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CWA TV 7/18/1987

Written by: Bob Colling

Date: 7/18/1987
From: Memphis, TN

Lance Russell and Dave Brown are hosting this week and they rundown what we’ll see. Russell promotes the Super Tour, which will be taking place in August.

Brickhouse Brown makes his way out to be interviewed by Lance Russell. Brown still has the crown and is using Lawler’s music. Brown is also the new AWA Southern Heavyweight Champion. Brown doesn’t think Lawler has anything left now that he’s lost his crown and belt.

Opening Contest: AWA Southern Heavyweight Champion Brickhouse Brown vs. Ed Mattox: The new champion makes very short work out of Mattox this week. Brown wins the match following a lariat.

Jerry Lawler comes out as Brickhouse Brown was heading backstage. Lawler wants Brown to come into the ring, but Brown doesn’t accept the offer. Lawler is flattered that Brown is trying to be like him. Lawler is taking it as being Brown’s idol. Lawler reminds us that the stipulation was if Brown lost than he’d shine Lawler’s shoes. Brown had a lot of help and got the help to win the title. Lawler isn’t going into the next match with Brown knowing there’s going to be others to help Brown. Lawler announces that Big Bubba will be the special referee for their rematch.

We see footage of a tag match between the teams of Bill Dundee & Rocky Johnson taking on Pat Tanaka & Paul Diamond in a no disqualification match. George Barnes atomic drops Downtown Bruno on the floor and Dundee avoided a middle rope headbutt by Tanaka. Barnes hits Tanaka with a chair and Dundee has the cover which leads to a three count. Dundee celebrates the win with Rocky Johnson, but George Barnes doesn’t like that and wants to celebrate with Dundee. Johnson and Barnes shove each other and almost come to blows. Dundee is trying to keep the peace between the two men. Johnson puts his hand out to shake hands with Barnes but Barnes turns his back and leaves.

Second Contest: AWA International Tag Team Champions Bill Dundee & Rocky Johnson vs. Keith Roberson & Rooster Cogburn: George Barnes is on commentary during the match kind of downplaying Rocky Johnson throughout. Johnson manages to pin Roberson.

Third Contest: Paul Diamond & Pat Tanaka vs. George Barnes & Randy Bryant: Apparently, Barnes came to the area assuming he’d be teaming with Dundee and is not happy that Johnson has filled that role. That was explained on commentary during this match. Barnes get in the match at any point and Tanaka wins the match following a savant kick. After the match, Barnes gets in the ring and yells at Diamond and Tanaka. Barnes yells at Bryant and drops Bryant with a strike. Bill Dundee enters the ring and defends Bryant, but Barnes keeps yelling at Dundee.

Lance Russell talks to Bill Dundee and George Barnes. Dundee defends Bryant for being “just a boy.” Barnes says if it were them they’d be champions. Dundee says he’s champions with Johnson right now and promises Barnes they will at some point. Barnes is tired of them talking all the time. Rocky Johnson comes down and reminds Barnes who he is. Johnson wants to be friends with Dundee but not his goofy friend Barnes. Johnson proceeds to leave the scene.

Don Bass has sent in another video to showcase his singing ability. Bass promises to have the biggest impact in music. As with the other two instances, Bass provides a lip synching video and he’s not actually singing. The original artist is singing “Detroit City” once again sang by Bobby Bare.

Lance Russell doesn’t buy into this and Don Bass comes out because he’s pissed Russell continues to cut off his tape. Bass would beat Russell’s brains in, but he’ll do it to anyone he faces and wants Russell to know it will be on his shoulders.

Fourth Contest: The Moondogs (Spike & Spot) vs. Freezer Thompson & Rudy Diamond: Moondogs win the match following a middle rope knee drop onto Thompson. That was quick work for the Moondogs. After the match, the Moondogs get a chair but the referee prevents any usage.

AWA Mid-American Champion Jeff Jarrett makes his way out alongside Big Bubba for an interview with Lance Russell. Bubba talks about the Moondogs trying to take them out but they are still here. Jarrett will not put the belt in his closet and he’ll defend every night. Jarrett is excited to get their hands on the Moondogs once again.

Fifth Contest: AWA Mid-American Champion Jeff Jarrett vs. Phil Hickerson: Hickerson delivers a few strikes against the ropes followed by a back elbow and a backbreaker for a two count. Hickerson drops Jarrett with a right hand to the chest. Jarrett fights back with strikes. Hickerson eye rakes Jarrett to get control of the match. Jarrett dropkicks Hickerson but here comes the Moondogs to attack Jarrett. They put the dog collar on Jarrett and yank him down to the mat. Big Bubba finally makes the save to run off the Moondogs.

The Nasty Boys come out and say they came from the AWA to show the fans what class is all about. Jerry Sags hates country western music and hate sLance Russell. They are going to put all the tag teams to shame. Sags says they are going to move into Elvis’ mansion, too.

Main Event: Nasty Boys (Knobbs & Sags) vs. Billy Travis & John Paul: Nasty Boys go on the attack and send them to the floor to start the match. Travis and Paul dropkick the Nasty Boys from behind to the floor. Knobbs and Paul start the match legally with both men trading wrist control. Knobbs elbows Paul into the corner and delivers a few more strikes. Paul tries to fight out, but Knobbs stops Paul and tags in Sags. Sags leg drops Paul on the arm and tags in Knobbs to keep control of the match. Sags comes off the middle rope with a double axe handle. Paul takes Sags down to the mat and delivers a leg drop. Knobbs axe handles Paul to help Sags. Paul kicks Sags to the mat and tags in Travis. Travis hammers away on Sags and decks Knobbs on the apron. Travis drops Sags on the jaw and all four men are brawling in the ring. Paul decks Knobbs to the floor and has an inside cradle on Sags. However, Knobbs decks Paul allowing Sags to get the pin.

Final Thoughts:
Brickhouse Brown being the AWA Southern Heavyweight Champion proves to me that Lawler must have lost the belt to everyone just in order to get it back. I can’t imagine Brown will have a long run with the title. The George Barnes/Rocky Johnson issue seems to be going exactly as you’d imagine it would. The Moondogs continue to be my favorite act in the CWA at this point. Nasty Boys felt a little bland and not very interesting.

Thanks for reading.

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