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CWA TV 2/14/1987

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Memphis, TN

Lance Russell and Dave Brown welcome everyone to the program and promote what we’ll see this week on television.

Opening Contest: AWA Southern Tag Team Champions Jeff Jarrett & Billy Travis vs. Keith Roberson & Mike James:
Roberson and James attacked the champions before the bell, but their offense doesn’t last too long. Travis almost wins following a springboard crossbody off the middle rope. All four men are in the ring brawling when the champs ram their opponents into each other head first. Moments later, a double dropkick puts James away. (1/2*. A fine enhancement match for the champs. Went longer than I expected.)

Lance Russell chats with Jeff Jarrett and Billy Travis and they look at some video from the other week where Goliath and Big Bubba attacked the champions. Jarrett says they are supposed to be real big men and have shown how big they are by hitting them with chains. Jarrett is confident they will retain the titles. Travis calls them jerks and threatens to hit Bruno with his fist. Of course, Travis did a cake reference saying his fist will be the cake.

Jimmy Snuka has been added to the upcoming card. It is on the screen as Russell promotes the shows. Travis and Jarrett will be fighting Goliath and Big Bubba in a loser eats the cake. Travis is going to put Ex-Lax on the cake as its icing. The match will be taking place in Evansville.

Lance Russell interviews Downtown Bruno, Goliath and Big Bubba. Bruno knows the fans came into the arena for free because they can’t afford a ticket. Bruno doesn’t want to be called a weasel. Bruno claims he’s bigger and stronger than Jarrett and Travis. He also believes he’s better looker than them both.

Second Contest: Big Bubba & Goliath vs. John Paul & Jim Jamison:
Paul knocks Bubba off his feet in the early moments of the match by hitting a dropkick. Paul tries for a crossbody, but Goliath doesn’t budge. Jamison enters and naturally gets tossed to the mat easily. Bubba controls Jamison with a clothesline and slam. Bubba drives Jamison down with a backbreaker, but Jamison gets his boot over the bottom rope. Bubba leg drops Jamison and Goliath easily wins the match with a big splash. (1/2*. Nothing all that earth shattering here. Paul and Jamison did an effective job to make these guys look strong. I don’t find myself at all invested in them in the tag feud with Jarrett and Travis, though.)

Jonathan Boyd comes out to chat with Lance Russell. There will be na Ultimate Mid-South Massacre. One team will be out of professional wrestling forever. There will be a football with a key. There will be two penalty boxes. The key to the boxes will be on the football. Apparently, this match is essentially going to be a rugby fight. Paul Diamond and Boyd will be in the boxes and they will have a baseball bat. Boyd will end the careers of the Fabulous Ones because there aren’t any rules. Long live New Zealand and thumbs down for USA.

Stan Lane and Steve Keirn provided some pre-tape comments for the match. Keirn says the hardest thing to do is cut a promo on what they are going to do and sometimes it doesn’t work. Keirn thinks that Eddie Marlin is having flashbacks to what they did with the Moondogs. Professional wrestling seems to be tipping over the edge. They are going to standup and fight.

Third Contest: The Hunter vs. David Johnson:
As expected, Hunter goes right after Johnson with a snap suplex and a back elbow strike. Hunter press slams Johnson to the mat followed by a swinging neckbreaker. Hunter wins the match quickly with a powerslam. (*. Quick and effective for Hunter this week. I’m digging his style.)

Lance Russell recently talked to Jerry Lawler backstage at an event. We get a video to remind us of how Lawler was attacked by Austin Idol and Tommy Rich. Lawler has relived the attack in his mind for a long time and will remain with him forever. He knows that being in the ring with Idol and Rich isn’t going to be a cake walk. Russell notes that Idol and Rich were supposed to be his friends. Lawler says this shows that when money is at stake that money can be thrown out the window. Lawler and Idol were supposed to travel to Japan, but that’s out the window.

Tommy Rich and Austin Idol cut a promo saying that Lawler is making his comeback. They want to beat up Nick Bockwinkel and they wonder how much can Lawler trust Bockwinkel since Lawler and thrown powder into his eyes and a fireball. Idol chimes in and says the crowd is going to be sold out to see the comeback of Jerry Lawler. Idol says they are going to foil Lawler’s return.

Back to Jerry Lawler, he says that the mice will play while the cats away. Lawler believes he’ll be more than 100% for his return to action. He’s going to be their worst enemy.

Nick Bockwinkel shared some pre-tape comments and says that Idol and Rich were once great wrestlers. Bockwinkel isn’t impressed with what they did in a 2 on 1 situation. Nick doesn’t think he’s strong enough to handle it either. He has professional respect for Lawler.

Jerry Lawler tells Idol and Rich to do a lot of playing because he’s coming back to town.

Downtown Bruno and Boy Tony come out for an interview. Bruno says that Tony was voted the best looking wrestler by Home and Garden magazine. Tony has been offered the job to replace the top actors of the time.

Main Event: Boy Tony & Tarzan Goto vs. Pat Tanaka & Alan West:
Tony taunted Tanaka while working with West in the early moments of the match. West scoop slams Tony and follows up with a standing dropkick. Goto gets tagged in and takes West down to the mat quickly. Tanaka tags in and works over Tanaka with a side kick. Tanaka chops Goto to the mat to get control and tags in West. Tanaka and Goto trade strikes until West gets tagged in and keeps control on Goto. West keeps Tony on the mat with arm control. West slams Tony and keeps Tony on the mat again. Tanaka superkicks Tony but Goto gets in the ring and all four men begin to brawl. Tanaka gets tied up in the ropes and the heels are disqualified. After the match, Tony puts some makeup on Tanaka’s face! Tojo is beating on West on the floor with a kendo stick. (*1/4. Alan West seems like he could be a guy that the company could build around as he looks like he could become a good wrestler. The aftermath appears to be setting up a Tanaka/Tony angle, which I can get behind.)

Final Thoughts:

An enjoyable week of television as I’m for sure interested in the Idol/Rich/Lawler angle they have going on. Fabulous Ones/Sheepherders is an enjoyable undercard feud, too.

Thanks for reading.

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