CWA TV 1/2/1988

Date: 1/2/1988
From: Memphis, TN

Lance Russell and Dave Brown open the show, but they are cut off by Hector Guerrero quickly. Guerrero is going to have a Mexican holiday celebration later on in the program.

Jimmy Jack Funk comes out and insults the fans calling them sissies. Funk wants them to shut their mouths and listen to the toughest wrestler to ever be in the area. Funk will slap one of them himself. Funk says that Jerry Lawler is spreading a rumor that he beat him on Monday, but he’s denying that. Funk says that Lawler used a flame thrower to blind him. Funk threatens to slap the fans in the face if they holler at him.

Opening Contest: Jimmy Jack Funk vs. Benny Wilson: Wilson also wins with a rollup, but Funk quickly drops Wilson over the top rope. Funk wins the match following a spinning slam.

Hector Guerrero comes out for another interview with Lance Russell. Guerrero puts over his language as being better than Americans. Guerrero has a pinata with him and wants Russell to give an example of how to do it. Guerrero puts a blindfold on Russell’s eyes. Dave Brown comes over and holds the pinata. Guerrero pranks Russell by having him swing nowhere near the pinata. Russell ends up hitting the pinata and a powder explodes out of the pinata. Guerrero dumps more powder onto Russell to embarrass him.

Second Contest: Scott Hall vs. Rough & Ready in a handicap match: Hall is double teamed, but quickly fights them off. Hall wins the match following a bulldog out of the corner.

Third Contest: Tijo Khan vs. David Wilson: Khan dominates the match hitting a slam on the floor and sends Wilson onto the announcers desk. Khan wins the match following a body strike. After the match, Bill Dundee hits Khan over the back with a wooden board to save Wilson from a further beating.

Bill Dundee chats with Dave Brown and says he doesn’t think that Khan is nuts because he didn’t come back for more board shots. Dundee is proud to be American and is going to send Khan back to where he came from and he’s going to take him out.

Fourth Contest: Jeff Jarrett vs. Hector Guerrero: Jarrett arm drags Guerrero to start the match, which has started during a break. Jarrett shoulder blocks Guerrero a few times and keeps arm control. Guerrero almost wins with a rollup and is met with an arm drag. Guerrero bails to the floor to regroup. Guerrero yanks Jarrett down by his hair and keeps arm control on the mat. Jarrett backdrops Guerrero leading to a two count. Guerrero tries to get out with forearm strikes, but Jarrett holds on. Jarrett backdrops Guerrero, but lands on his feet. Jarrett takes Guerrero over with a few arm drags. Jarrett delivers a few elbow strikes to Guerrero’s left arm. Guerrero rams Jarrett face first into the corner and continues with a vertical suplex for a two count. Jarrett sunset flips Guerrero, but Guerrero blocks with a right hand. Guerrero drives Jarrett down with a backbreaker for a near fall. Hector tosses Jarrett with an under hook suplex for a near fall.

Guerrero tries for a splash, but Jarrett got his knees up to block it. Guerrero recovers to drive Jarrett face first into the mat. Guerrero eye rakes Jarrett a few times and hits a German suplex for a two count. Jarrett knee lifts Guerrero followed by a right hand and a clothesline. Jarrett hammers away on Guerrero in the corner. Jarrett backdrops Guerrero followed by a dropkick. Jarrett hits Guerrero with powder over the head and is disqualified. Guerrero is sitting in flour. (*1/2. The action is rather basic and the finish clearly sets something up for these two on the arena tour.)

Main Event: Ken Wayne vs. Billy Travis: There is still flour in the ring and they roll around in the flour. Wayne avoids a backdrop and Travis counters a hip toss with one of his own. Travis arm drags Wayne and keeps control on the mat until Wayne counters with a head scissors on the mat. Wayne gets a near fall with a rollup as they keep a mat based focus for the match. They’ve been wrestling for four minutes and it’s been very boring. Wayne has kept an arm bar on Travis on the mat for several moments. Travis forearms Wayne a couple of times. Wayne staggers Travis with a forearm of his own. Wayne hammers away on Travis in the corner. Wayne digs his elbow into Travis arm and delivers a few elbow strikes to the face. Travis tries for a slam, but Wayne lands on top for a two count. There’s about one minute left in the time limit. They trade strikes with Travis decking Wayne to the mat. They trade more right hands in the middle of the ring. Travis atomic drops Wayne for a near fall. The bell sounds with Travis on top of Wayne. (1/2*. A very boring segment and there was no heat attached to this at all. They went too long with the mat work and it just dragged on forever.)

Jerry Lawler comes out to talk with Lance Russell. The Governor has sent a man from his office to present Lawler with an award to be a colonel. They give Lawler a pin to wear on his crown. Lawler is speechless and appreciates the gesture.

Final Thoughts:
I’d say this was a really poor episode of TV. The major segment of Guerrero with Russell wasn’t all that interesting and the action wasn’t all that great either. Hopefully this isn’t a sign of things to come in 1988 for CWA.
Thanks for reading.