ECW Hardcore TV 3/12/2000

Written by: Bob Colling

Extreme Championship Wrestling presents Hardcore TV
From: Philadelphia, PA

1.) Super Crazy defeated CW Anderson to advance in the ECW Television Championship Tournament
2.) The Sandman defeated Tajiri to advance in the ECW Television Championship Tournament

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Footage of a match between Little Guido and Kid Kash is shown. Guido almost pinned Kash after an elbow drop off of Sal’s shoulders and Sal hitting an elbow drop, too. Jazz comes out and low blows Sal followed by a Crossface, but is dropkicked by Guido. Guido tried for the Un-Prettier, but Kash yanks Guido down onto the chair face first. Kash runs off the apron to hit a tornado DDT on Sal outside the ring. Kash hits a missile dropkick on Guido and signals for a hurricanrana. Kash misses a senton splash attempt. Guido takes Kash down with an arm bar and wins the match by submission. (NR. That’s a huge win for Little Guido and I think that should mean that Guido is going to get a major push moving forward. Guido advances in the TV tournament.)

2.) Cyrus forced ECW Television Champion Rob Van Dam to vacate the championship since he’s out with a broken leg. The segment would air on ECW on TNN.

3.) They also show a Rhino vs. Spike Dudley match for the ECW Television Championship tournament, that also aired on ECW on TNN.

4.) Dusty Rhodes is at his ranch cutting a promo saying that the camera crew is not the Networks but rather his own crew. Rhodes says that he’s forgotten more about television production than Cyrus would ever know. Rhodes credits Cyrus for his ass kissing ability. Rhodes didn’t come to ECW to start things or get over. Dusty has already gotten over and been a world champion. Dusty has a new bag with a brand new bullrope. Dusty promises to be at Living Dangerously and says he invented hardcore wrestling. Dusty suggests that Corino try and figure out how he’s gonna get out of this one. Dusty says it won’t get any better than him and Corino at Living Dangerously.

5.) Anderson and Wiles attack Crazy before the bell with right hands against the ropes. Crazy connects with a double DDT. Crazy sends Anderson over the railing and comes off the ropes to dropkick Wiles off the apron into the crowd. Crazy hits a springboard moonsault onto both men. Crazy rolls Anderson into the ring and rams Anderson into the corner. Crazy hammers away on Anderson with right hands. Dangerously trips Crazy from the floor and Anderson has a chair, but misses and Crazy whacks Anderson with another chair sending the chair into CW’s face as the show goes to commercial.

Anderson has been busted open as Crazy hits a head scissors and tries for a hurricanrana, but Anderson counters with a powerbomb through a table. Anderson chokes Crazy over the middle rope and Dangerously hits Crazy with his cellphone. Anderson hammers away on a bloodied Crazy before Crazy rolls to the floor to regroup. Anderson smashes Crazy with a chair shot. Anderson continues with a left hand and covers Crazy for a two count. Crazy fires back with strikes, but Anderson hits an exploder suplex as the shows goes to another commercial break.

Crazy leg drops Dangerously through a table in the ring, but Anderson plants Crazy with a spinebuster for a two count. Anderson sets a table up on the outside and brings Crazy to the apron. Crazy low blows Anderson on the middle rope and hits a hurricanrana off the middle rope to put Anderson through the table. Crazy hits a springboard moonsault to pin Anderson in the middle of the ring. (***1/2. I really enjoyed this one as well. Anderson is having a breakout month of matches against Crazy and the crowd was eating this up. I can see Anderson becoming a top heel in ECW and Crazy should be elevated, too. These two are a lot of fun to watch against each other.)

6.) Footage of ECW World Champion Mike Awesome and Raven beating Tommy Dreamer and Masato Tanaka to win the tag titles is shown. The match was aired for ECW on TNN, as well.

7.) Sandman works over Tajiri with an elbow and strikes before putting Tajiri on a table and hits a somersault senton off the top through the table for a two count. Sandman gets another table from the floor. Sandman also has a guard railing in the ring. Sandman throws the broken table to the outside and is met with a kick to the face by Tajiri. Tajiri delivers a kick to the face and puts Sandman in a tree of woe. Tajiri baseball slide dropkicks Sandman in the corner followed by stomps. Tajiri tosses the guard railing to the floor. Tajiri lays Sandman over the table and delivers a few chops to the chest. Tajiri double stomps Sandman through the table for a near fall. Tajiri dropkicks a seated Sandman. Tajiri sets a table up in the corner, but is stopped by Sandman with strikes. Sandman sends Tajiri into the corner back first and sits Tajiri on the top rope to hit a hurricanrana. Corino and Victory get on the apron. Corino hits the referee and Sandman takes Victory down with a White Russian leg sweep. Sandman whacks Corino with the kendo stick. Rhino slides into the ring and attacks Sandman. Rhino sets the table up and allows Tajiri to hit Sandman with the kendo stick. Tajiri accidentally mists Sandman and Sandman hits a White Russian leg sweep on Tajiri. Rhino is blinded and GORES Tajiri through the table. Sandman whacks Rhino several times with the kendo stick and manages to pin Tajiri to advance in the tournament. (*1/2. Probably the best they could do considering the difference in styles. There was no surprise that Sandman was going over as it advances the feud with Rhino and ties into the tournament fairly well. The miscommunication should be leading to a turn for Tajiri since he’s been getting positive reactions for months now.)

Final Thoughts:
This was a good go-home show into Living Dangerously. There was quality action and they kept it focused without any filler, really. An effective episode of Hardcore TV.

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