WWF Wrestling Challenge 4/19/1992

World Wrestling Federation presents Wrestling Challenge
From: Toledo, OH

1.) The Undertaker defeated Mike Collins
2.) The Beverly Brothers defeated Rock Werner & Jerry Fox
3.) Koko B. Ware defeated Barry Horowitz
4.) Shawn Michaels defeated Louie Spicolli
5.) Sgt. Slaughter defeated Tom Stone
6.) Virgil defeated Kent Carlson
7.) Sid Justice defeated Ron Cumberledge

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Gorilla Monsoon shows off the WWF Magazine where Ric Flair has been exposed for being a liar. Bobby Heenan tries to do some damage control and denies the claims made by Monsoon. Flair and Perfect will be explaining themselves on the show, according to Heenan.

2.) The Berzerker and Mr. Fuji cut a pre-tape during Taker’s match. Berzerker wants to prove that he can stop Undertaker, if Taker has the guts. After his victory, Undertaker puts his opponent in a bodybag.

3.) Special Report hosted by Lord Alfred Hayes focuses on Paul Ellering reuniting with the Legion of Doom on Superstars last week. They just re-aired the whole segment from Superstars.

4.) The Beverly Brothers and Genius shared a pre-tape promo during their match. Blake says that LOD may think they are big and tough, but they’ve never met them. Beau chimes in and calls them sissies. Genius thinks he is going to slap Ellering’s face.

5.) Horowitz attacks Ware before the bell and continues with uppercuts and elbow strikes in the corner. Horowitz taunts the crowd as Ware tries to regroup around the ring. Horowitz knee lifts Ware and rams Ware’s face into his boot in the corner. Horowitz avoids a right hand strike by holding onto the ropes. Ware pulls Horowitz over the ropes and drops Horowitz down to the mat face first. Ware fakes a crossbody off the middle rope and hits a missile dropkick for the win. (NR. A quick enhancement match, but effective for Koko and Horowitz did a good job in his role.)

6.) We get promos by Sid and Ultimate Warrior promoting their house show matches. Sid recalls wondering at SummerSlam if Warrior was afraid he’d have to wrestle him someday. Sid tells Warrior to not mess with the man who rules the world. Warrior chimes in with his promo and says that the world no longer runs through him. Warrior believes nobody will follow Sid and Sid will bring him sweet dreams.

7.) A vignette for a mystery inmate coming out of jail and getting revenge on Big Bossman is shown again. He doesn’t have a name, yet.

8.) Jimmy Hart shares a pre-tape promo during Sgt. Slaughter’s match. Hart tells Slaughter to remember that the Mountie is an international hero and he always gets his man.

9.) Mean Gene hosts an interview with Ric Flair and Mr. Perfect on the podium. Gene mentions that the WWF Magazine article casting doubt on the photographs that Flair and Perfect shared leading into the WrestleMania VIII match. Gene notes that every photo was photoshopped to replace Savage with Flair. Savage was with Elizabeth in every picture. Perfect claims that Savage has had the photos changed. Perfect says the WWF World Championship belongs to Ric Flair. Perfect claims that Savage is a cheater and a low life just like Elizabeth is, as well. Flair chimes in and says that everything Gene said would bring a tear to a glass eye. Flair says that both Savage and Elizabeth have cheated for years. Flair claims that he blew Elizabeth off. Flair is pissed that Savage pulled his tights to win because he was there to wrestle fair and square. Flair describes kissing Elizabeth on her wet, moist lips. Flair says that Elizabeth was at his hotel door at midnight begging to ride Space Mountain again. Flair knows two things. The first thing is that they will claim the WWF World Championship the first time they get Savage in the ring. The second thing is that Savage bought the cow after he got all the milk for nothing.

10.) Virgil shares a pre-tape promo saying that he doesn’t have a nose guard and he’s ready to take on any challenge because they will pay a big price.

11.) Sid absolutely destroys the enhancement talent with a clothesline and a couple of chair shots on the floor while the referee was distracted. Sid wins the match following a powerbomb. After the match, Sid tips over a stretcher that had his opponent on it. Sid also drops the stretcher onto his opponents back before departing the area.

Final Thoughts:
I thought this was a good show for Wrestling Challenge. They promoted some key feuds and the enhancement matches were enjoyable. I’m really digging the Beverly Brothers and Sid as a top heel is connecting with me.

Thanks for reading.

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