WWF Heat 11/12/2000

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Heat
Date: 11/12/2000
From: Dallas, TX

1.) WWF European Champion William Regal defeated Al Snow to retain the title
2.) Edge & Christian defeated Too Cool
3.) WWF World Champion Kurt Angle defeated Crash Holly to retain the title

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Backstage, K-Kwik enters a locker room and meets with Road Dogg. Kwik wants to talk to Dogg and wants the security guys to leave. Dogg tells Kwik to not eat his strawberries so that’s what Kwik does when Dogg leaves the room.

2.) Road Dogg comes out to the stage and is the special guest host of the program this week. Dogg says he visits a lot of places and forgets some stuff. Dogg mentions that he recently got a town wrong. Dogg notes that he was in Cleveland and thought he was in Detroit. That didn’t end well for him. Dogg will not forget New York City. Dogg is going to mark his spot in NYC. Dogg proceeds to tell an awful joke about pooping on the ground and blaming a dog and proceeding to hump the dog? Dogg is going show that he can rock the house doggy style.

3.) Backstage, Road Dogg meets with K-Kwik and reminds Kwik that he’ll talk to Kwik after the show. Dogg says that people came to see him and not Kwik. Dogg tells Kwik to leave the room. Kwik wants to talk and Dogg decides to talk to him.

4.) WWF European Champion William Regal puts himself over as being class and insults Snow saying he’s essentially foul and gross.

5.) Snow starts the match with a backdrop, but Regal sends Snow into the corner face first. Snow counters a dropkick by catapulting Regal into the referee in the corner. Snow grabs Head in the corner and decks Regal it! The referee is up and grabs Head from Snow. Raven runs into the ring and plants Snow with a DDT while the referee was distracted by Regal. Regal covers Snow and wins the match. (NR. Well, that was hardly a match. These two probably could have had a fun match and instead we got a quick 30-second segment.) After the match. Raven leaves smiling.

6.) Right To Censor make their way down to the ring to cut a promo. The group has the WWF Tag Team and Women’s Championships. Steven Richards says that Goodfather use to be a pimp for the fans happiness. There was once a man who was a pornstar and bragged about it, that being Val Venis. Buchanan used excessive violence. Ivory use to dress sexually even if she knew better. Richards says they stand with him to fight the good fight. Richards says they will bring MTV out of filth for their own good. Ivory chimes in and says the championship represents a victory for women all over the world. Ivory will not expose her body anymore and women are more than just sexual objects. Val Venis takes the microphone and says that preventing your family from having Morales will not be allowed. Venis thinks people are strangled by evil. Buchanan says they put their lives in harms way for everyone every single night. He says they are proud to be their tag team champions. Buchanan says they will continue to teach everyone at the arena and at home. Goodfather chimes in and says they will prevent disgusting television from making the airwaves. Goodfather promises to keep their convictions strong and standup against violence and scantly clad women. Goodfather says this is all for our own good.

7.) Backstage, K-Kwik is talking to Road Dogg about being a wrestler and wanting to be one. Kwik wants to know what Dogg is doing tonight. Dogg is apparently performing a song called “Get Rowdy” and they bond over rap music.

8.) Sexay and Christian start the tag match with Sexay hitting a shoulder block and a kick to the head. Sexay continues with right hands in the corner. Christian runs into a boot in the corner. Sexay hits a missile dropkick and tags in Hotty. Christian is double teamed with a double elbow drop. Christian knee lifts Hotty followed by right hands. Edge enters the match and continues to deliver strikes in the corner. Hotty pulls Edge into the post groin first. Hotty atomic drops Edge followed by a leaping clothesline for a two count. Sexay returns to the match and sends Edge into the corner. Sexay misses a splash in the corner and crashes to the mat. Edge places Sexay onto the top turnbuckle and mocks Sexay. Edge hooks Sexay for a superplex, but Sexay drops Edge face first to the mat and hits a top rope clothesline. Sexay tags in Hotty and Hotty delivers several strikes to both Edge and Christian. Hotty superkicks Christian as all four men are in the ring. Sexay clotheslines Edge to the floor. Christian counters the Worm with an elbow strike. Hotty hits a bulldog and hits the Worm on a second try. Edge spears Horry from behind, but Sexay breaks the cover at two. Hotty has a rollup on Edge, but Christian whacks Hotty over the back with a steel chair to win the match. (**. Some decent action, but the finish felt weird and out of place. I think the spear spot would have been a better place to end the match instead of using a chair to get the job done.)

9.) Backstage, Road Dogg is talking with K-Kwik and tells Kwik that he’ll whoop his ass if he ruins this moment for him,. Kwik tells Dogg to worry about himself.

10.) Road Dogg and K-Kwik sing their song “Get Rowdy” for the NYC crowd at WWF New York. This is the transformation for Road Dogg becoming a rapper, apparently.

11.) Crash goes after Angle with right hands, but Angle cuts him off with a strike and stomps on the mat. Angle drives Crash into the corner and continues with right hands. Angle hits a back suplex and plays to the crowd. Angle continues with an overhand strike and chokes Crash over the middle rope. Crash misses a clothesline and Angle hits a German suplex for a two count. Angle drops Crash with a right hand and taunts the crowd. Crash counters the Olympic Slam with a rollup for a two count. Crash continues with a powerslam and goes to the top rope hitting a missile dropkick. Crash clotheslines Angle over the top to the floor. Molly elbow drops Angle on the outside. Crash tries to cover Angle managing a two count. Crash stomps on Angle in the corner to maintain control of the contest. Crash boots Angle in the corner and delivers a running clothesline. Crash has a street sign and nails Angle with it as Molly distracted the referee. Crash gets a two count! Angle low blows Crash from behind and hits the Olympic Slam to retain the title. (**1/2. Crash did pretty well in there and had a few good near falls. Angle gave Crash a lot here and it made for a fun quick bout.) After the match, Angle destroys Crash with a steel chair. Molly enters the ring and Angle hits an Olympic Slam. Angle puts the ankle lock on Crash.

12.) Backstage, Road Dogg tells K-Kwik he’s impressed by him. Kwik isn’t bad in the ring either. Dogg asks if Kwik has his gear. Dogg offers Kwik to come to RAW with him. Kwik accepts the offer and they’ll be on RAW together.

Final Thoughts:
A couple of fun matches and the formation of a new tag team made this an enjoyable episode. Road Dogg is now a rapper and has a new look, which is a little bizarre.

Thanks for reading.

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