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CWA TV 9/19/1987

Written by: Bob Colling

Date: 9/19/1987
From: Memphis, TN

Dave Brown and Big Jackie are hosting this week once again. They promote the men we’ll be seeing in action tonight.

Brickhouse Brown brings out his Commission for an interview segment. Brown, who has been going by Prince in recent weeks, tells everyone that when he says something that he delivers. Brown notes that they won every single Wheel of Torture matches. There are return matches coming up next week, Dave notes.

Opening Contest: Don Bass vs. Greg Jones: Bass dominates the contest and wins the match in short order with a clothesline. After the match, Bass cuts Jones hair. The locker room empties to brawl with the Commission.

Dave Brown brings out Bill Dundee. Rocky Johnson, Tracy Smothers, Jeff Jarrett and Nasty Boys for an interview. Dundee focuses on Big Bubba and says that all his friends are going to be at ringside. He’ll win no matter what. Johnson chimes in and talks about having to eat dog food and promises to give it to Don Bass next Monday. Each man cuts a promo on their rematches. Jeff Jarrett is going to get his Mid-American Championship back from Carl Fergie. Nasty Boys says it’s all over for Diamond and Tanaka.

Second Contest: Rocky Johnson & Bill Dundee vs. Rough & Ready: This matches lasts less than thirty-seconds as Johnson won the match with a sleeper hold.

Third Contest: Jeff Jarrett & Billy Travis vs. Keith Roberson & Keith Erich: Travis and Jarrett make short order out of their opponents this week as Jarrett got the pin following a standing dropkick after two minutes of action.

Fourth Contest: AWA Southern Tag Team Champions Paul Diamond & Pat Tanaka vs. Nasty Boys: Knobbs and Tanaka kickoff the tag title match. Tanaka savant kicks Knobbs followed by right hands against the ropes and headbutts in the corner. Knobbs backdrops Tanaka coming out of the corner. Knbobs slams Diamond and the champs bail to the floor. Tanaka returns to the match hammering away on Knobbs but misses a chop and Knobbs nearly wins with a crossbody. Tanaka bails to the floor again to regroup. Sags enters the match and Diamond delivers right hands in the corner. Sags shoulder rams Diamond in the corner. Sags scoop slams Diamond and hits an elbow drop for a two count. Diamond hammers away on Sags and tags in Tanaka to keep control of the contest. Diamond yanks Sags from the apron while the referee was distracted. Tanaka keeps control and delivers a savant kick. Diamond tags in and keeps punching Sags. Diamond tosses Sags over the top to the floor, but the referee didn’t see that. Tanaka cheap shots Sags on the floor with several strikes. Diamond decks Sags with a clothesline for a near fall. Tanaka drops Sags with another strike. Tanaka forearms Sags and delivers a chop for a two count as Knobbs breaks up the cover.

Sags runs the ropes and kicks Diamond to avoid a backdrop attempt. Knobbs gets the hot tag and cleans house with strikes and scoop slams. Knobbs rams Tanaka and Diamond into each other. All four men are in the ring brawling until Tanaka and Sags go to the floor to brawl. Diamond eye rakes Knobbs and continues with right hands in the corner. Diamond is sent into the referee in the corner. Knobbs grabs Brickhouse on the apron and delivers a punch. Diamond misses a strike with a chain and is backdropped. Knobbs grabs the chain and decks Diamond! Brickhouse Brown enters the ring with a chair and whacks Knobbs over the back! Jeff Jarrett comes out and punches Brown. Knobbs is back on top of Diamond as the referee gets rolled in. We get a three count and new tag champions! (**1/4. That was a good TV match and the crowd reaction to the Nasty Boys shows they are getting over. Knobbs came in for a hot tag and the place exploded. Nasty Boys are on the rise and the team of Tanaka/Diamond finally losing on TV got a great pop. One of the better TV matches I’ve seen thus far. It was totally effective for what it was trying to do.)

Dave Brown talks to the former champions. Paul Diamond is pissed off about the Nasty Boys cheating and they believe they should still be champions. Brickhouse says his men were robbed tonight of the championships. They want a rematch right now. They’ll get their rematch later on in the week, according to Dave Brown.

Tracy Smothers came out for his match and fought off Pat Tanaka in the ring until Paul Diamond came in as well to beat on Smothers with a double clothesline. Diamond plants Smothers with a front slam. Diamond has a steel chair and whacks Smothers over the head. Billy Travis and Jeff Jarrett come out but so do the Rock & Roll RPMs. A brawl continues with the Commission blocking the door to prevent anyone from coming in. Diamond spikes Smothers with a piledriver onto a chair in the middle of the ring. Pat Tanaka plants Smothers with a DDT onto the chair. Smothers has been busted open. The door busts open and a brawl ensues until the heels bail.

Dave Brown introduces the Rock & Roll RPMs for an interview segment. They don’t care who enters the ring with them that they have their own Wheel Of Torture in store for them. They believe they were the greatest AWA Southern Tag Team Champions. Nobody will give them a title shot and they’re not happy about it. They are issuing a challenge to the Nasty Boys for the AWA Southern Tag Team Championships.

Main Event: Rock & Roll RPMs vs. John Paul & Ed Mattox: Paul gets a few moments to shine against the RPMs by hitting an arm drag early on. His offense is short-lived, as expected. Paul nails Lane with a standing dropkick and tags in his jobber partner, who gets cutoff by a back suplex. Mattox gets met with the Hart Attack clothesline off the middle rope to end the match.

A music video promoting Jerry Lawler is shown.

Final Thoughts:
I’m not sure why they decided to drag out the Wheel Of Torture concept. I’m not interested in it at all and the segments have sucked. This episode ended up being an average show thanks to an enjoyable TV Tag Title match.

Thanks for reading.

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