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CWA TV 11/1/1986

Written by: Bob Colling

Date: 11/1/1986
From: Memphis, TN

Lance Russell and Dave Brown welcome us to the program.

Opening Contest: AWA International Tag Team Champions Akio Sato & Tarzan Goto vs. Excitement Inc. (Ric McCord & John Paul): McCord and Paul came out to virtually zero reaction. McCord and Goto started the match but Paul enters quickly to hit a backdrop for a two count. Goto stops Paul with a savant kick and here comes Sato to deliver a scoop slam. Paul delivers a slam of his own. Paul shoulder blocks Sato and keeps control with a headlock. Paul puts a headlock on Goto but is met with a badly botch backdrop. Goto scoop slams Paul again and misses an elbow drop. McCord gets tagged in and delivers a spinning elbow strike for a two count on Goto. McCord slams Goto and delivers another elbow drop for a two count. Paul returns to the match and quickly tags out to McCord, who hits a dropkick for a near fall. Goto drops McCord with a strike and tags in Sato. Paul gets tagged back in and is worked over by Goto and Sato. McCord enters the ring and all four men are brawling. McCord puts an abdominal stretch on Sato. Tojo nails Paul with his stick and that allows Goto to get the cheap victory. (*1/4. I’m having to think that Paul and McCord aren’t going to be in the CWA for much longer as their roles are quickly becoming that of enhancement talent and their crowd reactions have dwindled quite low.)

A video of Paul Diamond and his recovery from a broken leg is shown. Diamond is standing up with a cast on his leg. Diamond is no longer stuck in bed and he’s happy. It’s good news for him and he’s coming for Tojo. The doctor has said that his bone has healed and the cast is coming off. He’s coming after all three geeks (Sato, Goto and Tojo).

Lance Russell promotes the next Evansville show. AWA International Tag Team Champions Akio Sato and Tarzan Goto will be defending against Jeff Jarrett and his new partner, Billy Travis. Tojo Yamamoto asks where the retarded Jeff Jarrett got Billy Travis. Tojo thinks that Jeff hides behind his father, Jerry Lawler, Eddie Marlin and Austin Idol. Goto chimes in and speaks in Japanese. Dirty Rhodes comes over and promotes his Texas bullrope match that he’s having with Jerry Lawler. He says that Lawler is going to have to hold on tight and he’ll hit Lawler with the cowbell for payback for the bottle incident.

Second Contest: Don Bass & Larry Wright vs. Tracy Smothers & Pat Tanaka: Smothers and Bass start the match with Smothers getting a hammerlock for a moment. Bass punches Smothers but Smothers comes back with a standing dropkick for a two count. Smothers scoop slams Bass coming out of the corner for another near fall. Wright and Tanaka tag into the match. Tanaka delivers a standing side kick, backdrop and a few more kicks to send Wright to the ropes to stop the momentum. Wright misses a knee drop and Tanaka chops him several times causing Wright to tag out to Bass. Smothers comes off the middle rope with an elbow strike. Bass knee lifts Smothers a few times and right hands in the corner to keep control. Smothers tags in Tanaka and Tanaka hammers away on Bass. All four men are in the ring brawling at this point. Smothers pummels Wright in the corner, but the Ninja tosses powder into Tanaka’s eyes and that allows Bass to pin Tanaka. (*. The more I watch Tanaka, the more I like him. Obviously this match was just used to promote the angle between Tanaka and Ninja.)

Lance Russell interviews Pat Tanaka regarding his issues with the Ninja. Tanaka calls him a phony and says he doesn’t know anything about marital arts. He promises to knock Ninja’s head off the next time they get in the ring together.

Third Contest: Jeff Jarrett vs. The Ninja: What are the chances that Pat Tanaka gets involved in this one? Jarrett hip tosses and arm drags Ninja early into the match. Jarrett delivers a clothesline for a two count. Ninja yanks Jarrett down by his hair to get the advantage, but doesn’t really followup with it. Jarrett botches a monkey flip out of the corner and Ninja overhand clubs Jarrett. Ninja continues to work over Jarrett with a scoop slam. Jarrett avoids a knee drop and fights back with a backdrop. Jarrett elbow strikes Ninja. Tojo is distracting the referee and Pat Tanaka tosses powder into Ninja’s face. Jarrett gets the cover and pins Ninja. (1/4*. Talk about a repetitive and an obvious outcome. Jarrett needs to stop trying the monkey flip as it’s a move he has regularly had issues with performing.)

Lance Russell promotes the Evansville show taking place on Wednesday night.

A video package promoting Tommy Rich is shown.

AWA International Champion Big Bubba comes out and says that nobody has requested a match with him for the championship. When he came here he was told that there were a lot of fighters. However, he is finding they are gutless. Bubba says that he’s going to takeout Tracy Smothers and embarrass him in front of all his fans. So, Bubba is making his own challengers since nobody has stepped up to him.

Fourth Contest: AWA International Champion Big Bubba vs. Jim Jamison & Mike Murphy in a handicap match: Jamison and Wright are allowed to be in the ring at the same time, but that’s not going to change the outcome here. Bubba clotheslines Jamison as he comes off the ropes. Bubba casually beats on both men delivering splashes in the corner. Bubba ends up pinning both men.

Lance Russell interviews the Animals, and they say that they don’t do interviews and do their talking in the ring. Though, they suggest that Russell interviews the losers when they are done with them.

Fifth Contest: The Animals (Duke Meyers & Mike McGuirk) vs. Randy & Robert Bryant: McGuirk starts the match and works over Randy. There’s three women in the crowd chanting for Randy and it fades out when he is slammed. Meyers enters and sends Randy back first into the corner a few times. McGuirk clotheslines Randy as he comes off the ropes. Robert gets the tag and is worked over by McGuirk. McGuirk continues to beat on Robert. McGuirk continues to deliver strikes on Robert until Randy enters the ring and punches McGuirk a few times. Randy gets dumped to the floor by McGuirk. As per the usual trend with tag matches, all four men are in the ring and Robert is met with a double DDT leading to the three count. (1/2*. Well, it was mostly boring, but something is telling me that I could find myself enjoying the tag team. McGuirk seems to be wacky and someone I could find being entertaining.)

Lance Russell promotes the Evansville show,. Jeff Jarrett enters the scene and says that himself and Billy Travis would love to walk out as the tag champions. Jerry Lawler talks about the bullrope match with Dirty Rhodes. Lawler has never had a bullrope match and he likes the match. Lawler says that once they are strapped together than Rhodes can’t get away from him for more than ten feet. Lawler says that the cowbell will break Dirty Rhodes open far more than the coke bottle did. Lawler is going to give Dirty his first ever loss in a bullrope match.

Main Event: Jerry Lawler, Giant Hillbilly & David Haskins vs. Bubba Monroe & Memphis Vice (Lou Winston & Jerry Bryant): Bryant and Haskins start the match with Haskins hitting a hip toss. They trade a few takedowns and Bryant goes to the corner to tag in Winston. Lawler gets tagged in and works over Winston with a right hand. Winston backs Lawler against the ropes but accidentally decks Bryant with a right hand. Hillbilly uses his body on the apron to knock down Winston. Hillbilly enters to deliver a leg drop and Winston tags in Monroe. Haskins tags in as well and they trade strikes with Monroe hip tossing Haskins across the ring. Monroe backdrops Haskins followed by an elbow drop. Lawler gets the tag but the referee was distracted by Memphis Vice. Monroe keeps control on Haskins with a front face lock. Lawler decks Winston off the apron and chases him around the ring. Monroe has a pin on Haskins but the referee was distracted. Haskins has an inside cradle on Monroe and gets the three count!

Memphis Vice and Monroe go over to Lance Russell and they are pissed about that pin fall. This is an expiration of time match so we’ll get some more action. Haskins arm drags Monroe a few times and the same happens for Bryant and Winston. Lawler gets tagged into the match and he squares off with Bryant. Lawler is backed into the corner and all six men are going at it. Don Bass and Larry Wright enter the ring and attack Lawler’s team. Lawler has a trash can and cleans the heels from the ring. (*. I was quite surprised to see Haskins getting a victory over Monroe since he’s often presented as an enhancement guy on television. I enjoyed the overall segment, though.)

Memphis Vice cut a promo with Lance Russell saying that they are sick and tired of losing matches because of interference. He is sick and tired of getting disqualified. Bryant warns that if anyone gets involved in one of their matches that they’ll have to deal with them.

Final Thoughts:
They advanced a few different angles, but there wasn’t a lot here that I found to be interesting or entertaining. I am still interested in the Lawler/Rhodes feud, though.

Thanks for reading.

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