CWA TV 10/17/1987

Written by: Bob Colling

Date: 10/17/1987
From: Memphis, TN

Lance Russell and Dave Brown welcome everyone to the program. We’ll get another tag team title match. Plus, footage between Jarrett and Hennig.

Rock & Roll RPMs make their way out and believe they should be the champions. They should be the World Tag Team Champions and they don’t care about the Southern Tag Titles. Jarrett cost them the titles and they aren’t happy with where they are at in the rankings.

Backstage, Tracy Smothers says he’s had some good and bad things happen to him since his return six weeks ago. Steve Armstrong has a shoulder injury and he’ll be out for six weeks thanks to Badd Company and Brickhouse Brown.

Opening Contest: Tracy Smothers vs. Keith Erich: Smothers wins the match following a leaping back elbow strike. After the match, RPMs remained on commentary and are still complaining about the tag titles.

Second Contest: Bobby Jaggers vs. Ed Mattox: The RPMs have remained on commentary continuing to complain about the tag titles. Jaggers wins the match following an elbow drop.

Lance Russell interviews Bobby Jaggers. Jaggers is focusing on Jerry Lawler and Jeff Jarrett because they keep getting world title shots. That is going to end and he’s going to get title shots. Jaggers would like the Mid-American Championship that Jarrett has. Jaggers says he’s Jarrett’s living nightmare. Jaggers doesn’t want the RPMs to hurt Jarrett until he gets his hands on him. Jaggers is going to take care of Jarrett and then beat him.

A music video promoting the Fabulous Ones is shown.

Third Contest: Carl Fergie & Don Bass vs. Freezer Thompson & John Paul: Fergie wins the match after an elbow drop on Thompson after Bass delivered a clothesline.

We see footage of a match between Jeff Jarrett and AWA World Champion Curt Hennig. The match went 21-minutes, but Jarrett came up short. The footage is presented in music video format.

Fourth Contest: CWA Mid-American Champion Jeff Jarrett & Billy Travis vs. Rough & Ready: Jarrett wins the match following a great looking standing dropkick. After the match, Travis and Jarrett have a standoff with the RPMs, who remained at commentary the entire time. Jarrett wants them to get into the ring and offers to fight the RPMs in the ring. Eddie Marlin comes out and warns the RPMs that they won’t get their title shot.

We see footage from last week where Jarrett cost RPMs the tag titles against the Nasty Boys after Bobby Jaggers had tried to help the RPMs. RPMs are still pissed off about it.

Main Event: AWA Southern Tag Team Champions Nasty Boys vs. Rock & Roll RPMs (Mike Davis & Tommy Lane): Lane slams Knobbs but misses an elbow drop. Knobbs with a slam and elbow drop of his own. Davis enters the match to try his luck with Knobbs. Knobbs elbows Davis to the mat and they have a standoff. Lane returns to the match to control Knobbs with a wrist lock. Sags gets tagged in and gets control on Lane with a leg drop. Knobbs keeps Lane on the mat with a hammerlock. Lane comes off the ropes and is met with a double elbow strike. Knobbs comes off the middle rope to axe handle Davis and a leg drop to the arm. Davis kicks Sags in the midsection, but Sags controls Lane with a wrist lock. Lane drives Sags down with a backbreaker. Davis tags back in and works over Sags with strikes and a double under hook suplex. Davis scoop slams Sags and tags in Lane to deliver a few stomps. Sags is driven back first into the corner and Lane continues to control with a chin lock.

Lane can’t get a submission and Davis returns to the match. Davis rams Sags back first into the corner. Lane returns to the match trying for a cover and managing a two count. Sags decks RPMs with right hands. Lane drops Sags with a clothesline, but Knobbs comes in and decks Davis. Lane nails Sags with something in his tights, which is good enough for the win. (*1/2. A basic encounter between these guys and it’s rather obvious they are trying to hide Nasty Boys lack of skill in the ring. RPMs as the champions is the right call.) After the match, Jarrett and Travis come back out with chairs to confront the RPMs. RPMs attack Jarrett and Travis from behind with chairs. Jarrett is slammed on the podium and the champions leave them laying. Bill Dundee and Jerry Lawler come out and trap Mike Davis behind the desk. Davis is able to escape.

Final Thoughts:
I’m more interested in a RPMs/Jarrett & Travis tag feud than the Nasty Boys in the same position at this point. This week didn’t feature a whole lot going on. Tag title match is just repetitive from recent weeks.

Thanks for reading.

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