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ECW Hardcore TV 5/28/2000

Extreme Championship Wrestling presents Hardcore TV
From: Atlants, GA

1.) Chris Chetti, Nova & Kid Kash defeated DeVito, Spanish Angel & Grimes
2.) The Sandman defeated Yukihiro Kanemura
3.) Dusty Rhodes defeated Jack Victory in a bullrope match

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Backstage, Francine insults the interviewer for asking if ECW World Champion Justin Credible has a concussion and is vulnerable. Credible gets in his face and says that he’s given up a lot to be champion and can’t offered mistakes.

2.) Chetti and DeVito start the tag match shoving each other in the face and begin to trade right hands in the middle of the ring. DeVito elbow strikes Chetti into the corner to continue with strikes. Chetti backdrops DeVito coming out of the corner followed by a hip toss and a spinning heel kick. Chetti continues to hammer away on DeVito and hits a top rope heel kick. Chetti tags in Nova and they hit a double team splash after a double hip toss. Nova hammers away on Angel and ducks a clothesline to drop toe hold Angel. Chetti comes in and leg drops Angel to keep control. Grimes enters to deliver a double clothesline. Grimes catches Kash on a springboard, but Kash breaks free and hits a double springboard hurricanrana. Kash dropkicks Grimes to the floor. Kash leaps off the apron to hit a somersault dive on the floor and plays to the crowd. Kash kicks Grimes and delivers a baseball slide dropkick. Kash takes all the Baldies out with a dive to the floor. Angel gets kicked to the floor by Chetti and Nova. Kash is hit by a chair by DeVito and Grimes delivers a Shock Treatment. Angel returns to the match and keeps control on Kash with a kick to the midsection. Angel kicks Kash and comes off the ropes with a strike. DeVito scoop slams Kash and hits a middle rope elbow drop for a two count.

DeVito sends Kash through the ropes to the floor to allow the Baldies to attack Kash on the floor while the referee is distracted. Angel returns to the match and drives Kash down to the mat with a double flapjack. Angel elbows Kash to the mat and prevents a tag. Angel tosses Kash with a double under hook suplex and tags in DeVito. DeVito connects with a leg drop on Kash and keeps a sleeper locked in. Kash elbows free and is slammed down to the mat by DeVito. DeVito goes for a cover only managing a two count. Angel knocks Chetti off the apron onto the railing. Angel misses a splash in the corner and ties himself in the tree of woe. Kash tags in Nova and Nova cleans house with right hands. Kash head scissors Grimes face first into a steel chair in the corner. Nova hits a reverse DDT on DeVito and hits a DDT/reverse DDT on DeVito and Angel. Nova hits the spin doctor on Angel, but Grimes makes the save on the cover. Chetti hammers away on Grimes and delivers a side kick to drop Grimes to the mat. DeVito tags in and delivers a DDT to Chetti. Chetti misses a spinning heel kick and DeVito smashes Chetti with a chair shot. Nova and Kash hit a running spear/clothesline combo on DeVito. Grimes plants Kash with a modified flapjack. Nova sends Angel into the guard railing. Grimes slams Kash and heads to the top rope. Kash hits a top rope body scissors to take Grimes off the top. Nova and Chetti hit the Tidal Wave off the top to pin Grimes. (**. I normally don’t enjoy Da Baldies, but this match wasn’t just boring brawling there was some actual decent action. Sure, that was largely carried by Nova, Chetti and Kash, but the Baldies had glimpses of solid offense. They made good use of the extended time they were given.)

3.) Backstage, Simon Diamond is talking to himself in the mirror. Diamond is upset that he’s seen as a comedy act in ECW. Diamond needs to align himself with someone with the same ability as himself. Prodigy and Musketeer come out of stalls, but Diamond declines them. Swinger comes out of a stall and says that if he has a problem, he can solve it. Looks like Diamond and Swinger are a new tag team in ECW.

4.) Backstage, Steve Prazak tries to speak to Tommy Dreamer, who is laying down. Prazak wants a word about losing the ECW World Championship at Cyberslam. Dreamer doesn’t say anything and instead tosses Prazak out of the room.

5.) Cyrus makes his way down to the ring and announces that Yukihiro Kanemura will be the number one contender to the ECW Television Championship held by Rhino. Cyrus says that whomever wins between Kanemura and Rhino then the Network keeps the title. Cyrus says anyone that wants Rhino will have to go through Kanemura. The Sandman’s music instantly hits and looks to be the man to fight Kanemura.

6.) Kanemura avoids a kendo stick shot with a strike to gain the early advantage and tosses Sandman to the floor. Kanemura sends Sandman into the guard railing going upside down. Kanemura sends Sandman into the railing again back first. Kanemura sets a table up on the floor and and lays Sandman onto the table. Kanemura leaps off the top rope and splashes Sandman through the table on the floor! Kanemura sends a table into the ring, but Sandman rams Kanemura back first into the railing a few times. Sandman sends Kanemura into the railing before returning to the ring. Sandman delivers a few chops in the corner. Sandman sends Kanemura upside down into the corner. Sandman punches Kanemura several times and lays him down onto a table. Sandman goes to the top rope hitting a swanton bomb through the table for a near fall. Sandman hits a top rope hurricanrana to the mat and tries to grab a kendo stick, but is stopped by Kanemura’s wife. Kanemura is hit by his wife on accident. Sandman kisses Kanemura’s wife and hits a white Russian leg sweep for the win. (*. There were a couple of big spots in the match, but aside from those spots this match wasn’t very good. It was also obvious that Sandman was going to get another shot at Rhino.)

7.) Dusty and Victory are brawling into the match as the main event appears to be joined in progress. They are both bleeding as Rhodes beats on Victory in the crowd. Dusty whacks Victory in the face with the cowbell. Rhodes continues to beat on Victory around ringside. Rhodes nails Victory in the ring and continues with elbow strikes. Victory backs off in the corner, but Rhodes doesn’t stop. Steve Corino distracts Rhodes and accidentally hits Victory. Rhodes elbow strikes Corino to the mat. Rhodes delivers an elbow drop and pins Victory. (NR. It’s a bummer that the full match wasn’t shown, but I’m thinking they knew showing the full match would lead to a rather boring encounter. So, this is probably the best route to go anyway.)

8.) Backstage, Danny Doring and Roadkill cut a promo. Doring says they have proven they are the best tag team and they are going to capture the tag titles, which belong to them. Doring says they won’t stop until the panties drop. Roadkill finishes off with his trademark chickens catchphrase.

9.) Outside the venue, Steven Prazak is trying to figure out the concussion situation for Justin Credible. Prazak asks Raven about the concussion. Raven says that he made the ECW World Championship. Francine enters the scene and tells Raven that she is sick of Raven complaining. Francine calls Raven a loser and that’s why she left him. Justin Credible attacks Raven and Tommy Dreamer enters the scene, but gets knocked down by Credible, too.

Final Thoughts:
They are promoting Credible fairly well since his title win and I like that Dreamer and Raven are the two guys gunning for him at the moment. The show this week was mostly average, but the six man tag match was a surprisingly better match than I expected.

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