CWA TV 12/6/1986

Written by: Bob Colling

Date: 12/6/1986
From: Memphis, TN

Lance Russell and Dave Brown welcome everyone to the program. They rundown what we will be seeing on the show.

Lance Russell brings out Downtown Bruno and Big Bubba for an interview. Bubba threatens Russell to not say a word about why he’s wearing a mask. Russell proceeds to show footage of a match between Lawler and Bubba where it was a hair vs. hair match. Lawler won the match after smashing a chair over Bubba’s head. Lawler then shaved Bubba’s head and did so rather quickly. Bubba wakes up and realizes what happened, which causes him to freak out. Back to the studio, Bubba and Bruno aren’t happy about that footage being shown. Bubba wants to know who edited that film. Bruno talks about how Lawler has never been pinned in a hair vs. hair match. Bruno mentions that Bubba pinned Lawler but then Eddie Marlin got involved and caused the match to continue. Bruno believes that Lawler will be a bald headed freak soon enough.

Opening Contest: Big Bubba & Goliath vs. Jim Jamison, Robert Bryant, Mike Murphy & Ed Mattox: Goliath starts the match and their opponents will have two people in there at a time. Of course, it doesn’t matter because Bubba and Goliath destroy the enhancement men. Bubba comes off the ropes and gets a good amount of air before splashing down onto Murphy for the win. (1/4*. The angle between Bubba and Lawler is helped by the mask gimmick and the hair storyline, but I’m still not all that interested. I’m hoping that Lawler transitions to a different opponent soon.)

Lance Russell promotes the Evansville show coming up and how Lawler will be wrestling Big Bubba in a loser throws the towel in. Downtown Bruno assures us that Bubba isn’t going to lose the match. Bubba chimes in and says that it shouldn’t take too long for Marlin to throw the towel in to save Lawler’s career.

Jonathan Boyd comes out and he has a casket with him. Two guys helped bring it out to the ring, and if I had to guess it was probably Rough and Ready unmasked. Boyd says he is outsmarting everyone. Boyd thinks he may have under estimated Jeff Jarrett and he’s out here eating his words. Boyd wonders if Jarrett is actually a man. They will be having a New Zealand death box match. You have to put your opponent into the death box to win the match. Boyd has the contract and wants Jarret to sign the match. Jeff Jarrett makes his way out and confronts Boyd. Jarrett says he hasn’t backed down from any challenge and he’ll sign the contract. Jarrett understands the rules of the match and signs the contract. Boyd makes Russell look over the contract and he asks if Jarrett read the contract. Boyd wonders if Jarrett read all the conditions. Boyd tells Jarrett that you won’t be in there alone and proceeds to take a python out of the death box and puts it on Jarrett for a moment. Jarrett lays on the commentary table and is able to eventually get free. Boyd puts the cobra back into the death box. Eddie Marlin comes out and tells Boyd that the match isn’t going to be happening. Boyd tells Marlin that he signed the contract. Boyd tells Marlin that the python bites and scares Marlin away.

Second Contest: Akio Sato & Tarzan Goto vs. Jerry Garmen & Benny Trailer: The studio is buzzing after the python segment as Sato and Goto don’t have much of an issue with Garmen and Trailer this week. Sato spikes Trailer with a brainbuster for the win. (*. Sato and Goto are a good heel team, they’ve just been in the same angle for far too long.) After the match, they attack Trailer with a chair, but we go to commercial to leave the studio.

Third Contest: Paul Diamond & Pat Tanaka vs. The Great Kabuki & Tony Burton: Diamond and Burton start the match. Burton was previously the Ninja. Diamond decks Burton with a clothesline and a standing dropkick. Kabuki gets tagged in and Tanaka also enters to trade strikes with Kabuki. Tanaka blocks a kick attempt and delivers a savant kick. Kabuki nails Tanaka with a savant kick of his own. Kabuki keeps a sleeper hold on Tanaka. Tanaka is able to keep his arm from falling three times. Kabuki drops Tanaka with another standing spin kick. Kabuki goes back to a sleeper hold on Tanaka. Burton enters and elbows Tanaka for a two count. Kabuki quickly tags back in but Tanaka fights back with a few strikes. Tanaka chops Kabuki to the mat and tags in Diamond. Diamond pummels Kabuki with strikes and a backdrop. Diamond uppercuts Kabuki a few times until Burton gets involved and now all four men are brawling in the ring. Kabuki sends Diamond to the floor where Tojo puts honey on Diamond and feathers to embarrass him on the floor. Sato and Goto helped out in holding Diamond to allow that to happened. (*1/2. For what it was, it was enjoyable. Burton seems like he could be a solid in-ring worker now that he isn’t working as the Ninja. Kabuki could probably be elevated up the card as he’s been protected well. I’ve said it before, I’d like to see him feud with Lawler.)

Lance Russell talks to Paul Diamond who says that Tojo better find a way to finish him off. Diamond is going to keep coming after Tojo.

A music video promoting Stan Lane and Steve Keirn, the Fabulous Ones is shown.

Lance Russell brings out the Rock n’ Roll RPMs and they aren’t happy about a video promoting the Fabulous Ones being shown. Russell says that he did some research and found out that the RPMs aren’t the first team of rock n’ roll. Davis claims that Russell is wrong and is full of bull. They are insisting that they are the originals and they don’t want to be considered ripoffs. Tracy Smothers comes into the scene and says he was trained by the Fabulous Ones. Smothers knows that Jackie Fargo started the team and thinks the RPMs don’t hold a candle to Keirn and Lane. Davis and Lane proceed to attack Smothers and send him into the ring to deliver an elbow strike. Smothers gets ran over with a double clothesline and is stomped. Pat Tanaka and Jeff Jarrett are among a few wrestlers that eventually come out to make the save.

Lance Russell promotes the Evansville show and interviews Jerry Lawler and Eddie Marlin. Marlin has to throw the towel in for Lawler to lose the match. Lawler says that what Bubba has been saying is true in regards to the hair vs. hair match. Bruno smothered him with something leading to Bubba getting the win. Lawler says that Marlin has promised him that he will not throw the towel in. Lawler is going to beat Bubba so badly that Bruno will have to throw the towel in.

Main Event: AWA Southern Heavyweight Champion Jerry Lawler, Jeff Jarrett & Billy Travis vs. Boy Tony, & Memphis Vice (Jerry Bryant & Lou Winston): Travis and Bryant kickoff the match, which is an expiration of time match. Jarrett comes in and dropkicks Bryant despite not being the legal man. Winston tags into the match and Jarrett tags in as well. Winston avoids a right hand from Travis, but gets dropkicked by Jarrett. Jarrett takes Tony down to the mat with a top wrist lock. Jarrett shoulder blocks Tony and delivers a right hand. Tony accidentally punches Memphis Vice after missing punches on Jarrett. Lawler gets tagged in and and scares Tony on the mat as Tony was waiting for Lawler to jump over his body. Tony gets wrist control on Lawler but that doesn’t last very long. Bryant tags in and looks to lockup with Lawler.

Winston holds Lawler on the apron, but Bryant misses a running knee strike and hits his partner on accident. Winston enters the match and works over Lawler with right hands in the corner. Lawler clotheslines Winston in the corner and Travis enters with a throat thrust. Travis continues with a spinning back elbow shot. Jarrett enters to get a near fall on Winston. Jarrett hammers away on Tony before tagging in Travis. Jarrett clotheslines Tony and Travis delivers a scoop slam followed by a knee drop for a one count. Lawler enters and dropkicks Tony for another two count. Lawler hammers away on Tony with right hands. Here comes Goliath and Big Bubba to interfere and cause a disqualification. After the match, Memphis Vice attack Bubba with right hands because they warned nobody to interfere in their matches. They also work over Goliath with strikes. Bubba and Goliath are getting worked over by five guys. The only guy not getting involved is Boy Tony. Lawler is able to remove Bubba’s mask and his bald head is revealed to the crowd! (*1/2. Overall, it was an effective match and segment. Memphis Vice could be a promising face team, though I did enjoy their heel work.)

Final Thoughts:
This week was a much better episode compared to the last several. I can get behind Boyd in a singles heel role and his match with Jarrett has my interest. I thought that whole segment was done very well and makes Boyd look crazy similar to what LeDuc was doing. I’m glad the RPMs have turned heel quickly, too. Each segment served a purpose this week and I really enjoyed it.

Thanks for reading.

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