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CWA TV 10/31/1987

Written by: Bob Colling

Date: 10/31/1987
From: Memphis, TN

Lance Russell and Dave Brown welcome everyone to the program and rundown who we’ll see competing. AWA World Tag Team Champions Jerry Lawler and Bill Dundee will be on the show, too.

Opening Contest: Jeff Jarrett & Billy Travis vs. Keith Roberson & Keith Erich: They actually got a decent amount of time and made the match fairly competitive. Roberson got a few moments to shine on Travis. Erich enters and is met by a dropkick from Jarrett to finish the match.

Lance Russell conducted an interview with Hector Guerrero and Dr. D. Guerrero has a hair removal cream and it’s approved by the Mexico medical association. Guerrero promises it will remove hair in one minute. Guerrero says that Mexico put a fence up to prevent people from coming in and stealing their products. Guerrero is going to put a stipulation where if the enhancement guy loses in the next match that he can use his cream on him.

Second Contest: Dr. D vs. Jim Jamison: Guerrero puts the cream on Jamison during the match and Jamison runs backstage holding his head. Russell says that Guerrero has peppers in his cream.

Hecto Guerrero is interviewed by Russell again. Guerrero promises to make believers out of all the people. Guerrero believes there will be a lot of bald people. Guerrero comes out for a third time and wants Jamison to come out and show that his cream works. Guerrero says that the cream burns, just like a pepper, but it works. Jamison comes back out with Jerry Lawler. Jamison’s head has a bald spot from the cream. Lawler promises that he’ll kill Guerrero if he puts that cream on him. Guerrero shills the cream for $38 and he’ll send the cream to anyone. Guerrero wants cash only. Lawler comes out with a gun to scare Guerrero and Dr. D! Lawler reveals it’s a toy gun and taunts Guerrero with the cream causing Guerrero to back peddle quickly. Guerrero is pissed that Lawler has stolen his cream.

Lance Russell interviewed the Midnight Rockers backstage. Michaels says they have been all over the world and says that the CWA is where it’s at and that’s why they are here. Michaels thinks there’s a weak link in the tag division and it’s in the CWA. They are going to prove they are the best tag team in wrestling.

Third Contest: Midnight Rockers (Shawn Michaels & Marty Jannetty) vs. The Assassins: Rockers win the match following a vertical suplex/top rope crossbody combo. Rockers will be a welcomed addition to the tag division.

Main Event: AWA Southern Tag Team Champions Rock & Roll RPMs vs. John Paul & David Wilson: RPMs win the match following a piledriver by Lane on Wilson after five minutes. This was just an extended squash for the champs.

Bobby Jaggers wrestled Tracy Smothers in a semi-final match for the AWA Southern Heavyweight Championship. This took place at the Coliseum. Smothers fought back with a leaping spinning forearm strike. Smothers misses a middle rope crossbody attempt and Jaggers won the match after an elbow drop and a handful of tights.

Billy Travis wrestled Don Bass in the other semi-final match for the AWA Southern Heavyweight Championship. Bass backdropped Travis as the action is joined in progress. Travis is tossed over the top to the floor. Travis fought back with a few kicks to the chest and Bass begs off in the corner. Travis gets a rollup on Bass and gets the three count.

Bobby Jaggers squared off against Billy Travis in the finals to crown a new AWA Southern Heavyweight Champion. Travis controls Jaggers with a side headlock to start the match. Travis misses a running crossbody and crashes to the floor. Jaggers rams Travis face first into the ring post. Travis has been busted wide open from the ring post shot. Jaggers sends Travis into the ring post a second time. Travis tries to throw wild right hands but the blood is obstructing his vision. Jagger tries for a cover, but Travis refuses to stay down. Jaggers drops Travis with a right hand and a forearm strike. Jaggers continues with a swinging neckbreaker for a near fall. Jaggers continues to beat on Travis in the corner ramming Travis head first into the corner. Travis holds onto the ropes to block a swinging neckbreaker. Travis fires back with right hands. Travis rams Jaggers into the corner face first. Travis hits a knee drop off the top, but Jaggers got his foot on the ropes. Jaggers decks Travis with a lariat to win the match and the championship.

Final Thoughts:
Hector Guerrero having a cream that makes you instantly bald is hilarious. The segment with Lawler bringing out a gun was a bit shocking, but then it was a toy gun to make Guerrero look foolish. Bobby Jaggers as the new Southern Champion is something I can get behind. Travis seemed to do well in the role of a underdog face coming up short. Midnight Rockers in Memphis is perfectly fine by me. I’m sure they will be the tag champs in short order.

Thanks for reading.

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