WWF Heat 2/7/1999

World Wrestling Federation presents Heat
From: Tucson, AZ

1.) Brian Christopher & Scott Taylor defeated Golga & Kurrgan
2.) The Godfather defeated WWF Intercontinental Champion Ken Shamrock by count-out
3.) Luna Vachon defeated Jacqueline
4.) WWF Tag Team Champions Owen Hart & Jeff Jarrett defeated WWF European Champion X-Pac & Triple H and D’Lo Brown & Mark Henry to retain the titles

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Vince McMahon, Chyna, Shane McMahon, Brisco and Patterson make their way down to the ring to start the program. McMahon puts over Chyna as being a sweetheart and believes it would be unfair to see Triple H in a singles match against Chyna. Vince knows that Chyna would embarrass Triple H like he’s never been before. Vince says that Triple H and X-Pac will be in a tag match against Chyna and Kane at the PPV next Sunday. Vince promotes the Last Man Standing match between WWF World Champion Mankind and The Rock taking place next Sunday. Vince says that Mankind is a thief. Rock was blackmailed by Mankind stealing 100k from Shane’s trust fund to lead to this match. Vince is confident that Rock will regain his rightful place as WWF World Champion. Vince believes that Mankind may never walk again. Vince brings up Steve Austin, whom he’s wrestling inside a steel cage. Vince thinks that Austin showed fear and thinks that Austin is afraid of defeat. Vince brags about winning the Royal Rumble and eliminating Austin. Vince will win next Sunday and Austin’s career will be massacred. Vince wants to book a match for Saturday the night before the PPV. Vince books a match between WWF World Champion Mankind and Steve Austin. (After looking it up, the singles match didn’t happen and instead they tagged up against The Rock and Big Bossman. There is also a special RAW Saturday Night, which also didn’t feature an Austin/Mankind match.)

2.) Droz mocks Giant Silva before the first match and they go backstage before the match starts.

3.) Kurrgan starts off with Christopher delivering right hands against the ropes. Christopher kicks Kurrgan a few times and goes to the top, but Kurrgan has Christopher on his shoulders. Christopher covers his eyes, but Kurrgan falls backwards with an electric chair slam. Kurrgan press slams Taylor off the top onto Christopher. We see Droz attacking Silva with a chair backstage to leave Silva laying. Golga headbutts Taylor and Christopher to the mat. Skull and 8-Ball have made their way down to ringside as well. Golga splashes both Taylor and Christopher. The referee is distracted as Skull plants Golga with a DDT. Christopher covers and gets the three count for the win. After the match, Too Much celebrates with the DOA. (1/2*. I didn’t care for any of that.)

4.) Backstage, Chyna is lacing her boots for some reason.

5.) Earlier today, Michael Cole interviewed Al Snow. Snow is asked what is he doing to do to prove he’s hardcore. Snow breaks a broom over his head and runs into a truck with a trash can over his head. Snow hits himself with a steel chair and runs into guard railing. Snow destroys a concession stand before blinding himself with a fire extinguisher. Snow puts himself through a table. Snow crawls on the floor and says he’s going to make Road Dogg pay for turning on him. Snow doesn’t think Road Dogg is hardcore.

6.) Backstage, Val Venis and Ryan Shamrock are making out.

7.) Shamrock controls Godfather with strikes and a running clothesline. Shamrock avoids a clothesline and punches Godfather a few times. Shamrock avoids a kick, but Godfather delivers a second kick and a few elbow drops. Godfather splashes Shamrock in the corner. Godfather slams Shamrock and goes to the middle rope missing a splash as Shamrock got his knees up. Shamrock powerslams Godfather coming off the ropes for a two count. Shamrock hits a belly to belly suplex and screams. However, Val Venis appears on the big screen and cuts a promo on Shamrock. Venis says he’s in the zone and says he’s about to lose control. At that moment, Ryan Shamrock comes up into the scene suggesting she was performing oral sex. Godfather wins by count-out due to Shamrock running backstage to get his hands on Venis. (*. It wasn’t a bad match for what we got, but the main focus is advancing the Shamrock/Venis feud.)

8.) Backstage, Ken Shamrock attacks Venis sending Venis into the wall. Ken carries Ryan Shamrock out of the venue.

9.) WWF Women’s Champion Sable joins commentary for the next match.

10.) Jacqueline attacks Vachon from behind and chokes Vachon over the middle rope. Jacqueline back elbows Vachon to the mat and delivers a few kicks to the ribs. Vachon tries to fight back, but is knocked to the mat. Jacqueline kicks Vachon out of the corner and they collide with clotheslines in the middle of the ring. Vachon clotheslines Jacqueline followed by a swinging neckbreaker and a middle rope splash for a two count. Vachon slams Jacqueline to the mat and goes to the top rope. Vachon misses a top rope splash. D’Lo Brown comes down to the ring and gets on the apron yelling at Jacqueline. Vachon takes advantage hitting a DDT and wins the match. (*. I like the idea of Vachon challenging Sable since they do have a history.)

11.) Backstage, Chyna is pacing about something.

12.) Owen and D’Lo kickoff the main event. Brown shoulder blocks Owen and taunts the crowd. Brown taunts DX on the apron, as well. Brown keeps a headlock on Owen for a moment. Owen sends Brown into the ropes and is met with another shoulder block. Owen hip tosses Brown and Jarrett enters to deliver a double clothesline. Brown powerslams Jarrett coming off the ropes followed by a leg drop. Henry tags into the match and sends Jarrett into a corner. Jarrett breaks away and tags in X-Pac. Brown tags in as Henry tries to recover from an eye rake by Jarrett. Brown shoulder blocks Pac, but Pac comes back with a spin kick. Brown plants Pac with the Sky High, but doesn’t go for a cover. Jarrett hits Brown with a tag championship and Pac pins Brown for the first elimination.

HHH and Owen get in the ring leading to all four men brawling. HHH clotheslines Jarrett to the floor and Owen is double teamed with a clothesline. HHH nails Owen with a high knee lift as Chyna makes her way down to ringside as the show goes to commercial.

Pac backdrops Owen and clotheslines Owen to the floor. Chyna is at ringside watching the match. Jarrett decks Pac from behind and rams Pac into the corner followed by right hands. Pac spin kicks Jarrett and continues with right hands in the corner. Pac hits the bronco buster, but misses a splash in the corner. Owen drives Pac down with a neckbreaker and a leg drop for a near fall. Owen delivers a backbreaker and tries for the Sharpshooter, which Owen locks in. HHH comes off the ropes to dropkick Owen to break the hold. HHH gets tagged in and decks Owen a few times and the same to Jarrett. HHH nails Owen with a high knee lift and Jarrett is met with one as well. HHH drops Owen over his knee, but Chyna gets in the ring and prevents the Pedigree with a low blow. Owen covers HHH and wins the match to retain the titles. (**. They got a decent amount of time for the main event of Heat, and I thought it was a solid enough match. I don’t mind Chyna getting involved as it allowed for an actual finish to the match. Even with the interference this is a good win for the tag champs.)

Final Thoughts:
There are a few angle advancements here and a solid enough main event to make this a thumbs up Heat this week.

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