CWA TV 8/15/1987

Written by: Bob Colling

Date: 8/15/1987
From: Memphis, TN

Lance Russell and Dave Brown are on commentary to promote what we’ll see this week. We’ll be seeing footage from the Mid-South Coliseum.

We see footage of the Price Is Right match where Rocky Johnson teamed with Jerry Lawler to take on Don Bass and Brickhouse Brown inside a steel cage. Big Bubba was the referee and we see footage of Bubba dancing with Johnson. Johnson slaps Brickhouse while dancing, too. Lawler misses Brickhouse in the corner, and Brickhouse dancing a little bit to taunt Lawler. Johnson showcased his athletic ability by hip tossing Brown. Bass avoids Lawler in the corner, but Lawler decks Bass to the mat. Brickhouse decks Lawler with a clothesline and gets a two count thanks to Big Bubba doing a slow count. Lawler is worked over some more by Brown. Lawler begins to no sell the action and jabs Bass several times. Lawler drops the straps as Johnson enters and all four men are brawling. Lawler leaps off the top rope to fist drop Bass! However, Big Bubba leg drops Lawler and Bass covers Lawler to win the match and is the new AWA Southern Heavyweight Champion! Big Bubba has turned heel! Brickhouse Brown had paid off Big Bubba with $5,000.

Lance Russell says there is a lot of controversy regarding the AWA Southern Heavyweight Championship and the AWA will be reviewing the tape of the match. We hear from the AWA saying the championship committee is looking at the match. Until they all review the footage, Don Bass will remain the AWA Southern Heavyweight Champion.

Jerry Lawler makes his way out to the studio to be interviewed by Lance Russell. Lawler says he was hoping that the AWA would make things right for what happened to the match we just saw. Lawler doesn’t understand how they can’t see what happened. Russell notes that all the members of the committee have to see the video. Lawler has a “King’s Hit List” and the list has three names. The first name is The Peahead, Big Blubber (Big Bubba), but Lawler is calling him a pinhead, so I don’t know what he was going for. The second one is the Lip Synching Don Bass, but he calls him Don Ass. The third man is the Prince, Brickwheat Brown, who is Brickhouse Brown. Lawler promises to get his hands on every single one of them.

Downtown Bruno leads the Commission and is wearing a jester outfit. Brickhouse Brown is being carried to the ring in a throne with Paul Diamond and Tanaka carrying him. Brown says that he’s the prince of the Commission and puts over his group. Brown takes the microphone from Lance Russell and introduces his friend, Bruno. AWA Southern Tag Team Champions Paul Diamond and Pat Tanaka are going to be world champions soon according to Brown. AWA Southern Heavyweight Champion Don Bass and Bass says he’ll kick anyone’s butt that enters the ring with him. Brown says all his men are fighting champions. Brown is a little scared of the politics involving Eddie Marlin and Randy Hales trying to get rid of him. Goliath is wearing a gladiator outfit and is there to protect Brown. Goliath grabs the microphone and says that nobody can take him on and if they think so they have another thing coming to them.

Brown introduces the king of the professional wrestling, King Carl Fergie. Brown says that Fergie is the real king and not a phony like Jerry Lawler. Brown says that Fergie realizes his royalty and they laugh at Lawler who has a plastic crown. Brown gave the crown back because he thought it was worth something. Brown says that Russell is just like everyone else and says Russell doesn’t see what’s right in front of them. Brown thinks the fans should stand and salute them when enter the arena. Big Bubba makes his way out and dances into the scene with a colorful singlet instead of an all black one. Brown dances with Bubba for a few moments. Brown tells Bubba that he’ll go to the top if he listens to him. Bubba puts over Brown for being able to produce on his promises. Meanwhile, Marlin and Hales give him shallow promises. Bubba claims he has a record deal and a trial with the Rockettes due to his dancing ability. Brown says people call him the mailman because he delivers what he says he’ll do.

Backstage, Lance Russell interviews Rocky Johnson, who isn’t impressed by the Commission. Johnson says you never trust a man who changes their name. Johnson says he can dance and fight better than Brickhouse. Johnson claims he’s a better lover than Brown, too.

Opening Contest: Rocky Johnson vs. Keith Roberson: Roberson took the early advantage from behind, but Johnson quickly hit a dropkick to win the match in 19-seconds.

A video promoting Jerry “The King” Lawler is shown.

The Nasty Boys come out to be interviewed by Lance Russell. Jerry Sags insult Diamond and Tanaka calling them brainless and and mindless for not listening to what they told them. Sags calls them fools for getting involved in their match with Travis and Jarrett. We see footage of what they’re talking about. Paul Diamond and Pat Tanaka storm the ring when all four men were going at it in the ring. The Nasty Boys went after Diamond and Tanaka. It looks like everyone is brawling with each other. Back to the studio, Knobbs notes how fast Diamond and Tanaka bailed from the ring. Knobbs isn’t happy about getting screwed over. Knobbs says they are getting nastier and nastier. They are coming after the tag titles. Sags says the tag belts will be theirs before we even know it.

We see footage from Jackson, Tennessee where Moondog Spike was the referee for a tag match between Paul Diamond/Pat Tanaka taking on Jeff Jarrett/Billy Travis for the AWA Southern Tag Team Championships. Spike isn’t about to count a fall for Jarrett or Travis. Travis was sent over the top with a double backdrop. Travis manages to backdrop Tanaka to make a brief comeback. Diamond catapults Jarrett into Tanaka to hit a DDT for the clean win and new champions.

Backstage, Jeff Jarrett and Billy Travis are interviewed by Lance Russell. They aren’t here to make excuses and then proceed to mention the illegal things that they did. Travis was hit with a piledriver on the floor during the match. They are going to get the titles back.

Main Event: Jeff Jarrett & Billy Travis vs. Rough & Ready: It doesn’t take too long for Jarrett and Travis to prevail in the tag main event as Jarrett wins following a dropkick.

Final Thoughts:
The entire episode was essentially focusing on the Commission group, which I’m assuming will be playing a large part television moving forward. Action wise, the matches were rather quick and didn’t serve much entertainment. It’s still a fine overall episode as they need to build the heel stable and having a heavy focus this week would help with that.

Thanks for reading.