ECW Hardcore TV 12/31/1999

Written by: Bob Colling

Extreme Championship Wrestling presents Hardcore TV
: 12/31/1999
From: White Plains, NY

1.) Little Guido defeated Super Calo
2.) Kanemura defeated CW Anderson
3.) Balls Mahoney & New Jack defeated Angel & DeVito

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Guido takes Calo down to the mat and they struggle on the mat leading to a standoff. Calo elbows free from Guido and gets an inside cradle for a two count. Calo arm drags Guido off the top rope rope and head scissors Guido for a two count. Calo arm drags Guido and they have another standoff. Guido slaps Calo followed by strikes on the mat. Calo drives Guido down with a tilt a whirl backbreaker and a stomp. Calo hits a springboard dropkick off the top rope. Guido rolls to the floor and Calo fakes a dive. Calo dives onto both Guido and Sal with a crossbody to the floor as the show goes to commercial.

Sal has put Calo on a table outside the ring and hits an elbow off the apron to put Calo through the table. Calo is rolled into the ring and Guido hits the Un-Prettier for the win. (*1/2. Calo was used to just put Guido over and had minimal time to shine.)

2.) Backstage, Chris Chetti is dancing and acting like he’s a Ricky Martin fanatic. Nova is behind Chetti and asks what Chetti is doing. Nova is looking for Kid Kash and enters the room thinking Kash is in there, but there was a woman. Chetti pranked him and goes back to dancing.

3.) Lou E. Dangerously is in the ring to cut a promo and says he’d never pay tribute to Paul E. Dangerously because he sucks just like all the fans.

4.) Backstage, Rhino cuts a promo about not having mercy. Rhino promises to beat Sandman up at the PPV.

5.) Kanemura is tripped by Lou and met with a superkick by Anderson for a two count. Anderson hits a swinging neckbreaker for a two count. Wiles decks Kanemura as the referee is distracted. Anderson tries for a piledriver and is met with a backdrop. Kanemura splashes Anderson in the corner. Anderson plants Kanemura with a spinebuster for a two count. Kanemura avoids a suplex, but Wiles decks Kanemura only for Anderson to hit Wiles with the phone on accident. Kanemura slams Anderson and hits a top rope senton for the win. (*1/2. Clearly Lou’s group of guys are just going to be jokes and not taken seriously. Anderson looked good in there, though.)

6.) New Jack leaping off the balcony onto Grimes through a table is shown. After a commercial, Mahoney hits DeVito with a chair shot. Angel uses the staple gun on Mahoney and wins the match. Mahoney had the staple shot into his eye.

7.) They showed the complete Awesome vs. Tanaka match from ECW on TNN.

8.) Spike Dudley cut a promo saying that Awesome knocked his girls teeth out. Spike was too violent for the Dudley’s and hasn’t missed a match in three years. Spike has gotten up each time. Spike doesn’t care if he wins or loses, he is going to wrestle extreme and hurt Awesome.

Final Thoughts:
I’d say this was a lackluster episode as the in-ring stuff wasn’t all that great and there wasn’t much angle progression. Spike being an underdog challenger to Awesome is fine and the angle involving Spike’s girl gives the match some emotional attachment to it. Hopefully TV picks up in early 2000.

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