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Rebooking The WWF: Week 12, 1995

WWF RAW 3/20/1995
1. Hakushi defeated Marty Jannetty in 10:19 following a top rope moonsault. After the match, Hakushi continued to beat down Jannetty until the Kamikaze Kid ran down and chased Hakushi to the floor before checking on his friend.
2. The British Bulldog defeated Tom Prichard in 5:26 following a running power slam.
3. Kings Court w/ Ted DiBiase & Psycho Sid: Jerry Lawler brings out Ted DiBiase and Psycho Sid for an interview regarding Sid’s match with John Bradshaw at WrestleMania XI. DiBiase says that Bradshaw thinks he is the toughest guy in the WWF, but every encounter that he has with Sid sees Sid standing tall and Bradshaw laid out looking like the weak fool that he truly is. It won’t be any different come WrestleMania XI. DiBiase has made a major investment in Psycho Sid and his investments don’t fail him. Bradshaw is the first step to Sid winning the WWF World Championship and nobody will stand in his way. Sid chimes in and tells us that he’s the master and the ruler of the world. The WWF is his universe and he’s unbeatable.
4. The Smoking Gunns defeated Duane Gill & Scott Peterson in 3:10 when Billy hit a top rope leg drop
5. Razor Ramon defeated Tim Jennings in 2:17 following the Razors Edge. After the match, Ramon cut a promo to the camera saying that Jeff Jarrett is going to regret messing with the Bad Guy.
6. Yokozuna & Diesel Contract Signing: Vince McMahon hosts the segment as Diesel stands in the ring while WWF World Champion King Yokozuna has Jim Cornette and Mr. Fuji. McMahon hypes up the “biggest WWF World Championship match in WrestleMania history” has he puts over both mens weight and height. McMahon ponders if Diesel could possibly drive Yokozuna down with his effective Jackknife power bomb or if Yokozuna will squash Diesel in the corner with the Bonsai Drop. Cornette grabs the microphone and tells McMahon that nobody would ever be able to deliver a power bomb to his man Yokozuna. Cornette tells us that Yokozuna has been a dominating force in the WWF and nobody has been able nor will they be able to dethrone him. Yokozuna will be the WWF World Champion forever! Diesel laughs that off and believes that every man meets their match and Yokozuna is looking at his match right in the eyes tonight. Diesel tells Yokozuna and Cornette that at WrestleMania he’ll walk out as the WWF World Champion because simply Yokozuna’s time has ran out. Diesel tells Cornette that his little racket won’t stop him and Fuji’s Japanese flag won’t slow him down. Diesel is walking out as the WWF World Champion. Diesel plays to the crowd and Cornette whacks him over the back with the racket, but Diesel stands tall and backs Cornette into the corner. Yokozuna comes from behind and attacks Diesel. Yokozuna puts Diesel down with a belly to belly suplex and proceeds to hit the Bonsai Drop in the corner! Fuji lays the flag onto Diesel as Yokozuna poses with the WWF World Championship over the fallen challenger.
7. Ron Simmons defeated Chris Young in 2:32 following a spine buster. After the match, Simmons goes to ringside and rips up a Hogan sign and grabs a microphone. Simmons declares that the end of Hulkamania is just two weeks away and everyone in the crowd and at home will learn to idolize him and the Movement!
8. Brian Lee defeated Mike Johnston in 2:18 following a top rope knee drop.
9. Bret Hart, Owen Hart & Chris Benoit Confrontation: Backstage, Jim Ross sat down with Bret Hart for an interview earlier in the day to discuss the upcoming tag match at WrestleMania where he’ll tag with the British Bulldog to take on Chris Benoit and Owen Hart. Bret talks about how he never would have wanted to wrestle his brother Owen and thought they could have been a successful team. However, his brother got influenced by someone with poor intentions in Chris Benoit. Bret admits it has been a little difficult to get i the proper mindset that he’ll have to defeat his own brother, but he’s going out there to survive each time and is on the quest to regain the WWF World Championship. At this point, Owen and Benoit enter the scene and Owen tells Bret that for years he has been waiting for the moment to get in the ring with Bret and that Benoit had given him the confidence he needed to dethrone his successful brother. Owen tells Bret that he knows he’s better than him and that Bret just wanted to avoid being embarrassed by him. Benoit helped him realize his fullest potential and at WrestleMania they will walk out as the winners. Benoit tells Bret that a real brother would want their family to be successful and Benoit considers himself to be Owen’s true family. Bret gets offended by that telling Benoit that he’s been there for Owen during the toughest of times and that he won’t sit by while Benoit dares to claim to be Owen’s family. Owen has a brief look of appreciation for Bret, but steps in and tells Bret that Benoit wants him to be successful and at WrestleMania, when Owen beats Bret and Bulldog, he’ll be right on track to be a champion in his own right. Owen tells Bret that he’s going to jump out of his brothers shadow once and for all.
10. Scott Steiner defeated Chris Hamrick in 3:09 following the Frankensteiner.
11. The Undertaker defeated Arn Anderson in 5:18 following the tombstone piledriver. After the match, Ric Flair attempted to get in the ring but Taker saw him coming and Flair bailed to the floor stating that he wasn’t afraid of Taker and he’ll see him at WrestleMania.
12. Hunter Hearst Helmsley Interview: Vince McMahon sat with Hunter Hearst Helmsley at Helmsley’s home in Greenwich. McMahon talks about Helmsley’s upcoming match at WrestleMania XI where Mr. Perfect has agreed to put his career on the line. McMahon notes that Helmsley’s career is on the line as well. Helmsley takes a sip of wine before telling McMahon that he has no worry about WrestleMania XI. He has a long career ahead of him and it’s just a matter of time before Perfect’s career comes to an end as he has been stating for several months at this point. Helmsley tells McMahon that he lives a luxurious life and at WrestleMania XI, the career of Mr. Perfect will come to an end and Perfect will be a forgotten man.
13. Lex Luger defeated Bob Holly in 3:35 following a running forearm smash. After the match, Luger is posing for the crowd when Shawn Michaels has his theme music playing and Luger is stunned. Luger is shaking his head that it can’t be possible. On the big screen, Michaels appears with his back to the camera and says that he’s a man that won’t stay down. “Luger, I always get back up.” Michaels turns around and reveals a good bruise on his face and Luger stumbles back into the ropes. Michaels says he isn’t embarrassed by his battle wound. However, Luger will end up far worse than he is. His injuries will heal, but that won’t be the case for Luger! Lex is left in the ring shocked at what he’s seen.
14. Bam-Bam Bigelow & Randy Savage defeated The Quebecers in 9:52 when Savage pinned Jacques following an elbow drop. After the match, Jerry Lawler, Doink, and Hughie The Clown run into the ring and attack Bigelow and Savage alongside the Quebecers. Lawler and the Clowns stand tall to end the program with the Quebecers.

WWF Superstars 3/25/1995

1. Rick Martel defeated Paul Westbrook in 2:14 with the Boston Crab. After the match, Martel was interviewed by Jim Ross and he said that he’s got an idea to bring in a special person to be his tag partner to get the tag titles. Martel claimed that the person in question has a model physique similar to him.
2. Jeff Jarrett defeated Mark Thomas in 3:09 following a jumping DDT.
3. Owen Hart defeated Duke Droese in 4:15 with the Sharpshooter.
4. Jerry Lawler defeated Fatu in 8:42 following a taped fist shot and a piledriver.





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