character.)

Fourth Contest: Bill Dundee vs. Keith Roberson: Dundee wins the match in a quick fashion after an elbow strike. After the match, Carl Fergie enters the ring and attacks Dundee. Don Bass and Brickhouse send Dundee into the ring post. Fergie drives Dundee face first into the announcers table. Lawler runs out and beats on the heels. They are using brooms and chairs to fight off the heels. They have a standoff until the heels back away. Lawler gets double teamed and Dundee gets beaten by Bass with a chair. Fergie pulls Lawler onto the announcers table and Brickhouse delivers more kendo shots. Lawler punches Fergie off the table and tosses a chair at Fergie, which breaks. Dundee has gotten up and continues to fight with Lawler using anything they can grab. The brawling finally concludes with the studio a complete mess.

Lance Russell interviews The Commission. Brickhouse Brown isn’t happy about Jerry Lawler getting the 10k. Brown says that Lawler is just living in his world. Carl Fergie chimes in and says that they know how tough they are, but they’ve never wrestled them before. They are going to get even. Bass says they aren’t hard to find and they’ll knock their heads off. Brickhouse promises that someone is going to get hurt real bad.

Main Event: AWA Southern Tag Team Champions Nasty Boys vs. Rock & Roll RPMs: Davis and Knobbs kick off the title match. Davis knee lifts Knobbs in the corner but Knobbs comes out with a clothesline and an elbow drop. Davis yells at Knobbs and wants a piece of Sags. Sags boots Davis in the corner and continues with a scoop slam. Sags scoop slams Davis again causing Davis to regroup in the corner. Lane enters the match to try his luck with Sags. Knobbs enters and elbows Lane for the early advantage. Knobbs controls Lane with a headlock. Davis enters the match and beats on Knobbs with right hands. Knobbs decks Davis to stop the momentum. Knobbs tags in Sags to continue the match. Sags sends Davis into the ropes to deliver a clothesline. Sags keeps a headlock on Davis for a few moments. Lane knee strikes sags from the apron to give his team the cheap advantage. Lane drives Sags down with a backbreaker. Lane takes Sags over with a snap suplex. Lane rams Sags into Davis feet on the apron. Davis slams Sags and decks Knobbs off the apron.

Lane keeps a front face lock on Sags followed by a few overhand strikes. Sags knee strikes Lane to drop the challenger. Knobbs gets the hot tag and all four men are brawling in the ring. Knobbs clotheslines Lane and the referee gets knocked down. Davis is backdropped to the floor by Sags. Sags and Davis brawl on the floor. Knobbs tries for a sunset flip, but Lane counters with a right hand to win the match. (*. Well, that’s a disappointing match. I think Lane used a chain and hid it in his tights, but it’s not mentioned. I feel like this was a rushed title change, but maybe there will be a good chase for the Nasty Boys.)

Final Thoughts:
The segment with Don Bass and the brawl that followed was nicely done and has me interested in that apparent four man feud moving forward. The tag title switch didn’t really sit well with me. RPMs are a fine team and will do well with the titles, but I fear that such a quick title switch will impact the Nasty Boys in a negative way.

Thanks for reading.

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