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CWA TV 11/14/1987

Written by: Bob Colling

Date: 11/14/1987
From: Memphis, TN

Lance Russell and Dave Brown welcome everyone to the program and they highlight who we’ll see on the program. There will be plenty of tag team matches or multi-man matches. Russell notes that there are two new champions they will be talking to, as well.

Opening Contest: AWA Southern Heavyweight Champion Bobby Jaggers & AWA Mid-American Champion Jimmy Jack Funk vs. John Paul & Ricky Fontana: Funk is the new Mid-American champion having defeated Jeff Jarrett recently for the championship. As expected, Funk and Jaggers have no real issue with their opponents. Funk wins the match following a powerslam on Montana. Sign me up for these guys tagging on a more regular basis.

Jimmy Jack Funk thinks he’s the toughest man in wrestling today. He taught Jeff Jarrett a lesson and won the Mid-American Championship. Funk calls Jarrett a punk. Funk is going to give Jarrett a rematch and there will be a second referee, but Funk doesn’t care. Funk is gonna beat Jarrett no matter what.

Jeff Jarrett makes his way out to be interviewed by Lance Russell. Jarrett notes that he lost his first singles championship to Jimmy Jack Funk. Jarrett believes the match would have been more fair if there were two referees. This week, there will be two referees for Jarrett to get the championship back.

They showed an ad promoting Jeff Jarrett’s poster. They are trying to make Jarrett a sex symbol.

Second Contest: Jerry Lawler vs. Blue Knight: Lawler wins the match with a middle rope right hand to the jaw to finish the match in twenty-nine seconds. Lawler wants to remove the mask, but the referee isn’t going to allow that.

Badd Company come out for an interview with Lance Russell. Diamond says that people have been asking why they attacked their former stablemates. Diamond notes that Fergie and Bass had no interest in tagging in and Fergie nailed Tanaka with a chain. Diamond thinks that Brickhouse is a bum and never did anything for them. When they lost the titles, Brickhouse didn’t do anything to help them get the titles back. Diamond knows that everyone is mad at Brickhouse. Naturally, that brings out the Commission with Brickhouse insulting Badd Company saying they are nothing without him. Brickhouse says he can’t work miracles with losers like them. He believes they are rock solid. Diamond says they have a surprise and he will take care of them next time they square off. Well, that man turns out to be Big Bubba. Bubba isn’t happy with Brickhouse in regard to broken promises. Bubba will be in Badd Company’s corner.

Third Contest: Bill Dundee & Nasty Boys vs. Keith Roberson & Rough & Ready: Nasty Boys hit an awkward looking middle rope Hart Attack to win the match.

Hector Guerrero and AWA International Champion, Manny Fernandez, come out for an interview. Fernandez doesn’t have a physical championship. Guerrero is asking for money from the fans to buy his cream. Guerrero blames Dr. Diablo for what happened last week. Fernandez says the area needs more men wrestling and not boys. They are the dream warriors of the 80s and they are Lawler’s nightmare.

Fourth Contest: Hector Guerrero & Manny Fernandez vs. Ed Mattox & Freezer Thompson: During the match, Randy Hales talked to Dr. Diablo who doesn’t have a mask on. His name is Carl Anderson and has a bandaged over his eye. Anderson doesn’t know what is in the hair tonic and told Guerrero it had no place in wrestling. Anderson claims that he is blind in his right eye and hasn’t heard from Guerrero. Anderson isn’t happy that Guerrero hasn’t checked up on him at all. Fernandez earned the pin on Thompson to end the enhancement match.

Fifth Contest: Rock & Roll RPMs vs. David & Benny Wilson: RPMs made short work of the Wilson Brothers this week. They won the match following a middle rope Hart Attack clothesline.

Lance Russell talks to the RPMs afterward. They don’t like that they have to put something up every time to get a shot at the tag titles. They are tired of the stipulations. This week they aren’t putting any money on the line, but instead a diamond ring. Midnight Rockers make their way out to confront the RPMs. They just happen to have a jeweler there and he’s going to check the diamond to see if it’s real. It is determined to be real and valued at being at least $1,000. The Rockers don’t know what to do with the ring and they might just give it away at the matches. The fan with a program and the lucky number will get the ring, if the Rockers win the match.

Main Event: AWA Southern Tag Team Champions Midnight Rockers & Billy Travis vs. Carl Fergie, Don Bass & The Executioners: Fergie and Jarrett kickoff the match. Fergie works over Jarrett with strikes and a headlock early on. Jarrett comes back with a hip toss and arm drag. Travis tags in and hit a double back elbow on Fergie for a two count. Executioner tags in and Jannetty enters the match for a moment before Michaels hits a top rope crossbody. Brickhouse Brown interferes in the match and everyone starts to brawl. Bill Dundee comes out to get involved. Hector Guerrero and Manny Fernandez run into the ring. Big Bubba enters the ring to get in on the brawling, too. The match has been thrown out at this point. Guerrero hit Dundee with a cane. Guerrero uses the cane on Big Bubba. Michaels uses a chair on one of the Executioners. Guerrero rams Jarrett face first onto the desk. They are brawling all around the floor as the show goes to commercial.

Final Thoughts:
There weren’t a lot of new developments here at all. I idea of Jaggers and Funk as a duo is interesting and appealing to me. Aside from that this was a rather lackluster show.

Thanks for reading.

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