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CWA TV 7/25/1987

Written by: Bob Colling

Date: 7/25/1987
From: Memphis, TN

Lance Russell and Dave Brown welcome everyone to the show and rundown what will be seen on the program.

George Barnes comes out and talks with Lance Russell. Barnes says he doesn’t need to explain himself to anyone. Barnes will not explain why he attacked Rocky Johnson. Barnes issues no apology for anything he’s ever done. Barnes thinks that Bill Dundee is the best wrestler going today. Barnes thinks that Rocky Johnson is the laziest wrestler in the world. Barnes notes that Johnson wasn’t there for Dundee when Dundee needed help. Barnes believes that Dundee deserves the best partner and that’s why Barnes thinks he’s best suited. Barnes decked Johnson because he simply doesn’t like Rocky Johnson.

Super Tour ’87 video is shown and it appears that AWA Heavyweight Champion Curt Hennig will be appearing. Rocky Johnson and Wahoo McDaniel and DJ Peterson will be there. Jerry Lawler will be appearing. Jeff Jarrett will be in action on the tour. Mitch Snow is promoted as being on the tour, as well. Bill Dundee is scheduled to appear as is Billy Travis. The Nasty Boys will be on the tour, too. Paul Diamond and Pat Tanaka will also be in action. The Moondogs are the last group advertised.

Backstage, Lance Russell is with AWA Mid-American Champion Jeff Jarrett for an interview. Jarrett is defending against one of the Clones and he promises to put his title on the line before the 30-days limit. Jarrett tells Russell he’ll be ready for the challenge.

Opening Contest: AWA Mid-American Champion Jeff Jarrett vs. Rooster Cogburn: Jarrett manages to retain the title following a standing dropkick.

Nick Bockwinkel cut a promo on Jerry Lawler saying that he’s going to beat Jerry Lawler once again and this time win a number one contenders match. Bockwinkel talked about enjoying Lawler fail ever time he challenged him for the AWA World Championship and Lawler will fail again.

Bill Dundee and Rocky Johnson make their way out to be interviewed by Lance Russell. Dundee says he’s got good news saying that Johnson is down to 265lbs as they head into their match against Pat Tanaka and Paul Diamond. Johnson says he works just as hard as Dundee and says there will be no more title matches with them. Johnson says he will not wrestle anymore unless he gets a match with George Barnes. Johnson hopes they can remain friends. Johnson will not put boots on again until he gets Barnes. Eddie Marlin comes out and talks to Johnson saying that there is a tag title match signed. Marlin says if Johnson doesn’t show up for the title match then they will give up the titles. Johnson tells Marlin that he better look at the contract because he never signed the contract. Johnson shakes Dundee’s hand and leaves the scene. Dundee doesn’t have anything to say about the situation.

Second Contest: Nasty Boys vs. David Johnson & Randy Bryant: There is a few awkward moments where it seemed like Sags didn’t know when the finish was. Knobbs finally wins the match with a middle rope clothesline. That was a bad enhancement match.

Downtown Bruno comes out with the Moondogs for an interview. Bruno thinks that the Clones are the best tag team going but one of them is out and the other one will take out Jeff Jarrett to win the Mid American Championship. Bruno says that Big Bubba thinks he’s big enough to do something with the Moondogs but he’s not. Bruno doesn’t care who Bubba has for a mystery partner.

Eddie Marlin comes out and says that Rocky Johnson didn’t sign the contract and thus will sign the singles match between Johnson and George Barnes.

Third Contest: Don Bass vs. Big Bubba: Moondogs attack Big Bubba with a wooden board and the match is thrown out quickly. The door is being held by the heels to prevent any help for Bubba. Bubba has been busted wide open and continues to be destroyed with the wooden boards. Diamond and Tanaka are holding the doors. A few guys break through the door to finally make the save but Big Bubba is out cold and bloodied.

Bill Dundee comes back out to talk to Lance Russell about Rocky Johnson fighting his buddy George Barnes. Dundee notes how long he’s known Johnson sense 1976. Dundee explains growing up with Barnes and being successful with Barnes. Dundee sees himself in the middle of a tough situation. Dundee says he has feelings for both guys and isn’t going to turn his back on either man. Dundee can’t stop them from fighting but knows he can do something. Dundee wants to be the special referee for the match.

Main Event: Pat Tanaka & Paul Diamond vs. Billy Travis & Mark Starr: Travis and Diamond start the main event tag match with Travis having arm control on the mat. Starr enters the match and is met with a right hand. Tanaka tags in and misses a falling headbutt. Starr arm drags Tanaka to the mat to keep control of the bout. Travis tags in and plants Tanaka with a side slam for a near fall. Travis monkey flips Diamond out of the corner for a two count and goes back to an arm drag. Tanaka strikes Travis on the floor but Travis knee lifts Diamond in the ring. Starr enters and cleans house with right hands. Starr dropkicks Tanaka, but Diamond comes off the top to splash Starr allowing Tanaka to get a three count. There is going to be more than one fall.

Eddie Marlin comes out and announces that Bill Dundee will be the referee for the Johnson vs. Barnes match.

Jeff Jarrett comes out and says that Big Bubba was scheduled for an interview, but Bubba can’t make it. Jarrett decides to spoil the mystery partner that Bubba was going to have for the Moondogs. The mystery partner is Goliath and Jarrett promises to be in their corner against the Moondogs.

Starr takes Tanaka down to the mat, but Tanaka delivers a few strikes. Starr nearly wins with a crossbody and backdrops Diamond. Travis tags into the match and leaps off the middle rope to elbow strike Diamond and takes Diamond down to the mat to deliver a leg drop. Travis nearly wins with a spinning back elbow. Travis hammers away on Tanaka while Starr brawls with Diamond. The referee has thrown out the match as they brawl backstage. (**. It was fine for the TV match that it was. They got plenty of time to get going and I didn’t mind it.)

Final Thoughts:
I thought they did a fine job promoting the Barnes/Johnson issue to a point where it’s worthwhile on the arena show. Bill Dundee being the special referee was the obvious direction. The show as a whole here was solid enough and there was enough entertainment to keep my interest.

Thanks for reading.

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