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CWA TV 8/8/1987

Written by: Bob Colling

Date: 8/8/1987
From: Memphis, TN

Lance Russell and Dave Brown promote the show and what we will see.

George Barnes comes out to talk to Lance Russell. Barnes says the worst possible thing that an Australian can do is to pretend to be a yankee. He’s referencing Bill Dundee. Barnes says that Dundee is a fake American. Barnes doesn’t understand why anyone would want to pretend to be an American. Barnes mentions his coaches in Australia that he looks up to. Jim Deegan and Hell Morgan told him that Dundee has tried to get to Barnes level, but Dundee will never be on the same level. Barnes is confident that he could beat anyone. Barnes promises to take care of Dundee in the name of his coaches.

Brickhouse Brown comes out with Paul Diamond, Pat Tanaka and Don Bass. Brown has been doing some thinking. Brown says he’s well educated and has been wondering why Lawler, Johnson, Dundee and Jarrett are main eventers and they aren’t. It’s because they are organized. Brown announces they are going to be organized. Brown wants to be known as the Prince of the Commission. Downtown Bruno comes out and wants to know what’s going on with Diamond and Tanaka. Diamond calls Bruno slime and they don’t talk to him anymore. Brown says he has plans for Bruno and tells Bruno he can be with him or against them. Bruno thinks about the offer and accepts the offer with Brown. Tanaka is going to give Bruno a loyalty test. Tanaka brings a shoe shine box for Bruno to use on Brown’s boots. The fans are telling Bruno to not do it. Bruno proceeds to shine Brown’s shoes to show his loyalty. Brown says Diamond and Tanaka are heading to the top and Brown promises to rule the world. This is his world and everyone else is just living in it. Bruno has passed the test. Brown heard that Eddie Marlin has open contracts with all the wrestlers. Brown says there is no more open contracts and if they want to work with his wrestlers they have to come through him. The Commission will reign supreme.

Bill Dundee makes his way out to be interviewed by Lance Russell. Dundee says he wouldn’t clean anyone’s boots to stay in the business, which is a shot at Downtown Bruno. Dundee says that nobody wants to wrestle these days. Dundee has wondered who is the best between himself and George Barnes and they are going to find out. Dundee says he’s Australian by birth, but American by choice. Dundee wants to be American and he went and got himself a green card. Dundee is proud to be American. Dundee thinks that Barnes temper is going to cost him. Dundee learned the same stuff that Barnes has learned. Dundee says there isn’t going to be punches or kicks, but rather actual wrestling and one of them will lose. Dundee promises he’s going to win the match.

Opening Contest: Paul Diamond & Pat Tanaka vs. Freezer Thompson & Ed Mattox: Brickhouse Brown is on commentary putting over Diamond and Tanaka throughout the match. Diamond slams Mattox on the floor. Diamond and Tanaka have had a more aggressive approach to their offense here. They hit a catapult DDT combo on Mattox for the win. (NR. I enjoyed this as having Tanaka and Diamond with a more aggressive side was executed really well.)

George Barnes comes out to he interviewed by Lance Russell. Barnes says he has to keep his cool. Barnes was informed that the first person to break the rules of no punches would lose the match. They have to keep the rules intact. Barnes says he doesn’t lose his cool and promptly loses his cool about saying he doesn’t lose his cool. Barnes is going to embarrass Bill Dundee.

Second Contest: Rocky Johnson vs. Rooster Cogburn: Johnson quickly wins the match after a couple of dropkicks. Cogburn stands up pissed off with the result.

A video promoting the team of Billy Travis and Jeff Jarrett is shown.

Third Contest: Jeff Jarrett & Billy Travis vs. Keith Roberson & The Thunderbird: Jarrett wins the match following a standing dropkick after two minutes of action.

Fourth Contest: Nasty Boys vs. David Johnson & Freezer Thompson: Knobbs wins the match following a middle rope clothesline in less than two minutes of action.

Super Tour ’87 promo is aired.

Main Event: Mark Starr, Alan West & John Paul vs. Keith Erich, Rough & Ready: Starr gets the win following a running clothesline to end the squash match.

Final Thoughts:
I enjoyed George Barnes segment on the show and made me interested in his loose cannon kind of persona. I can get behind the idea of Brickhouse Brown leading a stable if he’s mostly the mouthpiece and not the main guy wrestling for the group. For the most part, this episode was a rather lackluster episode in terms of development.

Thanks for reading.

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