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PWX Enemy Territory 3/29/2013

Premier Wrestling Xperience presents Enemy Territory
From: Charlotte, NC

Opening Contest: American Tiger vs. Chip Day: They have a standoff after a head scissors on the mat by Day. Day counters an arm drag attempt, but goes to the ropes. Tiger takes Day down to the mat for a quick pin attempt. Tiger almost wins with a sunset flip attempt. Day stops Tiger with a knee lift and a kick to the back. Day works over Tiger with chops in the corner a few times. Tiger fights back with chops, but is stopped with a knee lift. Day takes Tiger over with a snap suplex. Tiger attempts a springboard moonsault, but is dropkicked in midair. Day drops Tiger with a kick to the chest. They trade forearm strikes until Tiger backdrops a charging Day. Tiger hits a suicide dive to the floor to take Day out in the crowd. Tiger tosses Day with a German suplex and a shining wizard for a near fall. Tiger decks Day with a discus clothesline for a near fall. Day stops Tiger with a series of kicks, but Tiger pops his shoulder up at two. Day misses a running knee strike in the corner and Tiger almost wins with a rollup. Day nails Tiger with a couple of more kicks to the face and wins the match. (***. A good opener between these two with some fun offense and constant action. Tiger is Colby Corino and Steve Corino is on commentary acting as if he didn’t know who he was. I thought that was great, too. They did a lot despite a shorter match time.)

Backstage, Chip Day puts over American Tiger for his effort and he promotes his ITV Championship match.

Backstage, Amber O’Neal is interviewed and she notes the women she’s defeated in PWX. She’s on a roll and says that everyone will know the company as Premiere Women’s Experience.

Second Contest: Amber O’Neal vs. Carolina Rodriguez: The announcers aren’t sure about Carolina’s name, so I’m just going with what is used on Cagematch. Rodriguez starts off by leg sweeping O’Neal to the mat, but doesn’t followup on the advantage. O’Neal yanks Rodriguez down to the mat by her hair. This is Carolina’s first match, apparently. O’Neal yanks Rodriguez by her hair and taunts the fans after a strike. Rodriguez spears O’Neal and continues with right hands causing O’Neal to bail to the floor. O’Neal drops Rodriguez over the ropes from the apron and drives her face down onto the mat. Rodriguez almost wins with a rollup, but is stopped by a clothesline by O’Neal. O’Neal blocks a side Russian leg sweep. Rodriguez reaches the ropes to break a half Boston Crab. O’Neal keeps control with a chin lock on the mat and switches to modified head scissors, but doesn’t get a submission. O’Neal is clearly telling Rodriguez what to do to help her get through this. Rodriguez kicks O’Neal a few times in the corner and hits a tornado DDT. Rodriguez clotheslines O’Neal and hits a neckbreaker for a near fall. O’Neal knocks Rodriguez down in the corner and twerks in Rodriguez’s face. O’Neal plants Rodriguez with a facebuster for a two count. O’Neal manages to take Rodriguez down with a backslide and rolls over to win the match. (DUD. O’Neal didn’t hide her coaching well here at all and it took me out of the match. Rodriguez probably wasn’t ready for this moment.)

Third Contest: Worse Case Scenario (Elijah Evans IV & Ethan Case) vs. Elements Of Wrestling (Kadan Sade & Matt Madison): This match is joined in progress and that’s because Kongo made his way out and attacked the men involved. Zane Riley comes out and has a confrontation with Kongo. Craig Huffman attacks Riley leading to the next match.

Fourth Contest: Craig Huffman vs. Zane Riley: Riley jabs Huffman a few times and clotheslines Huffman and himself over the top to the floor. Riley is sent face first into the ring post. Huffman misses a boot and hits the ring post. Huffman rams Riley face first onto the apron and sends Huffman into the ring post. Huffman continues to beat on Riley with right hands around ringside. Riley drops Huffman face first over the apron. Riley misses a running cannonball attempt and hits the post. Huffman spits a drink into Riley’s face. Huffman has grabbed a table. Riley catapults the table into Huffman’s face. They both attempt discus clotheslines, but they both comically stagger and collide in the middle of the ring. Riley uppercuts Huffman and shoves Huffman onto the table, which breaks. Riley hits a running cannonball in the corner on the table and wins the match. (1/2*. Well, at least it was a short match. These two were really sloppy and never seemed to find the right pace for them. Riley has some good charisma.) After the match, Riley cuts a promo about this being his home. Riley calls Kongo out for a match.

Backstage, Adam Page is interviewed about getting revenge against Cedric Alexander. Page says that they burnt the barn down the last time they wrestled. Page doesn’t think Alexander meant to break his arm the last time they wrestled. This is about respect and honor.

Fifth Contest: Cedric Alexander vs. Adam Page: Page shoulder blocks Alexander to the mat causing Alexander to bail to the floor. Page keeps arm control and Alexander goes down to the mat. Alexander shoulder blocks Page, but is tripped before being able to run the ropes. Alexander gains the advantage with a top wrist lock, but Page counters quickly. Alexander shoulder blocks Page, but is taken down with another arm drag. Alexander stops Page with a chop and they begin to exchange chops in the middle of the ring. Page chops Alexander in the corner and Alexander runs the ropes only to be met with a spinning heel kick for a one count. Page elbows Alexander coming off the ropes for a near fall. Page takes Alexander over with a snap suplex for a near fall. Alexander counters a head scissors attempt out of the corner by dropping Page face first to the mat. Alexander tries for a cover, but Page kicks out. Page dumps Alexander to the apron and manages to block a springboard by shaking the ropes. Page dropkicks Alexander off the apron to the floor. Page tries for a cover, but Alexander kicks out at two. Page keeps a headlock on Alexander, but Alexander punches free. Alexander nails Page with a spin kick and both men are down. Alexander tries for a cover, but Page kicks out. There are five minutes remaining in the time limit.

They trade right hands in the middle of the ring with Alexander being met with a clothesline coming off the ropes. Page backdrops Alexander to keep control of the contest. Alexander kicks Page, but is leg swept to the mat. Page hits a standing shooting star press for a near fall. Page waits in the corner and is dumped to the apron. Alexander forearms Page on the apron and they go to the top rope. Alexander heads to the top rope missing a dropkick. Page avoids a back suplex, but is met with a back elbow. Page almost wins with a snap powerslam. Page sits Alexander on the top turnbuckle, but is knocked off. Alexander leaps off the top and Page tosses Alexander away in midair. They trade forearm strikes in the middle of the ring as one minute remains in the match. Alexander hits a suplex and a German suplex. Alexander nails Page with a running dropkick in the corner. Page has rolled to the floor as there is less than a minute remaining in the match. Alexander doesn’t get Page into the ring and the match ends in a draw. Page is bleeding from the nose. The referee has awarded the match to Page. (***. The finish is a bit bizarre as I don’t recall a time when a referee awarded the match to someone based off a draw. The action was good here and these two stood out as being the most seasoned wrestlers in PWX to this point. I have a feeling this isn’t the last time these two will wrestle.) After the match, Page wants a handshake, but Alexander doesn’t seem interested. Alexander slaps his hand to show some level of respect.

Sixth Contest: Corey Hollis vs. Michael Elgin: Elgin backs Hollis into a corner and ducks a right hand to drop Hollis with a forearm strike. Elgin shoulder blocks Hollis coming off the ropes. Hollis tries for a hurricanrana, but settles for a rollup and nearly won the mat. Elgin powers out to send Hollis into the corner. Elgin powerslams Hollis for a two count. Elgin clubs Hollis over the back with a few strikes. Elgin lifts Hollis up for a delayed vertical suplex before driving Hollis down to the mat. Elgin kept Hollis in the air for a minute and gets a two count. Hollis boots Elgin, but runs into a boot. Hollis dropkicks Elgin into the corner. Elgin strikes Hollis and gets his knee kicked over the middle rope. Hollis keeps Elgin on the mat and works over the leg. Hollis wraps Elgin’s leg around the ring post a few times. Hollis drives Elgin’s knee down across the apron. Elgin chops Hollis at ringside. Hollis rolls Elgin into the ring and continues with strikes. Hollis dropkicks Elgin on the leg, but Elgin tries for a press slam. Elgin’s knee buckles and Hollis delivers a kick for a two count. Hollis keeps Elgin on the mat with a leg lock. Elgin breaks free with clubbing blows to the chest. Hollis tries for a tornado DDT, but Elgin counters with a backbreaker.

Elgin elbows Hollis a few times and delivers chops against the ropes. Elgin plants Hollis with a swinging side slam for a near fall. Hollis nails Elgin with a kick, but is tossed away. Hollis almost wins with a rollup. Hollis kicks Elgin, but Elgin hits a Kryptonite Krunch for a near fall. Elgin forearms Hollis on the apron and tries for a suplex, but Hollis fights free. Hollis is stopped on the top turnbuckle by Elgin with strikes. Elgin chops Hollis on the top turnbuckle. Elgin tries for a suplex, but Hollis breaks free. Hollis hits a sunset flip powerbomb for a near fall. Hollis goes to the top rope hitting a diving headbutt to the left knee. Hollis locks in a leg lock in the middle of the ring. Elgin manages to reach the ropes to break the hold. Elgin rams Hollis into the corner, but misses a clothesline and Hollis tosses Elgin with a German suplex for a two count. Hollis heads to the top rope and leaps off missing Elgin. Hollis kicks Elgin, but is nailed by a discus clothesline. Hollis back elbows Elgin, but Elgin powerbombs Hollis into the corner followed by the Elgin Bomb for the win. (***1/4. I enjoyed this quite a bit. Elgin is very good in the ring and can seemingly have a good match with just about anyone at this point. Hollis is underrated and worked very well here with an ROH mainstay. I’m interested to see more of Hollis in PWX as I think he’s going to have some great matches.)

Steve Corino hosts a talk segment with PWX Tag Team Champion, Eddie Edwards. Corino says he’s not trying to wrestle Edwards because he chops too hard. Corino wants Edwards to talk about whatever he wants to talk about regarding the tag titles. Edwards says that Corino knows how it feels to be held down. Edwards says the Dojo Brothers are the best wrestlers in PWX. Edwards says that Konley’s girlfriend likes it dirty and they do whatever they need to do in order to win matches. Jake Manning comes out and confronts Edwards. Manning wants to fight Edwards right now. Edwards refuses saying he’ll wrestle when he’s ready to wrestle. Manning goes to the ring, but Edwards doesn’t. Edwards reveals that they’ve been stripped of their tag team titles.

Adam Page was supposed to be in the next match, but was injured against Cedric Alexander earlier in the night.

Seventh Contest: Ten Man Elimination Match for the vacant PWX Innovative Television Championship: Chip Day, Rhett Titus, Ernie Osiris, American Tiger, Corey Hollis, Cedric Alexander, Drew Myers, Chase Brown, Andrew Byrd, and Craig Huffman are the men involved in this match. It’s essentially a gauntlet match with a new wrestler entering the match after a minute. They pick envelopes with Rhett Titus and Ernie Osiris picking the first two numbers. I’m not going to cover this like I normally do because gauntlet matches aren’t the most exciting thing ever. In the end, Alexander won the championship after hitting three brainbusters. (NR. There was some decent action throughout the match. Gauntlets just tend to be very slow and plodding. Alexander being the champion is a great choice and I think the title could be a work rate title. Alexander defending against top indie names on shows could be a lot of fun to see.)

Eighth Contest: PWI Ultra J Champion The Chiva Kid vs. Delirious: Delirious runs around ringside for a moment and returns to shake hands with Kid. Kid backs Delirious into a corner, but cleanly backs off. Delirious keeps Kid on the mat with a headlock. Delirious gets arm control with an arm bar, but Kid breaks free to get arm control of his own. They lockup and back each other into the corner until Delirious pushes Kid away. Delirious knee lifts Kid and continues with chops in the corner. Kid handsprings out of the corner and delivers an arm drag. Kid comes off the ropes with a head scissors to send Delirious to the floor. Kid fakes out a handspring dive to the floor. They fight over a sign, but Delirious ends up dropping Kid over the apron from the corner to counter a head scissor attempt. Delirious headbutts Kid and continues to chop Kid around ringside. Delirious scoop slams Kid followed by an elbow drop for a two count. Delirious chops Kid a few times, but Kid strikes back a few times. Delirious clotheslines Kid in the corner followed by a neckbreaker for a near fall. Kid almost wins with a sunset flip. Kid fails on a few pin attempts and Delirious delivers a knee lift. Kid forearms Delirious in the corner and hits a springboard missile dropkick.

Kid hits another springboard dropkick to the back of Delirious. Kid hits a Falcon Arrow for a near fall. Kid heads to the top rope, but is met with a headbutt in midair. Delirious drops Kid to the mat gut first and hits a flatliner for a near fall. Delirious yanks Kid down to the mat face first. Delirious is met with a running headbutt by Kid for a near fall. Kid headbutts Delirious and they trade a few from their knees. Kid hits a springboard headbutt strike and heads to the top rope. Delirious stops Kid with a headbutt on the top rope and hits a running knee. Delirious leaps off the back to hit a splash to Kid’s back for a near fall. Kid comes off the ropes with a leaping forearm. Kid hits a springboard shooting star press for a near fall. Delirious delivers a jawbreaker and drop toe holds Kid into the corner, but misses a running knee. Kid is met with a boot to the gut and side of the head. Kid nails Delirious with a kick to the head, but Delirious connects with a lariat. Delirious tries for a move, but Kid counters with a rollup to get the win. (**1/4. It was a little repetitive, but I thought Kid looked better here than Delirious. Delirious doesn’t really entertain me since he’s not much of an in-ring worker and relies a lot on gimmick work it feels like. Kid tends to be tons of fun and has impressive high flying moves. I’m glad Kid won the match cleanly.) After the match, Kid cuts a promo putting over Delirious. Kid proceeds to act like he’s going to remove his mask, but Rhett Titus comes out and cuts off Kid. Corey Hollis is with him and Titus says they are ugly guys hiding behind a mask. Titus says that they don’t need to hide behind masks. Titus acted like they were going to remove the masks, but decide against it and leave the area.

Ninth Contest: Eddie Edwards vs. Jake Manning: Edwards starts off with strikes before the bell and delivers chops in the corner. Manning backdrops Edwards out of the corner. Manning spits in Edwards face and continues with strikes. Manning is stopped by an elbow against the ropes and Edwards hits a running double knee strike causing Manning to fall to the floor. Edwards chops Manning around ringside, but Manning responds with chops of his own. Edwards misses a chop and hits the ring post. Manning rams Edwards face first onto the apron before they return to the ring. Manning kicks Edwards on the mat for a near fall. Manning rams Edwards face first several times on the turnbuckles and down to the mat for a near fall. Manning forearms Edwards in the corner and heads to the top rope hitting a flying clothesline. Edwards tries for a leg lock, but is kicked away. Edwards kicks Manning on the top turnbuckle and hits a backpack stunner. Edwards tries for a single leg crab, but Manning reaches the ropes. Edwards kicks Manning in the ribs to keep control of the match. Edwards eye rakes Manning in the corner and misses a spear in the corner. Manning plants Edwards with a back suplex. Manning takes his shorts off and throws them at Edwards before delivering a backbreaker for a near fall. Manning heads to the top rope, but Edwards stops Manning with a strike.

Manning shoves Edwards off the middle rope and misses a diving headbutt. Edwards almost wins with a rollup. Edwards connects with a few knee drops. Edwards chops Manning and several clubbing blows to the chest. Manning backdrops Edwards coming off the ropes. Manning clotheslines Edwards followed by a forearm strike. Manning hits a swinging neckbreaker. Manning takes a other pair of shorts off and tosses Edwards across the ring. Manning chokes Edwards over the ropes with his pants. Manning spikes Edwards with a piledriver for a near fall as Edwards reaches the ropes. Manning misses a slingshot crossbody attempt to the floor as Edwards sidesteps the attempt. Edwards rams Manning onto the ramp face first. Manning plants Edwards with a DDT on the ramp and they are both hurting. Edwards throat thrusts Manning, but runs into a running powerslam by Manning for a near fall. Manning heads to the top rope, but Edwards nails Manning with a running kick to the head. Edwards delivers another running kick. Manning rams Edwards into a post part of the building. Manning hits a diving headbutt off the top managing a two count. Manning forearms Edwards on the back and is stopped by a backdrop. Manning almost wins with a rollup. Edwards back elbows Manning followed by a superkick. Edwards hits a middle rope Codebreaker and an overhead throw for a near fall. Edwards heads to the top rope delivering a double stomp and a powerbomb for a near fall. Edwards switches to a half crab. Manning reaches the bottom rope. Edwards stomps on Manning’s head and Grizzly Redwood comes out to throw the towel to save Manning. Edwards wins. (***1/4. I enjoyed it and the finish is fine enough to protect Manning as a viable underdog for the future. It honestly would have Beene weird to see Edwards lose to Manning since they aren’t on the same level. The action was enjoyable and there weren’t any slow moments for the most part.)

Main Event: PWX Heavyweight Champion Caleb Konley vs. ROH World Champion Kevin Steen: Konley starts off with a dropkick to back Steen into a corner and fires back with forearms. Steen clubs on Konley several times to gain the advantage. Steen sends Konley into the corner and continues with stomps in the corner. Steen sends Konley to the floor and chops Konley onto the fans in the front row. Steen low blows Konley in the crowd. Konley rams Steen onto the bleachers face first. They trade a few chops until Steen rams Konley face first onto a chair. They continue to trade strikes around ringside and Steen taunts the camera while gouging Konley’s face. They go to the announcers table and chops Konley while commentating. Steen taunts the camera after a forearm strike. Konley fires back with punches to the body, but Steen stops Konley with an eye rake. Konley backdrops Steen on the concrete floor. A drunk fan seems to get involved with Steen, but is taken care of. Steen rams Konley groin first into the ring post on the floor. Steen sends Konley into the corner back first as the action finally reaches the ring. Steen drops Konley over the top rope gut first and taunts the crowd.

Steen chokes Konley over the middle rope and taunts the fans some more. Steen kicks Konley on the back and celebrates to mock Konley. Steen kicks Konley on the leg, but Konley fires back with forearm strikes. Steen drives Konley down to the mat with a back suplex. Steen chops Konley to the mat and taunts the crowd. Konley tries to win with a rollup, but Steen kicks out and forearms Konley. Steen chokes Konley while yelling at some fans. Konley fights back with a few strikes and kicks Steen. Konley delivers more strikes and takes Steen out with a suicide dive to the floor. Konley hits a missile dropkick off the top and plants Steen with a tornado DDT for a near fall. Steen kicks Konley into the corner and connects with a running cannonball splash for a two count. Steen hits a senton splash off the top for a near fall. Konley staggers Steen with a jawbreaker. Konley forearms Steen, but Steen fires back with a few of his own. Konley knee lifts Steen followed by a neckbreaker for a near fall. Konley waits in the corner, but is elbowed by Steen. Konley attempts a German suplex, but Steen counters with a pop up sit down powerbomb for a two count.

The referee gets knocked down. Konley counters a package piledriver locking in the O Face, but Rhett Titus comes out and knocks Konley out. Steen shoves Titus away and doesn’t appear to be happy. Cedric Alexander comes out and so does Chip Day causing a brawl to take place. The locker room essentially runs out to have a massive brawl. Titus sends Chiva Kid into the ring post face first. The referee has woken up and we wait for a decision. The match has been ruled a double disqualification. (***. It’s an entertaining main event, but the finish is obviously lackluster. It’s setting up to a bigger match so it’s a necessary evil, I guess. The action was good enough that the match flew by and didn’t feel like it stalled all that much at any point.)

Kevin Steen grabs a microphone and says that he doesn’t need anyone to come in during his matches no matter who they are. Steen challenges Konley to a no disqualification match the next time he’s in PWX. Steen spikes Chiva Kid with a package piledriver. Konley says he will be Steen’s personal nightmare the next time he’s in PWX.

Final Thoughts:
This is a good show for PWX. There are several good matches and the flow of the show made for an easy view. I’m looking forward to checking out more PWX shows.

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