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Rebooking TNA 2002: PPV #1

NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #1
From: Huntsville, AL

After a video package highlighting the history of the NWA, Mike Tenay is in the ring with NWA legend Harley Race to welcome the fans to a new beginning of the NWA with the brand new promotion, NWA-TNA. Race has the NWA World Championship and talks about the great history of champions and how he is looking forward to handing over the championship to the winner of the Gauntlet of the Gold main event. Race is proud to represent the NWA. However, the segment is cut off by Shane Douglas, who infamously threw down the NWA World Championship back in 1994. Douglas enters the ring and tells Race and Tenay to shut their mouths and stop praising a company and tradition that he killed eight years ago. Douglas is not going to sit here and allow the NWA to rise again to being relevant. Douglas reveals that he’s in the Gauntlet For The Gold and he’s going to throw down the championship just like he did in 1994. Douglas laughs in Race’s face while Tenay tells Douglas to leave the ring to end the segment.

Opening Contest: Jerry Lynn vs. Christopher Daniels vs. Shark Boy vs. Elix Skipper vs. Jimmy Yang vs. Devon Storm in an elimination match to crown the first ever NWA X-Division Champion.
Elimination #1: Shark Boy by Elix Skipper following the Play of the Day
Elimination #2: Jimmy Yang by Christopher Daniels following the Angels Wings
Elimination #3: Devon Storm by Christopher Daniels following the Angels Wings
Elimination #4: Elix Skipper by Jerry Lynn following the cradle piledriver
Elimination #5: Jerry Lynn by Christopher Daniels following a low blow and using the ropes for leverage after 14:08 of action

Backstage, Goldylocks interviewed Buff Bagwell regarding his match with Ron Killings. Bagwell tells Goldy that he’s a star and that he has no idea who Killings is. Tonight, Bagwell will have his name displayed in the lights as a winner while Killings will be looking up at the lights, Because, he’s Buff and he’s the stuff.

Second Contest: Malice vs. Apollo: After eight minutes of action, Malice was able to put Apolo away following a chokeslam. After the match, Malice dug a spike into Apollo’s forehead drawing blood. Father James Mitchell taunted a bloodied Apollo.

Backstage, Goldylocks interviewed Steve Corino, CW Anderson, Simon Diamond and Johnny Swinger. Corino leads the interview and tells Goldy that she is looking at four men that are going to dominate NWA-TNA. Back in the 80s there was a group of men that ran all over the NWA, but they will take things a step further. Corino reveals that they are the Extreme Horsemen and tonight their mission is for one of them to win the NWA World Championship and he likes their odds in the Gauntlet For The Gold.

Third Contest: Ron Killings vs. Buff Bagwell: After six minutes of action, Killing put Bagwell away with a scissors kick. After the match, Bagwell had a temper tantrum following the defeat.

Mike Tenay and Don West are at ringside and take the time to promote the four team ladder match coming up next. They introduce the four teams and let the fans know they are excited for what is about to happen tonight.

Fourth Contest: America’s Most Wanted vs. The New Church (Slash & Brian Lee) vs. The Hot Shots vs. Joey Matthews & Christian York in a ladder match for the vacant NWA Tag Team Championships: After eighteen minutes of action, James Storm was able to retrieve the tag team championships after tipping over the ladder and sending Slash chest first over the top rope and falling to the floor. There were several table spots with Harris hitting a top rope splash onto York through a table on the floor and Lee chokeslamming Chase Stevens off the apron through a table on the floor.

Backstage, Goldylocks interviews AJ Styles regarding his association with NWA. Styles tells Goldy that he was with WCW towards the end and his opportunity to make a name for himself was taken away from him with a snap of a finger. For over a year he’s been wrestling all over the county and tonight he’s got that opportunity to make another mark on the national stage. He’s not going to pass it up. Kid Kash enters the scene and scoffs at what Styles has been saying. Kash tells Styles that he made a name for himself in ECW, but he’s still has the hunger to be the best and tonight he’s wrestling Styles. Kash tells Styles that he’s not going to make a name for himself at his expense. “Better luck next time, kid.” Kash says and pats Styles on the face before walking to the ring.

Fifth Contest: Kid Kash vs. AJ Styles: After eleven minutes of action, Styles was able to pickup the win following the Styles Clash. After the match, Kash tossed a chair into AJ’s face and spiked Styles with a brainbuster on the chair.

Mike Tenay and Don West explain the Gauntlet Of The Gold taking place in the main event to crown the NWA World Champion. The match will feature twenty wrestlers and is over the top elimination with the final man standing becoming the champion. Tenay teases that their may be a few surprises in the match.

Sixth Contest: Extreme Horsemen (CW Anderson, Simon Diamond & Johnny Swinger) vs. The SAT (Joel & Jose Maximo) & Amazing Red: After seven minutes of action, Anderson put away Joel with a spinebuster. SAT’s and Red put up a great effort hitting some high risk moves, but ultimately weren’t able to put away their bigger opponents.

Main Event: 20-Man Gauntlet For The Gold for the vacant NWA World Championship:

1.) Low Ki
2.) Sonny Siaki
3.)Takao Omori
4.) Sabu
5.) Ron Killings
6.) Johnny Swinger
7.) Kid Kash
8.) Scott Hall
9.) CW Anderson
10.) Rick Steiner
11.) BG James
12.) Simon Diamond
13.) Jeff Jarrett
14.) Brian Lawler
15.) Sandman
16.) Shane Douglas
17.) Ken Shamrock
18.) Chris Candido
19.) Steve Corino
20.) Amazing Red

1.) Takao Omori by Low Ki
2.) Sonny Siaki by Scott Hall
3.) Sabu by Kid Kash
4.) Johnny Swinger by Scott Hall
5.) Low Ki by Ron Killings
6.) Ron Killings by CW Anderson
7.) Rick Steiner by CW Anderson
8.) Sandman by Shane Douglas
9.) Brian Lawler by Jeff Jarrett
10.) Kid Kash by Jeff Jarrett
11.) CW Anderson by Ken Shamrock
12.) BG James by Simon Diamond
13.) Simon Diamond by Jeff Jarrett
14.) Jeff Jarrett by Steve Corino
15.) Shane Douglas by Scott Hall
16.) Chris Candido by Scott Hall
17.) Ken Shamrock by Steve Corino
18.) Amazing Red by Steve Corino
19.) Scott Hall by Steve Corino

After the match, Steve Corino is awarded the NWA World Championship and celebrates the win in the ring with Swinger, CW and Diamond while Hall is left dejected on the outside coming so close to winning the NWA World Championship. Tenay and West wonder what this means for the NWA now that the new group Extreme Horsemen have the title in their possession!





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